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10 Things Every Hotel Website Needs to Have

May 13, 2014 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Now that Thompson Hotels has officially shed some of its older properties, the lifestyle hotel brand has a sexy new website that shows off the allure of their properties (design! art! models!) alongside more practical information like special offers, events and ways to interact with the hotels on social media.

The website work was actually done by Noise, a NYC-based creative agency whose biggest strengths are self-described as "engaging young people," "social content creation" and "disruptive ideas." In a world where bland hotel websites are a dime a dozen, these sound like just the people you want to come in and shake things up. Not to mention if you're a hotelier and you want to target the up and coming millennial crowd, Noise probably can help you with that.

Since we're always looking for examples of great hotel websites and also, how hotels can improve their websites, we asked the folks at Noise to come up with their 10 Commandments for Building Hotel Websites. We think these expert tips could apply to anyone building a website but Noise has a special few steps just for hotels. You're welcome.

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