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Loews Philadelphia Gets a $9 Million Spruce Up

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  Site Where: 1200 Market Street [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19107
June 11, 2007 at 4:59 PM | by | ()

This March, the Loews Philadelphia wrapped up a year long, $9 million dollar renovation job that saw the upgrade of all 581 of the hotel's guest rooms. Intrigued by both the sum and the timing -- the hotel only opened in 2000 -- we popped by to see how far a cool $9 mill' goes these days.


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Four Seasons Philadelphia Gets Greener and We Don't Mean Richer

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  Site Where: 1 Logan Square [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19103
April 2, 2007 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

Perhaps bored with the usual hotel green policies like the note cards to remind you to keep your electricity and water use down and those that encourage you not to ask for new towels or linens, a hotel in Philadelphia is taking a different route in being green--composting.

The Four Seasons Philadelphia takes all leftovers to Pennsylvania farmer Ned Foley who turns it into compost.

In a waste audit of the Four Seasons last year, [a consultant] found that the hotel was doing a good job of recycling paper, cardboard, bottles and cans. But that amounted to only 3 percent to 5 percent of its waste by weight, because so much of what was going into the trash bin was heavy food.

The Four Seasons started working with Foley in February and diverted 10,000 pounds of kitchen waste from the landfill for the month. Based on that, [it's] estimated that the hotel's recycling rate for the year would be in the 30 percent to 35 percent range, and would save $15,000 to $20,000 in dumping fees.

Even better the Four Seasons agreed to take some of Foley's compost and use it in their flower beds and herb gardens. Not that we like to get all soft about the Four Seasons (their Hotel WiFi policy is horrible) but being green is just one way into our hearts.

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Inn at Penn Offering King Tut Packages

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  Site Where: 3600 Sansom Street [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19104
January 8, 2007 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

Now that the Inn at Penn has a brand-spanking-new look, the hotel has put together a museum package for those coming to Philadelphia to check out the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute Science Museum. From February 3 to September 30, the package includes:

· Deluxe accommodations for one night
· Full American breakfast for two in University Club
· Two VIP tickets to the exhibit

Having seen King Tut when it was in Los Angeles, we can vouch for the importance of a VIP ticket which allows you to avoid long pointless lines. This package starts at $247 and is available Sunday through Saturday nights.

If you want a more special King Tut experience, book the Amarna and King Tut package which includes all of the above plus two tickets to the Ancient Egypt's Place in the Sun exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. This packages starts at $259 a night and is available Sunday through Saturday nights although the exhibit is only open from Tuesday to Sunday. In the summertime, the exhibit is closed on Sundays so avoid booking for that day.

Use booking code P07 for the King Tut package and P08 for the Amarna and King Tut package.

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Open Thread: It's Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia

November 13, 2006 at 4:26 PM | by | ()

[HotelChatter OpenThreads are a place for readers to get in here and talk about hot stories and issues of the day in an open forum. If you are already a HotelChatter member log in comment away.]

The internet is funny. We were just starting to warm up to Philadelphia again after a quite a long time recovering from the four years we lived in the "sixth borough" in the late 1990s.

Our brother site, Jaunted took a nice little trip there the other weekend, the Inn at Penn got a pretty sweet top-to-bottom renovation and even though the city's own journalists are disgusted by the growing murder rate, we felt that Philadelphia was still on its way up.

We even felt ourselves missing a cheesesteak from Geno's and Tastykakes from Wawa. (We tried Pat's once, but it felt like adultery.)

Then Philly Phanatic and his friends read a story we wrote about a W Hotel opening up in Philadelphia where we made a joke about Will Smith and called the city by its widely-used nickname, Filthydelphia and lo, and behold, hate mail has flooded our inboxes.

A sample piece of mail:

I am sure you think that "Filthydelphia" is so original, unfortunately someone phrased that long ago. How if found your pathetic website was through a friend who "Google'd" W hotels and Philadelphia.

Yeah, you think this is bad, you should see the mail we get from the people that find us by Googling Hotel Sex.

Anyways, here at HotelChatter we want to further the discussion about all cities and their hotel scene--from all sides. So let's open up a discussion shall we? Leave a comment below and let us know why Philly is an upandcomer where top hotels will flourish, or conversely, tell us why W Philly is just a little worse than W Hoboken. Discuss.

[Photo: SardonicAsshole]


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PhillyStyle: Penn's View Hotel

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  Site Where: 14 North Front Street and Market [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19106
November 6, 2006 at 4:25 PM | by | ()

At behest and via the courtesy of the Philadelphia Tourism Board, our baby bro Jaunted spent the weekend in 6th Borough for a sleepover and tour--meaning this trip was on Ben Franklin, Rocky, and the Boyz II Men--or something like that. However, Jaunted kindly found the time to send us this hotel video for your enjoyment.

This is room 503 in the The Penn's View Hotel in Philadelphia where Jaunted's contributing editor DJK stayed for the weekend. And here's what she had to say:

The room is a little grandma-y but not TOO much. FREE wifi!!! small but adequate bathroom. cute non-balcony, but some people here have told me their balconies have sitting areas. i think they could benefit from updating their bedding a little bit. there is a tan, felt sort of thing that is exactly what i had in sleepaway camp. yes, that is a freeway outside, and the room can be a little noisier at times, but i am a deep sleeper and wasn't affected by that at all.

That said, if you, or Grandma are worried about the city's big bad wolf, keep that window closed. And remember, you aren't in St. Louis.

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Hilton Inn at Penn Gets A Makeover

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  Site Where: 3600 Sansom Street [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19104
November 3, 2006 at 2:43 PM | by | ()

Finally! Some non-celebrity hotelier news has rolled into our inboxes today.

Despite what Philadelphia journalists seem to think about their own city, we say the place is still safe enough to visit. The crime isn't really happening in the tourism areas and what kills you only makes you stronger right? Er, what doesn't kill you we mean. Either way, it ain't St. Louis...yet.

Should you visit the City of Brotherly Love (oh the irony), check out the newly redone Inn at Penn by Hilton.

The hotel has gotten a top-to-bottom renovation of its 238 guest rooms, 17 executive conference suites and main floor meeting and banquet facilities. In addition, the rooms amenities got a make-over too:

The beautifully appointed guest rooms at The Inn at Penn have been redesigned in golden hues with earth tone accents. Luxurious upgrades include the Hilton Serenity Collection® with Suite Dreams® plush-top mattress, down duvet and pillows for a great night's sleep and exclusive Crabtree & Evelyn La Source® bath amenities that indulge the senses.

Not that the hotel was doing poorly before the renovations as it's the recipient of the AAA Four Diamond rating. But what's even better is that this hotel is located within the University of Pennsylvania campus so you can get an extra feeling of security. Just don't go outside the campus....

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HotelChatter Flickr Pool :: Early Bird Gets the Ritz Breakfast

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  Site Where: 10 Avenue of the Arts [map], Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19102
August 24, 2006 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

Sometimes, it's worth it to get up at 7am while on vacation as Ckseid discovered while staying at the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia recently.

Having breakfast alone at the Ritz! I was the first one there at 7am! Tea, juice, newspaper...ah! Perfect!

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