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Are We (and the Hotel Industry) Ready to Switch to Toiletry Dispensers?

Where: Various Locations
June 24, 2013 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

For how small and seemingly insignificant they are, those little soap bars in the bathroom sure get a lot of attention. We've heard a lot about the efforts of hotels to recycle the partially-used bars left behind by guests, and when we looked at what people have stolen from hotel rooms, bathroom amenities were on everyone's list of most likely to be swiped.

And now, as hotels continue to search for ways to cut costs and minimize their environmental impact, we might start seeing less and less of them altogether. We might see them replaced by toiletry dispensers.

According to Pineapple Hospitality, the era of “amenity wars” between hotels has given way to a green movement where the traveling public’s growing environmental attitude is finally strong enough to overcome any feelings of luxury that might be lost by doing away with individual amenities. We understand that the source of that statement has a sales pitch driving it, but still we find it to be true. People’s minds are opened wider now than ever to green initiatives, even if they make the trip away from home a little less glamorous. It’s why so many people are willing to use their towel more than once.

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At These Five Hotels, Every Day is a Tommy Bahama Kind of Day

November 17, 2011 at 1:18 PM | by | ()

To dispense or not to dispense? We're talking about hotel toiletry dispensers, that is. We (and a few of our readers) have said before that dispensers are cool so long as there are some good products in them. Fortunately, if you are visiting these hotels along the West Coast, you'll be encountering some good "tropical" stuff from Tommy Bahama.

The Acqua Hotel, Hotel FIVE, The Maxwell Hotel, University Inn, and Watertown Hotel have all added gallon dispensers of Tommy Bahama toiletries to their guestrooms in an effort to be eco-conscious. But Kurt Helmke, the general manager of the Acqua Hotel, outside of Marin in California, knew that not any old brand would work in the dispenser.

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