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Renaissance Hotels to Launch Mobile Check-In Worldwide Next Month

June 26, 2014 at 1:09 PM | by | ()

Check-in at the Renaissance Santiago

Move over HotelTonight. Renaissance Hotels are about to make it much, much, much easier to check into your hotel room.

Starting July 22, the lifestyle brand from Marriott International, will offer the Marriott Mobile Check-In service at all their Renaissance hotels worldwide. Toni Stoeckl, VP and Global Brand Manager for Renaissance Hotels, announced the news during a media event at the Renaissance Santiago for the brand's Global Day of Discovery.

If you're not familiar with Marriott Mobile Check-In, it works like this:

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Marriott's Mobile Check-In Has Gone Worldwide

December 6, 2013 at 11:18 AM | by | ()

If you scored a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal recently at a Marriott Hotel, another kind of "deal" awaits you--Marriott's mobile check-in .

Over the summer we told you about this high-tech service and how it works (through the Marriott Mobile App) but back then, only about 30 properties were using it. By the end of the summer, about 325 hotels in the U.S and Canada were using it. Now, it's gone worldwide from the U.K. to Mexico, the UAE and India.

But Marriott isn't stopping there. By 2014, all 500 hotels should have the mobile check-in function.

So in case you've got a Marriott hotel stay coming up soon, this is how it works:

1. Join Marriott Rewards
2. Check-in to your hotel at 4pm the day before your arrival, then the app will send you an automatic notification when the room is ready.
3. Arrive at the hotel and bypass the front desk by hitting up the "expedited mobile check-in desk" to pick up your room key.
4. Head up to your room and immediately start doing these things.

Have you tried Marriott's Mobile Check-in App yet? Tell us what you think in comments below!

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Marriott Mobile Check-In to Expand to All Properties By Summer's End

July 16, 2013 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

Marriott currently offers mobile check-in at approximately 30 of its properties, but it was announced recently that the service wlll expand to all of its 325 Marriott-brand hotels by the end of the summer. Nice!

Marriott Rewards members will be able to "check-in" at 4 p.m on the day before their arrival, and they will automatically receive a notification when their room is ready the next day. Guests can also store their credit card information online so they can bypass the counter and grab their key card at the "expedited mobile check-in desk," which we're assuming will either be an automated, self-service type check-in counter -- a concept we discussed a few months ago to mixed feedback -- or a side desk in the front lobby only for those using mobile check-in.

The best thing we see coming from this is that we can drop our bags and head out and not have to guesstimate when to return to the hotel, especially when arriving well before the scheduled check-in time and getting the infamous "it will be ready around three or four" spiel. We don't like being in limbo while on the road, and this definitely keeps us in the loop and allows more control over our day. In that regard, it's great to hear it will soon be available at all properties.

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