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Motel 6 Really Wants to Know What You Think Of Its Rooms

October 18, 2010 at 3:40 PM | by | ()

Motel 6 really wanted to know what we thought of this room

We always had Motel 6 down as a wham, bam, thank you kinda place to stay. You pays your $35.99 (one person), you gets your (grubby) room key, and the next morning you high tail it outta there, hoping you left the cooties in the bed.

That’s what we did recently, anyway, at the Motel 6 in Pueblo, Colorado. Our room smelt odd, the covers were pretty grim, they tried to charge us more than they should have (they allocated us a studio rather than a room, when we’d asked for a room) and it was, all in all, not the nicest motel we’d ever been in.

The next day, we didn’t even bother handing in our key at reception. We just got the hell out (along with the local gun show folks, who’d been filling the beds the night before).

We thought no more of it until the next day, when we got an email from Motel 6, asking us to fill in a survey about our stay. Which we ignored.

Then, five days later, we got another email. This time it said, plaintively:

We noticed that you did not have time to complete the survey. We are concerned that you may not have responded because we have somehow failed to live up to your expectations. At Accor Hotels, we are committed to providing a superior guest experience to each and every one of our customers. Please take a few minutes to tell us how well we met your expectations.

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What Is Your Favorite Budget Brand Makeover?

April 8, 2010 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

A revamped room at a Motel 6 in Addison, Texas.

While we love designer decor and treating ourselves to a high-end hotel stay every once in awhile, our budgets don't allow us to travel like we're a rock star all the time. So we can't say enough about the trend of budget brands upgrading their look and amenities. We love it! After all, who says we should be depressed just because our bank balance or plain old geography demands we stay at a value-oriented hotel or motel?

The New York Times ran a story about motels 'upping the thread count' just the other day—which got us wondering: What's your favorite budget brand makeover?

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The Best And Worst of Our American Road Trip

September 4, 2009 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

Do not attempt these stairs after a few drinks: the Hotel Monaco Baltimore

Greetings from soggy London! After six weeks, 20 states and 7000 miles, our US road trip has finally come to an end and we are back in the city of grey. Hopefully we’ll be back to test your speed limits soon; until then, we’ll be wowing London with our awesome t-shirt collection (one for every state) and shouting “USA, USA” at every opportunity. How glad to have us back they must be.

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Remnants of Hotel WiFi Week: A Shout-Out to Motel 6

May 12, 2008 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

We shoved Hotel WiFi Week 2008 in your face everyday last week and it's not quite over yet. We still have a major Hotel WiFi map to unveil, it's just taking some time to get it perfect.

But until that's done we want to give a shout-out to Motel 6 Hotels for offering up WiFi. Andrew Calvo lauded the budget chain for its always reliable WiFi and yesterday we received an email from a serious road warrior who gave big-ups to Motel 6.

Keep reading for the full letter.

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Is This the End of Ugly Bedspreads? Motel 6 To Get Euro-Sleek Look

March 13, 2008 at 12:02 PM | by | ()

People don't normally mention Motel 6 and "sleek design" in the same sentence. After all, the chain is known as the prototypical bare-bones roadside motel, with every material and piece of furniture in one seemingly the cheapest available in order to keep the nightly room rate below the competition's.

French parent company Accor is trying to change all that though, with "a modern, European boutique-style flair" according to the official press release.

Spin or no spin, the new room design, dubbed the Phoenix design, does sound like a major improvement:

The room includes ambient lighting, wood-effect flooring rather than carpet, and a 32-inch flat-screen TV. The flat screen TV is displayed on the entertainment unit which conceals the door-less wardrobe behind it, thus combining two needs into one unit.

Also included on the entertainment unit is a cubby for personal items and a multi-media panel allowing guests to plug in their mp3 players, CD players and laptop computers - this feature allows guests to listen to their favorite tunes or use the flat-screen TV as their computer monitor while enjoying Wi-Fi internet access in their room. The room also features pedestal beds with a new taupe-colored coverlet and pillow-top platform mattress.

And of course that WiFi will be free, despite a room rate that is 1/10 or less of the hotels charging you for access.

Construction will begin on the first prototype "in the latter half of 2008." The new prototype will then be available to franchisees starting summer 2009.

After the jump, see what a Motel 6 bedspread currently looks like.

[Photo: TravelWeekly]

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Motel 6 Coated in Vaseline by Slippery Guest

Go To The Hotel's Web 
  Site Where: 1012 Front Street [map], Binghamton, ny, United States, 13905
May 19, 2004 at 2:27 PM | by | ()

So I guess Roger Chamberlin is a bit off, or just a real big fan of Burt Reynold's character in Striptease, or a little of both.  

In what is sure to be a featured story on The Tonight Show this week, Mr. Chamberlin was arrested May 17th, after police found 14 empty Vaseline jars and a motel room covered in Vaseline from stem to stern.

To make matters more bizarre when Chamberlin was taken into custody at a nearby hotel where he was found "smeared from head to foot with Vaseline".

Chamberlin was charged with criminal mischief, the Motel 6 manager says the slippery room still can't be used, and there is no word on if Motel 6 will officially change their logo to "We'll leave the Vaseline on for you".