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It's Official: All Tides Hotels Will Become Viceroy Hotels

February 16, 2012 at 1:29 PM | by | ()

Looks like they gotta swap out the door now.

When the Tides South Beach turned into a King & Grove Hotel back in December, we wondered what would happen to the Tides brand, which the Viceroy Hotel Group had been slowly spinning off in exotic destinations?

Today, we have our answer as Viceroy Hotel Group just announced that The Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia and Tides Zihuatanejo in Mexico will be re-launched as Viceroy Hotels and Resorts properties this year. Remember, the Tides Riviera Maya already made the Viceroy switch back in January. Here's the official statement from Nicholas Clayton, president of Viceroy Hotel Group:

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Pitch Your Hotel: Nicholas Clayton of Kor Hotels

May 17, 2007 at 11:27 AM | by | ()

Hotelier. The word is so romantic, so eccentric, so...French. However, run-of-the-mill real world hoteliers don't always live up to the etymology. Many hoteliers tend to talk about their rooms as commodities that they hope to sell by the click to you, hotel mavens. Others constantly complain that the online hotel review game has made it extremely difficult to get their hotel message to guests.

Always looking to bring you the most pertinent information on the worldwide hotel scene, we figured when we found hoteliers that were worthy of the French pronunciation of the word, we would let them speak to you directly. Besides, before you dropped a bunch of cash to stay at someone's house, wouldn't you want to get to know the owner a bit? Exactly. We, always oh so full of ourselves, are calling this series Hoteliers That Matter and we are sitting down with these hoteliers and letting them tell you, straight from their mouths to web ears, what you need to know about their hotels.

Nicholas Clayton of Kor Hotels speaks from his heart without practicing whatsoever.

Today we unveil our second installment of our Pitch Your Hotel series with Nicholas Clayton, president of Kor Hotels. Clayton joined the company about eight months ago and since then he has been hard at work at spinning off Kor Hotels' strongest properties, The Viceroy in Santa Monica and Palm Springs and The Tides in South Beach.

We knew that The Tides was expanding down in Mexico but the plans for the Viceroy caught up by surprise. Thus, Clayton gave us an informative presentation on how Kor Hotels will be shaping up in the future. You can hear what he has to say by clicking on the video above.

Our question to you is this, with Kor expanding aggressively to places like New York and San Francisco what would you like to see in their new hotels? Let us know in comments. As for the company-wide wireless internet policy issues that we are all well aware of, well click through to the Q & A to learn more.

Q & A with Kor Hotels' Nick Clayton after the jump.

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