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Obama Lovingly Shares His Childhood Memories Of Weekends Spent At HoJo

July 11, 2012 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Howard Johnson sure is getting a lot of love these days. First, it got featured on an episode of Mad Men (which, in turn, prompted a nifty promotion whereby you could get a free room if your name was actually Don Draper). Now, it's getting shout-outs from the Prez himself.

During a speech in Cedar Rapids, IA yesterday, Obama mentioned how he used to take childhood visits to HoJos with his mom, grandmother and sister.

The Des Moines Register points out that "the reference was meant to reinforce his middle-class roots, and paint a picture of the modest luxuries that should be available to Americans who work hard."

Fair enough. Though it's also worth mentioning, they're doing wonderful things with Holiday Inns these days too.

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