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Amazing Race Hotel Update: Mandarin Oriental Macau

Where: 56-1110 Avenida da Amizade, Macau, China
April 23, 2007 at 3:32 PM | by | ()

The Amazing Racers took a trip over to the Las Vegas of the Far East--Macau. As usual, Jaunted has the in-depth wrap-up while we focus on hotels.

Naturally, the big hotel pick for Macau would be the Wynn but we wanted to take a look at what else is going on over there. Surprisingly, there's a lot to choose from--Hyatt, Westin, and even a Holiday Inn. Unfortunately, we've heard a bit of complaints about Macau in general. Namely, that the air is extremely dirty and that it's got a long way to go if it wants to live up Las Vegas standards.

Take for instance the Mandarin Oriental Macau. A few reviewers say it's not the best Mandarin Oriental experience out there but for Macau, it's pretty good.

For the people who expect best of the best service from Mandarin Oriental, they may be disappointed. But for the people who know the average quality of service in Macau hotel, you'd be impressed.

This is my fourth times to stay there for couple days. In-room decoration is very "Mandarin Oriental" style in old days. Size is spacious. The most impressive I found is the cleanness of room. I did not find any stains, smoking smell at the room. Also, it has very good air-cond system. I did not need to adjust it in the mid-night.

I did not find any large groups of tourist at the lobby, it was quite, clean and not crowded.

The downsides seem to be that it's far away from downtown and the taxis are impossible to get. And depending on whether you like to shop or not the hotel's lobby is filled with shops. On the bright side you can probably snag a room here for about $200 USD a night.

[Photo: JuieandNick]

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The Eerily Silent Wynn Macau Reviews

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  Site Where: Avenida Da Amizade, Macau, China
January 29, 2007 at 3:26 PM | by | ()

Former Portuguese colony, Macau, is emerging as one of Asia's new tourism hotspots. Gamblers can't get enough of this new Vegas, and when the Wynn Las Vegas clone, Wynn Macau opened last fall we figured we would be hearing plenty of tips, reviews, and scuttlebutt about the Wynn clone.

Alas, like most clones it appears that Wynn Macau is lacking a fully formed soul. Of course, it is visually stunning, just like the original and offers all the requisite luxury hardware you would expect, but it is the software that gets people griping. Early complaints we hear include, but are not limited to: the lack of a dedicated Wynn shuttle from the ferry building, the lobby bar shutting down at 10pm., and the overall level of service.

Nothing that the Wynn hotel maestros can't fix, after all the shell is there, sounds like this place just needs a dose of Steve Wynn himself. After all the benevolent, yet pedantic, dictator who loathes split infinitives surely despises long waits in hotel shuttle lines just as much.

The Google Earth shot above was obviously taken during the construction phase of Wynn Macau. It just reminded us so much of the early second Death Star shots from Return of the Jedi that we felt like sharing the irony. Yes, we know, these days Wynn Macau is fully operational.

Don't worry, Steve Wynn doesn't bite. Feel free to let the world know what you think of Wynn Macau in the comments.

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Hard Rock is Coming to Macau

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  Site Where: Macau, China
January 23, 2007 at 10:25 AM | by | ()

Since Macau is doing everything they possibly can to recreate the Las Vegas strip on their own Cotai Strip, it's no surprise that a Hard Rock Hotel will open there as part of the City of Dreams complex. What is surprising is this Hydropolis trend might have legs:

The City of Dreams development is planned to feature an underwater- themed casino and four luxurious hotels, including Hard Rock Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and the Crown Towers, among other features. The development is planned to open in two phases, with the first phase (which is planned to include the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Macau), expected to be opened late 2008.

Ok, so it's not actually an underwater hotel but we're guessing the City of Dreams will have lots of fish tanks around.

As for the Hard Rock, plan on seeing approximately 380 rooms all designed by "Hard Rock designers", probably like Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra, including two "Rock Star" mega-suites. LIke the other Hard Rock properties there will be a live menu venue, a Hard Rock restaurant, a VIP nightclub, and a pool area. No word on whether or not you can have sex in the pool there.

[Photo: VelouriaDark]

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