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Tuesday's Travel Tales: Hotel Murder & Mayhem

Where: Various Hotels , United States
February 26, 2013 at 1:18 PM | by | ()

Lately, we've been reading about real macabre stuff going down at hotels, some involving guests. Seriously, it's all starting to feel like one long episode of Unsolved Mysteries: Special Hotels Edition . As far as hotels go, we're not quite sure the whole "no such thing as bad press" rule applies. Especially when it comes to grisly crime scenes, so we figure we should fill you in on what's going on out there.

Here are some recent events:

On February 15th, security cameras at a Marriott in Tarrytown, New York caught a 30-something, tattooed, Carhartt-wearing man, fleeing the scene of a date rape. Unfortunately the cops haven't caught the perp yet.

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Five New Things to Love at Thompson Beverly Hills

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  Site Where: 9360 Wilshire Boulevard [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90212
February 4, 2013 at 5:26 PM | by | ()

Beverly Hills may conjure old-school glamour and a dash of Julia Roberts but Thompson Beverly Hills has proven its staying power since opening five years ago. It just goes to show being hip has its benefits.

And while there's nothing wrong with the hotel (buzzing rooftop pool, sleek and chic rooms with balconies, REN bathroom amenities, etc), it is going through some major changes, and we like-y!

See what's in store after the jump.

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Is Four Points the Coolest LAX Airport Hotel?

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  Site Where: 9750 Airport Blvd [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90045
January 31, 2013 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

Oh, airport hotels… where to begin. For the majority, they're soulless, uninspiring and, well, next to airports. You'll get better views on the plane. Obviously, there's a number of awesome airport hotels out there but people rarely vacation there, so we never expect too much.

We have to admit, however, our views are changing lately! Recently, a HotelChatter pal had a layover at Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles International Airport. We went to meet him for a quick drink during his overnight stay and we were—dare we say it?—pleased with the hotel.

The coolest thing about Four Points by Sheraton LAX is its Brewster's Bar & Grill, which has a beer menu with more than 100 beers, many that are craft and microbrew. There is even a "beer-ologist" on site. I mean, really?? We're hard pressed to find that in Hollywood alone.

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Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air Pampers Guests for Oscars

January 30, 2013 at 1:48 PM | by | ()

It's Oscar time! Or, as they say in Los Angeles hotels, "award season," which is equivalent to "high season" everywhere else outside of Tinsel Town so good luck getting a room. Oh, and you'll never see so much neck craning in hotel lobbies in your life. We've seen "normal" people throw on a cute outfit and dark shades just to get their five minutes. But we know our readers are much more fancier.

In honor of award season, the Dorchester Collection's Hotel Bel-Air and the Beverly Hills Hotel are giving guests the opportunity to experience a red-carpet moment with special amenities and themed packages that celebrate perhaps the only thing Hollywood looks forward to in February. This only happens once a year, people, so pay attention and start booking!

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DineLA Restaurant Week Starts Today: Hotels Hoping For Your Hunger

January 21, 2013 at 1:46 PM | by | ()

Right on the heels of New York Restaurant Week is dineLA Restaurant Week, where the West Coast shows they’ve got culinary chops to display as well.

This year's twice yearly 12-day event goes from January 21-February 1 and patrons will be treated to showcases specially-priced $15, $20, and $25 lunch menus and $25, $35, and $45 dinners. Over 250 restaurants from the tiny taqueria on the coast to Gordon Ramsay’s at The London West Hollywood will be serving up everything from casual fish tacos to rich braised shortribs. A complete list can be found at www.discoverLosAngeles.com/dineLA.

Naturally we’re listing where to eat in the hottest hotel restaurants and what’s on offer. And unlike New York’s Restaurant Week, it appears that tables are available at some places on the weekend. Go figure!

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Coolest Hotel Instagram Of The Day Goes To...

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  Site Where: 8358 Sunset Boulevard [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
January 14, 2013 at 7:01 PM | by | ()

...the Sunset Tower Hotel.

What can only be described as one of the most thrilling events of last night's Golden Globe awards was President Bill Clinton taking to the stage and introducing a clip from "Lincoln", the nominated film from director Steven Spielberg.

It was apparently an unexpected appearance, and we're certain there were more than a few swooning ladies (and men) in the Beverly Hilton's International Ballroom.

So, we're even more delighted to come across this Instagram photo from the hotel saying "Proud to have Former Pres Clinton with us after the #goldenglobes last night."

Normally the STH is home to Vanity Fair's post-Oscar party, so we're not sure if there was a post GG soiree going on, but we're impressed with the prez's choice of digs (it's Jennifer Aniston's go-to) as it's full of character, moderately priced at around $300 a night, and a pretty class act, to boot.

[Photo: Sunset Tower/Instagram]

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The Peninsula Beverly Hills Opens Rooftop Pool To The Public

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  Site Where: 9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90212
January 10, 2013 at 8:11 PM | by | ()

We're not sure if it's a good idea or what, but for the first time publicly announced (and we say that for a reason), The Peninsula Beverly Hills is letting non-hotel guests have access to its rooftop swimming pool and private poolside cabanas.

Apparently this is a chance to let people get a taste of the life that the A-lister’s who'll attend the upcoming Golden Globes, Grammys and Oscars live when they stay at the tony hotel. Of course, getting folks to spill those bold-faced names is harder than child birth. But whatevah.

So, it seems in order to get more play out of the cabanas (what else could be the reason?) the Peninsula has created three spa packages for plebes like us, that will duplicate the VIP treatment. Not only will you get a heavenly massage, but also included is poolside lunch, all-day use of the rooftop pool, and even a private cabana! This top spot is laced with a loaded iPod, flat-screen television, minibar, WiFi, and more.

