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Open Thread: What Time Should Hotel Housekeeping Come Clean Your Room?

June 8, 2015 at 2:48 PM | by | ()

We are quite appreciative of hotel housekeeping and all they do to help make our stays as pleasant –and clean – as possible and we tip accordingly each day. But one thing that irritates us is when we get back to our room in the late afternoon after a whole day out and the room hasn’t been cleaned.

Granted, we’re not talking about fancy schmancy resorts where there is a button to push when you’re ready for housekeeping to descend upon your room and they arrrive quicker than a flash. But to our surprise, some rather upscale hotels we’ve visited over the last year were spotty and inconsistent on what time housekeeping arrived.

Normally we want to relax and shower before an early dinner so we just take some clean towels if they come by later than we’d like (once after 4:00 pm). Sure, we could have complained and it likely wouldn’t have happened again but we weren't even sure if expecting housekeeping to arrive by a certain time is a valid point. Plus, it takes a lot to get us riled up on vacation so we just rolled with it.

This site has published housekeeping rants before, but this is more of a curiosity and question: By what time do you expect your hotel room to be clean? Any insiders out there want to tell us if there is a policy on what time rooms should be serviced?

[Photo: Will McGough/HotelChatter]