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'Mama Wants To Cream You Up': Now Available at The Mama Shelter Shop

September 11, 2014 at 1:09 PM | by | Comments (0)

Mama Shelter Hotels just launched their very own Mama Shelter Shop and is now hawking the skincare line found in their hotels, called...wait for it...Mama Shelter Skincare.

As expected it is full of "Mama" jokes. Well, actually, the skincare line itself is full of organic goodness made by Absolution Cosmetics like aloe, almond and sesame. The products are also without paraben, PE, phthalates, fragrance, synthetic dye, and aggressive surfactants. And they are made in France, to boot. (A 200ml bottle costs 14 Euros.)

But what really catches our eye are the names of the products. There are actually only three products--an all-in-one cleansing wash for face, body and hair; a body cream; and soap, but with the exception of the body cream, they all have different mama sayings..

Mama Loves You From Head to Toe
Mama Likes to Keep It Pure
Mama Wants To Cream You Up (Face and body cream)
Mama Loves You From Top to Bottom
Mama Only Wants What's Best for You
Mama Says Its Totally Natural

Getting clean has never felt so dirty.

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Here's Your First Look at Mama Shelter Los Angeles, Opening Later This Year

Where: 1557 Wilcox Avenue [map], Hollywood, CA, United States, 90028
August 18, 2014 at 7:55 PM | by | Comments (0)

Mama Shelter in Bordeaux

There's been no formal announcement but there's been no secrecy surrounding it either. We're talking about the pending Mama Shelter Hotel for Los Angeles. See, it's right there on the Mama Shelter Twitter bio.

But aside from a LinkedIn job listing looking for a hotel restaurant and general manager, we were having a hard time uncovering the exact whereabouts of Mama Shelter LA. But today, we've found our Mama.

Previously, we've heard West Hollywood and Hollywood flung about as possible locations but those are two very different areas. West Hollywood is trendy and expensive. Hollywood is gritty chic and more affordable. Since the latter practically describes Philippe Starck's Mama Shelter concept to a T, we suspected that's where it would open.

We put in a request to our contact at Mama Shelter hotels on the exact location, but while waiting to hear back, our resourceful European editor uncovered this article. Even if you don't understand French, you can understand what it says.

Des négociations sont aussi en cours pour l'ouverture dans un ancien hôtel des années 1920, dans le quartier de Hollywood, à Los Angeles, «fin 2013».

So Hollywood, it is. And an old hotel from the 1920s too. But still, we wanted to know exactly where. So, we dug a little deeper.

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A Peek Inside Mama Shelter Bordeaux

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  Site Where: 19, rue Poquelin Moliere, Bordeaux, France, 33000
July 23, 2014 at 4:48 PM | by | Comments (0)

Last week we gave you a peek at the hip Seeko’o Hotel in Bordeaux and now it’s Mama Shelter’s turn. If you know other Mama Shelters, then you know that the hipness tap stayed on during the making of this little gem.

Located right in the heart of things at Place Saint Christoly, this 97-room hotel opened in October of 2013. Like all of the Mama Shelters the concept is simple: Give the people what they need and charge ‘em extra for the stuff that they might want. That, plus a Philippe Starck design concept that’s stark (or Starck! yuk-yuk) white minimalism in the rooms and wild and wacky design in the public areas.

(Plenty of pics in the photo gallery!)

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For What You Get, Mama Shelter is Kind of an Expensive Broad

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  Site Where: 109 rue de Bagnolet, Paris, France, 75020
July 30, 2009 at 4:10 PM | by | Comments (0)

Every so often we feature a hotel review from one of our readers that we feel should be shared with the rest of you dear hotel guests. These reviews are highlighted because they are timely, about cool hotels in cool places and are relatively level-headed. Think you can submit one just like this? Send it in.

We got a reader review in today (well, more like a reader Skype call — how Oprah of us!) from a recent guest at Paris' new hip, hot mom on the block, Mama Shelter.

Touted as a super high-tech, modern-but-affordable option in the City of Light, our reader enjoyed his experience at the hotel overall — but had a few tips and cautionary points to throw in (as told to us):

· Those iMacs in the rooms? Yeah, to get the keyboard to actually use them as a computer, you have to pay a pretty hefty deposit down at the front desk — kind of a hassle.
· Though the decor of the room is pretty cool-looking, the paint looks sort of cheap — almost as though the black walls were painted with chalkboard paint and then the whole write-on-the-walls idea was abandoned somewhere along the way.
· In the small room with black walls, the light was kind of poopy and dark — bummer.
· Beware of the location: it's pretty far from the center of the city and all the biggest attractions — not particularly difficult to get to, just not centrally located. The metro lines are a pretty significant walk from the hotel, too.

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Mama Shelter is the New 'Hot Mom' in the Neighborhood

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  Site Where: 109 rue de Bagnolet, Paris , France, 75020
April 27, 2009 at 3:11 PM | by | Comment (1)

We happened to check into Mama Shelter on a recent Saturday night in Paris, and though we’ll admit to harboring a few preconceived notions about what to expect thanks to the gaggle of recent reviews, we kept an open mind. During our stay at the Philippe Starck-designed property in the far reaches of the 20th arrondisement, we did everything from mussing the bed and overloading the in-room iMac to testing the relative speed of the two elevators in order to bring you a full review of Paris’s most happening hostellerie.

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Mama Shelter is a Tease

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  Site Where: 109 rue de Bagnolet, Paris, France, 75020
April 24, 2009 at 5:07 PM | by | Comments (0)

Mama Shelter is the most talked-about new hotel in Paris lately, and it’s no wonder, thanks to funding from the kids of the folks who started Club Med, and some ingenious design elements courtesy of Philippe Starck.

We just happened to be in Paris last weekend and spent a night at this new hotspot to get the real scoop on the square footage, those wacky bedside lamps, the social photo booth, and to learn just how far the hotel is exactly from the nearest Metro stop. Answer: far, very far.

Check back Monday for the full review. For now, you’ll have to content yourself with this authentic video tour of one of the standard (read: tiny) “Mama” rooms.