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Where You Can 'Make Love for Three Days Like Indian Gods'

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  Site Where: Sweden
May 16, 2011 at 1:33 PM | by | ()

Hotels are not ones to shy away from sex what with all the sex kits we've seen in the minibars in the past years, but this hotel goes far above and beyond a black box full of condoms, lube and massage oil and even the porn offerings on the TV.

The Venusgarden Hotel near Malmo, Sweden offers a professional orgasm coach on staff. Actually the coach is Ylva Franzén, the proprietor of the three-bedroom farmhouse as well as the author of a best-selling book Orgasmera Mera (Orgasming More).

Each of the three "Rooms of Love" are sensually-named--Kamasutra, Tao, and Venus, and all feature "feathers, massage oils, perfumed candles, erotic illustrations, and a basket of love toys, along with a copy of Franzén’s book", of course.

But that's not all. Up in the Tao room (in the attic) there's a big round bed and a mirror on the ceiling to further get you in the mood. The Venus room promises a "magic pill" for him (Viagra?) and a swing above the bed. But the Kamasutra room might be where you want to spend your stay as the canopy bed in the center of the room is a place where "you can relax and make love for three days like the Indian gods." And don't forget, Franzén is on call to help you should any issues, um, arise.

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Le Parker Meridien Offers A Four-Hour Quickie Package

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  Site Where: 118 W 57th St. [map], New York, NY, United States, 10019
February 8, 2011 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

You probably won't be watching Laurel and Hardy

It's the grossest hotel promo of the month—or so we hope! In a collab with Urban Daddy, Midtown Manhattan's Le Parker Meridien is offering an "afternoon tryst" package for adulterers, office Casanovas, and assorted other bros who don't find the idea of paying hourly rates for a hotel completely repellent. The details?

You’ll have access to a Park View room from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., where you’ll be free to indulge in whatever consensual indoor activities you desire. Or you can upgrade so your room includes champagne, strawberries with whipped cream and an on-demand adult film of your choice.

The room-only rate is $150, while the upgrade is $250. Which seems a lot for some bubbly and a skin flick.

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Inside the Llove Hotel Tokyo, a Pop-Up Hotel Only Open for One Month

Where: Tokyo, Japan
October 29, 2010 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

How can you beat $108 per night in a hip neighborhood of Tokyo? Well, you can't really, and so we somewhat blindly entered into our first love hotel/pop-up artist hotel experience by staying at Llove Hotel in Daikanyama. We were mainly swayed by the delicious images of themed rooms, as pictured on Tablet Hotels, but as we'd quickly come to learn, those rooms are not the $108 ones.

The hotel itself—which only exists from October 22 to November 23—is a collaboration between Dutch and Japanese designers, and Amsterdam's Lloyd Hotel, so we kind of expected big things. The only big thing was the concept: to take this former bureaucratic housing block/artists studio and reinvent it as a modern love hotel, where guests check in late for a little fantasy night and check out early.

Only one night is allowed here after October 25, but we optimistically booked two before that date. After checking in, getting our key and walking in to room 309, we were PISSED.

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We Just Stayed at a Japanese Love Hotel, Kinda

Where: Tokyo, Japan
October 28, 2010 at 4:15 PM | by | ()

It's always been something of a curious dream of ours to one day experience the crazy themed rooms of a proper Japanese love hotel, so while in Tokyo recently, we made it our mission to check them out. The only problem with this is that the best hotels—the ones with the S&M rooms and ones that resemble subway cars or school rooms—are to be found in Osaka, not Tokyo; Tokyo's love hotel are basically like your average Motel 6 in boringness.

Luckily for us, we discovered that our trip coincided with Tokyo Design Week, which featured a fully-fledged pop-up hotel as a collaboration between the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam and Japanese designers. It's a conceptual love hotel, with each room done in a complete and different themes executed by individual artists. All that may sound wacky, but here's the craziest part: It's only open until November 23 and nightly rates start as low as $108.

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Rent Love at Hotel Amour for the Afternoon

February 6, 2008 at 4:48 PM | by | ()

We mentioned the Hotel Amour in our Paris Hotel Guide for Lovers a while back with Monica Guy describing it like so:

Most staff look like they snorted too much coke last night and there's more self-amour than anything else amongst the predominantly young, fashionista, sexually disorientated bo-ho clientele, but, I'm told, the place is worth it for the novelty. Like a novelty condom, I guess, only a bit more grown-up.