And even though we feel a bit nervous this will turn the PBH into a low-rent free-for-all, a peep at the price tags makes us think all will be OK.  

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Hotels That Let You Eat Your After-Dinner Booze

November 29, 2012 at 7:24 PM | by | ()

Wish you could have your cake, and drink it too? Well you’re in luck as we've found hotels that will serve you after-dinner booze for dessert!

That’s right: boozy desserts. This liquor food trend is hitting hotels from east to west. From zany liquor-infused marshmallows to drunken ice cream, choose your poison.

We've found three hotel restaurants sure to keep you merry until the very last bite.

Different Point of View restaurant at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix serves a unique mash-up of liqueur-infused marshmallows complimentary to any guest buying drinks in the lounge. That’s right- they’re free! But wait, there’s more. The lounge includes a ridiculously swanky outdoor patio with 360 views of downtown Phoenix where a cozy fire pit awaits the roasting, ahem, buzzing. Each hand-made marshmallow features a different liqueur flavor including Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico (hazelnut), Amaretto (almond) and Kahlua (coffee) and comes with a variety of dipping sauces like caramel or vanilla cream. They're also equipped with long sticks so you don’t burn yourself alive while roasting—but we must say, the taste is acquired. If you like booze, you’ll like these. But be careful roasting as they do drip up a storm and a bib isn't included.

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Taking A Look At Sweet Presidential Suites

October 4, 2012 at 4:21 PM | by | ()

If your Twitter and FB feeds haven’t yet been blown to smithereens regarding last night’s Presidential Debate, then we want to know your secret. But at HC, we want to focus on a key issue—and that is—where do presidents like to sleep when they’re on the road? And can we, the public, duplicate that experience?

So, while others choose to argue politics with friends, family, and..strangers on the internet, we’d rather entertain you with these hotels’ Presidential Suites and tempt you into voting on a stay there.

The US Grant, San Diego
The Penthouse Presidential Suite (from $3,500 a night) on the rooftop of this historic hotel is celebrated for its views of the city and the bay. Oh, and it’s recognized for the 14 presidents that have stayed here for the past 100 years--most recently George Bush Sr. Originally a radio station, it was the place where FDR broadcast his first ‘fireside chat’ outside of DC. The hotel has put together a package where you can actually stay inside the lavish suite, receive a city helicopter tour, and a chef’s dinner for two for $2012. Reserve online (rate plan LZPKG1) or call 866-716-8136.

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Where To Get Your Oktoberfest On

September 24, 2012 at 4:04 PM | by | ()

Oktoberfest began this past Saturday in Munich and will continue through October 7th. The traditional 16-day Bavarian festival, which was first celebrated 200 years ago to commemorate a royal wedding, is now feted all over the world. We’d like to do our part and give you a few places in the U.S. where you can get your beer and brat on if you can't get to Germany. Lederhosen is totally optional, but highly recommended.

The Standard, Downtown LA and New York
The good news is that these hotel’s biergartens stay open year-round. The better news is that the LA hotel is offering a Oktoberfest lunch special between 12-5pm every day. For $15 you get a tasting of three beers on tap (Bittburger Pilsner, Licher Heffeweisen, and Kostritzer Black Lager) and a choice of a sausage, salad, pretzel or strudel. Meanwhile at the High Line outpost, which becomes glass-enclosed during the cooler months, they’ve revitalized the Stammtisch. This lets guests pay an hourly rate for a table and get unlimited beer brought to them. Call 212-645-4100 or email stammtisch@standardhotel.com for a reservation.

Dupont Hotel, Washington, DC
Now through September 30th, the Bar Dupont’s patio, across from D.C.’s famous Dupont Circle, becomes a boisterous biergarten with live polka music, four Oktoberfest-style brews on draft from a Hefeweizen to a special Sam Adams Octoberfest brew, and a menu serving German festival fare. Mugs, steins, and pitchers are be available for all levels of drinking as well as sizes of sausage from brat to knock to kielbasa, depending on your appetite. Oompah music, polka bands and other entertainment will be provided on certain days throughout Oktoberfest

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HotelChatter Originals: A Food Flight

September 13, 2012 at 7:40 PM | by | ()

Thanks to our far-flung, adventurous and nonstop jetsetting contributors who never enter a hotel room without photographing the place from top to bottom, we've been able to get a peek into hotel rooms around the world by flipping through our numerous Photo Galleries.

We have so many good shots from so many great hotels, it's getting hard to keep track of all of them. So from now on, we'll be rounding up our favorite photo galleries. Some will be pulled together by hotel brand others will be done by city, design, style, amenities or just plain old hotel lust.

Got a hotel you'd like to see more of? Ask us, we probably have pictures of it!

Today, we've got food on the brain and thinking about what tasty treats will be on offer this fall. Chefs scouring farmer's markets in search of fantastic produce to create comfort food dishes and fancy teas that'll knock our socks off (or put them on--we've been barefoot all summer). Here are a few places that like to showcase their culinary offerings. Hope you're hungry!

[Photo:Chanize Thorpe/HotelChatter]

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Dwight Howard Was In His L'Ermitage Bathroom During Beverly Hills Earthquake

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  Site Where: 9291 Burton Way [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90210
September 7, 2012 at 11:52 AM | by | ()

A small earthquake struck the Beverly Hills neighborhood of LA earlier this morning, which followed a 3.2 magnitude rumble that hit the same area on Monday.

As it happened, recently-traded NBA star Dwight Howard was in his hotel bathroom when the Monday quake hit. How do we know this? TMZ asked him, obviously, since this was technically his first earthquake since being traded to the LA Lakers. When Howard was asked how he handled things, he answered:

"I was in the toilet … and It shook me off the toilet."

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