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How Did Lindsay Lohan Manage to Go So Long at The Chateau Without Paying?

August 30, 2012 at 12:08 PM | by | ()

We still can't get over how Lindsay Lohan's eviction letter from the Chateau Marmont and itemized hotel bill for $46,000 was made public yesterday. It felt like Christmas for us!

But as we were reading through the list of room service, minibar and cigarette charges, we did wonder how this notoriously private hotel--they won't allow any publication to take pictures inside the hotel ever--let this happen. We assumed maybe the hotel was finally fed up with Lohan and leaked the documents to embarrass her.

We also considered the more likely possibility that TMZ greased someone who works in the hotel's back office. But according to the Daily Mail, the hotel (which is owned and run by hotelier Andre Balazs) is absolutely horrified the letters were released and they actually blame someone in Lohan's entourage.

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