Now in the spirit of Valentine's Day, IHT's GlobeSpotters blog has suggested booking a room there for an afternoon delight. However, to keep within the law they can only rent one afternoon room out a day. We suggest the room that has "soft-core pornography, and erotic reading material"--you know, to get more bang for your buck.

In other news:
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[Photo: Jochen]

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One Night of 'Love' at the Hotel Cordon Bleu in Osaka

Where: Namba, Osaka, Japan
October 3, 2007 at 10:06 AM | by | ()

[Ed. Note: Jaunted contributor AJ McGuire recently finished a tour of Osaka and reported back to us on the town's changing love hotel scene.]

Beyond the big, the gaudy, the crazy, the likely settings for romance not just unconventional but possibly illegal, there are the standard love hotels.

The ones that get the job done with a minimum of fiberglass mythical beasts bolted to the outside of the building. With outside decor that would not be altogether out of place for a regular tacky tourist hotel, the Hotel Cordon Bleu aims squarely at the middle of the the love hotel market, providing a setting for the average couple to make average love to be made in mildly exciting comfort.

Admittedly, we settled on the Cordon Bleu after checking out the other, more adventurous hotels in the Namba neighborhood and finding them all booked up save for the ultra premium rooms (the bed on hydraulics, a Burt Reynolds-shaped pinata, etc).

For those without a need for complex harnesses, but looking for a bathroom big enough to breakdance in, for those turned off by the cutesy/creepy vibe of the Hotel Beaver across the street but seeking something naughtier than a Ramada Inn, there's the Hotel Cordon Bleu.

Pictures of the faintly scandalous interior after the jump.

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Blogger Ruminates About British Love Hotels

April 3, 2007 at 4:28 PM | by | ()

Live Journal Blogger Click Opera has an entertaining post today (not like we check in regularly or anything) that has to do with dwindling affordable real estate space in London. Actually it's about anything affordable in London these days, including hotels.

So Click Opera thinks that the Brits should adopt the Japanese business model of Love Hotels as a way to at least give folks lodging they can afford. Or at the very least, a place the Brits can shack up for an hour or two when they fancy each other.

What would these British love hotels be like? Instead of love seats, karaoke, porn vids, Playstations and jacuzzis, perhaps it'd all be red plush, dart games, turkey buffets under silver salvers. Perhaps you'd be able to dress up as a beefeater, play indoor golf or shoot clay pigeons before fucking. There'd almost certainly be fitted carpet around the toilets and a letterbox passersby could piss into, soaking a glossy heap of upmarket estate agent magazines.

How about a royal family fantasy where you can be either Charles, Camilla or Diana? Maybe even the Queen Mum if you got a thing for geriatrics.

Click Opera then mentions the opening of the Yotel capsule hotel chain in London but laments that it's not an hourly rental. The rest of the post downward spirals into Kelly Osbourne's opinion of Love Hotels ("I feel like I'm getting gonorrhea just sitting here") to the demise of the original Love Hotels in Japan to where Japanese teens looking to do it on the cheap do it, (rented booths at a manga cafe or Yoyogi Park--"Because it's dark there, it doesn't even matter what they look like.")

[Photo: Azuric]

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Weird Fantasy Love Hotels

Where: Japan
December 21, 2006 at 11:36 AM | by | ()

We're gonna come right out and say it. Having sex in a room painted to look like a poorly imagined galaxy of outerspace from the early 80s is just weird. Yet, there are lots of you freaks out there. And most of you are getting your kicks in Japanese Love Hotels. So many of you that photographer Misty Keasler has taken photographs of the "most creative love hotels in Japan."

The Wired blog has several of the photos posted to their site but we'll detail some of them right here for you.

There's the Hello Kitty room, a schoolroom designed for the teacher-student fantasy, the nature room for hippies, a doctor's waiting room (pictured here), Igloos, and plenty of rooms for the bondage enthusiasts in all of us. Oh and of course, there's the space room which Wired says is

perfect for those who fantasize about zero gravity sex, or for grown-up boys who never got that Neil Armstrong-themed bedroom as a kid.

