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Are You As Thrilled As We Are About the Emerging 24-Hour Hotel Stay Trend?

Where: Various Locations
June 26, 2013 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

We've all been there. You show up late to your hotel, go to sleep, and wake up to 11 a.m. check out looming before you've even thought about having breakfast. So much for experiencing the hotel, and the fact that we paid full rate to go to bed and wake up doesn't make it any easier. Before we've had a chance to really relax and enjoy the property, we're collecting our toiletries from the bathroom and asking if we can store our luggage for a few hours.

No more hanging around the lobby until check-in time! Whatever the reason, be it due to delays or out of necessity, hotel guests have always had to swallow the lack of a prorating policy when it comes to the bill for your room. You pay the same amount whether you arrive right on time for 3 p.m. check in or travel arrangements bring you in a few hours later. As hotels continue to search for creative and competitive ways to fill empty rooms and push capacity, they might have just stumbled upon the most reasonable of them all: The idea of renting the room for a full 24-hours from the time of check-in.

We've come across a few hotels that have experimented with this idea, and we've also seen hotels become more flexible in offering late check-outs. Finally, we might be close to turning the corner, and we might just be able to get a better bang for our buck because of it.

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Radisson Edwardian Hotels are Offering Late Check-Outs on Foursquare and Facebook

June 30, 2011 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Ahhh...the elusive late check-out. Everyone wants it, hardly anyone can get it. (Unless you're willing to pay $50 or half a day's rate.) But for at least the next month, the late check-out can be yours at Radisson Edwardian Hotels in the UK simply by checking into the hotel via Foursquare or on Facebook.

As part of the hotel brand's Social Media Day celebrations, they are offering guests this super sweet perk until July 31st. The late check-out time is two hours past standard check-out so 1pm.

Here's how you can get it:

When you arrive at a Radisson Edwardian hotel, check in via Facebook or Foursquare. Once you’re at the check in desk, show our staff that you’ve checked in on your smartphone. Enjoy your later check out time!

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Glorious! Thistle Hotels Introduces 'Lazy Sundays' with a Check-Out of 6pm

October 21, 2010 at 3:25 PM | by | ()

There’s nothing like a lazy weekend away but it’s something of a downer when you finish breakfast and realize that check out was half an hour ago. UK chain Thistle Hotels feel your pain, though – they’ve just launched a Lazy Sundays package which lets you stay through till 6pm Sunday. [Insert your favorite line from Lazy Sunday here. Chronic-what-cles of Narnia!]

You’ll also get breakfast in bed until midday (another annoyance – wanting a lie in, and realizing breakfast ends at 10am) and a newspaper so you have something other than the obvious to occupy your time. Even better, you can swap breakfast for a full on Sunday lunch if you feel like leaving the boudoir.

And if you get too comfy in the room, you can even sleep over on the Sunday night for a reduced price, starting at £23.50.

The package starts at £70 per person (that’s for the Thistle Heathrow, although to be honest, you might not want to hang around there) and is valid throughout and next year - until 31 December 2011.

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It's Not Just the Bedspreads That Will Drive You Mad at the Hilton Bonnet Creek

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  Site Where: 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane [map], Orlando, FL, United States, 32831
March 17, 2010 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

Every so often we feature a hotel review from our readers that we feel should be shared with the rest of you dear hotel guests. These reviews are highlighted because they are timely, about cool hotels in cool places and are relatively level-headed. Think you can submit one just like this? Send it in. Now, our latest reader review comes straight outta the badlands of Orlando.

I've done stayed in a lot of hotels in my time. Consider it an occupational hazard. I like hotels big and small, boutique-y and branded. I require only a few things; hi-speed Internets (preferably free), a comfortable bed, and relative quiet.

I found all three during a stay while attending an on-site conference at the sparkly new Hilton Bonnet Creek complex, a stone's throw from the Walt Disney World madness in Orlando. (Ed. Note: It's also home to some dizzying pattern overload in the guestrooms.)

Normally, I would have no complaints and wouldn't consider passing a report along to my friends at HotelChatter. But this new hotel (open officially since last September) has left me scratching my head in a variety of ways.

Here are the oddities:

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Get Late Check-Outs Without the Haggling at Kimpton Hotels

April 30, 2009 at 5:01 PM | by | ()

It's like Kimpton Hotels is peering into our lives lately or maybe they've just been reading our constantly updated Twitter feed. Either way, they seem to know exactly what we we're into these days.

First, they started offering us the choice of continental breakfast or cocktails for only a $1. Now, in honor of something called "Better Sleep Month," they are giving guests who check-out on Sundays a late check-out of 2pm automatically. No hagggling, hassling, begging, pleading or crying necessary.

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HotelChatter OpenThread :: Ask and You Will Probably Not Receive a Late Check-Out

September 10, 2008 at 2:29 PM | by | ()

Tick, tock, tick tock.

Late check-outs. God, we love them. And need them. Who is ready to leave their hotel room, showered and packed by 11am? No one that's who. And it doesn't seem fair to get less than 24 hours in a hotel room that you've paid for, especially not when the room rate is upwards of $200 a night.

But getting a late check-out these days seems as likely as getting ourselves a date with Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford or forcing Bill Marriott to use a computer.

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