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Hyatt Heads for Kiev

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  Site Where: Kiev, Ukraine
March 7, 2007 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

With Ukraine becoming an increasingly interesting destination both for business and holiday travelers, it's time that the hotel choice got a bit more upmarket. When a Radisson opened about a year ago, it was really the first international standard hotel and guests paid for that with inflated prices. But now Hyatt is opening its Hyatt Regency Kiev which should provide a bit of competition.

The new Hyatt should be ready for business in May, and although prices are still expected to be pretty high here (and more than double the monthly income of the average Ukrainian, just for a single night stay), the location is nice--looking over the historic Old Town and near St Sophia's Cathedral, a Kiev highlight. Whether or not modern-style hotel buildings should be built so close to historical settings is another question we could debate, but we'll stick to whinging about the high prices for now.

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Amazing Race 10 Hotel Update: The Patriotic War Memorial and Prostitutes in Kiev

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  Site Where: 5-7/29 Taras Shevchenko Boulevard | Pushkinska Street, Kiev, Ukraine, 01004,
November 20, 2006 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

The latest news in this never-ending season, aside from Rosie O'Donnell gifting ousted competitors Dave and Mary a new house and car, is that the competitors finally got out of Finland and headed on to the Patriotic War Memorial in Kiev, Ukraine.

As always, our partner-in-crime Jaunted has the episode recap while we merely pick out a possible hotel to check-out. And on that note, if Rosie were to be so nice to all the Racers, then maybe they could afford to stay in the Premier Palace Hotel which seems to be the premier place to stay in Kiev. A five-star hotel, for the Ukraine that is, the hotel has 289 "contemporary-styled" guest rooms and is located right in the heart of the city.

The hotel surprisingly has some modern amenities including WiFi access, satellite TV (one guest reports there are BBC channels), an electronic lock and lighting system and randomly, but good-to-know, the hotel's 6th floor is specially designed for non-smokers and allergy sufferers. The hotel also has a Fan Fest Sports Bar, open 24 hours a day with four plasma TV screens that show either Ukrainian and UEFA Champions League soccer, boxing, tennis, basketball, hockey and Formula-1 racing.

A more civilized way to take in the city sights? Dining at the hotel's 8th floor Empire restaurant, which has panoramic views of the city.

The only problem with this place to be seems the fact that single women better beware of crashing another lady's "game":

Warning for female business travellers - I was glad to be with a male colleague, but even then it was clear that I was perceived by the "ladies" and their pimp to be invading and having poached a potential punter, notwithstanding my wearing normal business clothing/far more than them. Unsavoury. Would not have wanted to be there alone. But for the prostitution, a lovely hotel, but then everything is relative and I'm not sure you can escape how blatant that is in Kiev.

This sounds just like the Mandalay Bay's prostitution counterpart except a little more vicious. We're guessing the Fan Fest Sports Bar and the hotel's Premier Casino is where they hang the most so females better avoid these places.

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