Let's just hope there aren't too many of those boys out there now.

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Love Hotels Offer Hair Care Products and Budweiser Costumes

Where: Shibuya, Japan
November 1, 2006 at 5:33 PM | by | ()

Japanese Love Hotels give us practically an endless supply of hotel stories. Like this photo captured by a Flickr member at a love hotel in Shibuya:

These are some of the amenities provided by a love hotel in Shibuya. At first I thought they were advertising dildos and vibrators (upper left hand corner), but then realized that they're probably innocent hair care products.

However, should you feel the need to dress up like a can of Budweiser, the Costume Play Goods Rental in the lower right corner should be of good service.

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What It's Really Like Inside Those Japanese Love Hotels

Where: Osaka, Japan
September 12, 2006 at 4:56 PM | by | ()

Because we highly doubt we will ever get to Japan before we die, we must rely on the kindness of hotel reviewers to tell us what the hotels over there are like. And that includes those saucy little love hotels.

"Tommy" (not sure if that's his real name or what) recently stayed at one and gave up all the glory details.

my wife and i have been to many love hotels (it's pretty easy as we live in japan). we were just at gang snowman's last week. we went on thursday at 11pm, and not only were there several rooms available, the most hardcore, most expensive one (well, only US$98 to stay from 10pm - noon the next day, with a $7.50 per half hour fee if you stayed overtime) was available, so the wife and i took that one.

it was a blast! not only did it have a cross on the living room wall with shackles in four places, there were monkey bars in one of the two bathrooms (a large jacuzzi was in the other), and there was a small "jungle gym" with an instructional card on how to use it. (pictured above) fun times were had by all :) and there's a jacuzzi on the roof in a cadillac, but we didn't have time to go up there. i even made a video tour of the room.

Now we are left with more questions. Do the shackles chafe? Who's cleaning the jungle gym? And what does that cryptic happy face after he said "fun times were had by all" really mean? Were there more people involved? Tommy, wherever you are, please send us your video!

Image via Lhphoto's/Flickr

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Kinky Hotels: Japanese Love Hotels

July 6, 2006 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Perhaps the original kinky hotels are the Japanese Love Hotels.

Originally, these "hotels" began in the 1950s as rent-by-the-hour rooms for couples seeking to get out of the house to make love. (And with multiple generations of family members staying in one house, a love hotel was a necessity.)

However, they have since evolved into pleasure dens, some with rotating beds, mirrored walls, porno channels on the TV, swings, jacuzzis, fancy TVs and video cameras, and even karaoke machines. In fact, during the World Cup Craze, the rooms are being rented out not just for sex but a fun place to watch the games (while having sex too.)

But perhaps the best thing about these love hotels or Bonk Bastions as one article called them, is the complete discretion used by staffers.

Customers never see the staff and anonymity is assured. Drivers enter underground car parks hidden from view and staff cover their number plates to foil any prying eyes.

In some places, there is no one working the front desk. Instead, a back-lit panel displays photographs of the available rooms. You then press a button to select your chosen room and lights on the floor will guide you tot he room.

If you need to order drinks, snacks and sex toys, you can do so with your credit card via an in-room cash machine. But you've been warned, the porn might be pixelated.

The cost to stay in these rooms vary from $18 to $45 an hour with overnight stays costing up to $115. And the more you pay, the more toys and accessories you get in your room. However, once you leave, you usually have to pay to get back in again.

Image via Azuric/Flickr

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Love Motel: Doggy Style Only

Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
December 16, 2005 at 11:55 AM | by | ()

You could probably find a "love hotel" in most cities, and of course the Poconos, Brazil and Japan have the market cornered on such hotels. However, harder to find, are doggy style love hotels.

Gang Dos Bichos, the doggy love motel in Sao Paulo, was inspired by thousands of human love motels, which allow Brazilian couples to rent rooms by the hour for trysting purposes.

For $41 your dog and his bitch can copulate in a private, air-conditioned room with a heart shaped mirror on the ceiling for two hours. The room comes with paw print motif, and a special control panel to dim the lights, turn on romantic music or play films.

“The owner has to know what kind of DVD will excite his or her dog,” said owner Robson Marinho said with a chuckle.

Oh, and get this, the hotel can arrange for artificial insemination for your pet.

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