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The B Akasaka Could B 4 U

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  Site Where: 7-6-13, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, 107-0052
February 12, 2007 at 11:23 AM | by | Comments (0)

That's right, since the Purple One is all over the place these days, we figured we would bring back Prince titles--see above.

In any event, The New York Times recently sent writer Andrew Yang over to Tokyo's B Akasaka, and he's back with a fairly positive review. Tokyo gives the same sort of hotel room sticker shock as New York City, so it's good to see "budget" options expanding. The B Akasaka looks like a good entry in the Easy Hotel-style category--minus the blindingly-bright Stelios orange, of course.

Interesting then that the B Akasaka gets called out not as a Japanese Easy Hotel, but as an aloft-style budget-boutique. Says Andrew:

The hotel doesn't have certain services, like room service, in favor of a more do-it-yourself philosophy. No need to worry about extra charges for the minibar (there is none), or Internet access (it's free) or telephone calls (local calls are also free)...The B Akasaka is perfect for work-intensive business trips, quick solo weekend shopping excursions or just a place to stay while seeing friends. If you insist on being fussed over and want to have everything brought to your fingertips, this is not the place for you. But if you like the autonomy and anonymity that the metropolis of Tokyo affords, then the B Akasaka is a quiet, and serene perch from which to explore the city.

If you're not into Japanese minimalist hotels, this Sunday's Times also features the Lost Trail Lodge--a don't-even-think-about-WiFi lodge less than five miles from Truckee, CA. The Lodge has no phones, no plasma TVs and no roads leading to the property: you have to ski or snowshoe in from town. Minimalist indeed.

Image via Eloketh

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The Block: Expectations, Meet Reality

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  Site Where: 4143 Cedar Ave. [map], Lake Tahoe, CA, United States, 96150
February 8, 2007 at 3:02 PM | by | Comments (0)

As could be expected, we're heavy into The Block, the reality show/30-minute ad for the Tahoe snowboarder hotel on the G4 cable network. Now that we're a couple episodes deep, we feel like we've got a pretty good handle on how things work at the hotel.

After holding our breath for the first episode, we got pretty much what we expected. It looks like hiring a bunch of snowboarders who smoke pot on camera doesn't lead to the most efficient operation. However, The Block is a serious operation, so management bought these kids army jackets and tried to kick these kids into shape? Is it working? Well, the hotel is sold out almost every winter weekend. Furthermore the property has scored with its nicer, sponsored rooms, like the DVS room, Napster room and Vivid room--yep, that Vivid--these rooms are much nicer than some of the run-of-the-mill barracks-style hotel units. But what's it like to actually stay at this place?

A recent guest may have summed it up best:

There are the people who stayed here expecting the usual comforts of a hotel and were sadly disappointed, and then the people who were looking for a place to drink and party (regardless of age) after a day of snowboarding who loved it.

With guys like Petey working there (hmm, wonder if he even works there any longer...somehow we doubt it), this doesn't really surprise us. Rooms start at $79, but much nicer rooms start at $139.

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The Block's Hotel Staff in Tahoe Don't Like Ho's Who Talk Too Much

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  Site Where: 4143 Cedar Ave. [map], Lake Tahoe, CA, United States, 96150
October 18, 2006 at 9:30 AM | by | Comment (1)

The Block Hotel in Lake Tahoe bills itself as the first snowboarder hotel which was created by professional snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya and Las Vegas Hotelier Liko S. Smith.

The place is totally geared for the younger generation as witnessed by the amenities like game consoles, board pegs, bike hooks, microwavable popcorn, and free wireless access.

But you also get a feel for the 21 and under vibe with the hottie staff profiles that read like MySpace pages. Take for instance, the Steve-O look-alike/wannabe Gilbert Perez who is the hotel's front desk agent. In listing his likes, he writes:

Money, Beeatches, 40's, hus'lin

Listed as his dislikes are:

When people give me quarters nickels and dimes. SNITCHES! Skantless Ho's, Stuck up bitches, people who don't ride on motherfucker's. Ho's who talk too much.

These staffers ain't fronting but we'd hate to see what they would do if you had any special room requests.

As for staying here, half of the rooms are called Signature rooms, each with different themes. But forget lame ski, snowboard or moutain themes. Try out the  Vivid room which features (as they describe)

"Stripperpole, Padded wall, Big ass TV, PS2 / DVD player, and enough porn to feed a small country! No sniffin' the panties..."

Lovely. You can also book the Napster, Zoo York, Roxy, DVS or Jones Soda room among others. Each one is different from the rest so make sure you really want the Vivid room and not the Napster one.

Rates start at about $229 a night on the weekends.

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