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Where Can You Use Your Smartphone to Open Your Hotel Room Door?

November 10, 2014 at 5:30 PM | by | ()

Thanks to smartphones, everything you want is literally in the palm of your hand. Need new boots? Order them from the Amazon.com app. Want to make a dinner reservation? Book one on OpenTable. Need a bad ass mix to work out to? Create one on Spotify. Miss your parents? FaceTime with them. (After you tell them how to get on the WiFi network and accept the incoming call, of course.) Can't find your hotel room key? Just wave your phone in front of the room door.

Yup, the future is practically here.

Starwood Hotels announced last week that 10 of their hotels would start allowing smartphones as room keys through the Starwood Preferred Guest app, with more Starwood hotels are expected to join the SPG Keyless tech initiative by the end of this year.

Right after that announcement, Hilton Worldwide said they will let members of their HHonors loyalty program start using mobile room keys in the spring at four Hilton brands-- Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts and Canopy by Hilton.

And Marriott International has been talking about their smartphone-as-a-key program for a while. Since you can already check-in and check-out via the Marriott app, using your phone as a room key is the next logical step. No doubt that program will come out soon.

We'll be keeping a running list of where you can use a smartphone to open the room, starting with the 10 Starwood hotels announced last week. Got another hotel we should add to the list? Let us know!

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HotelTonight Wants to Check You Into Your Hotel and Open The Room Door

June 26, 2014 at 9:13 AM | by | ()

HotelTonight, the mobile booking app last-minute travelers can't live without, announced some major news yesterday at Google's I/O conference. Like, major.

HotelTonight will soon let you check-in to your room from within the HotelTonight app as well as open your room door. Wow. Earlier this year, when we mentioned bonus points for hotels who adopted keyless entries, we had no idea it would come from a booking app like HotelTonight.

The two new features are simply called, "Express Check-In" and "Keyless Entry." They were demonstrated yesterday at the conference on an Android phone but the Express Check-In is being piloted on the iPhone app while Keyless Entry is working off Android.

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Boston's Newest Hotel Has The Amenities You Need at The Price You Want

Go To The Hotel's Web 
  Site Where: 54 Berkeley Street [map], Boston, MA, United States, 02116
May 13, 2013 at 10:16 AM | by | ()

Well, looky here! A new boutique hotel has opened on the sly in Boston.

The Chandler Studios, a block away from its sister hotel, The Chandler Inn Hotel in the South End neighborhood, is comprised of just 11 studios and a one-bedroom suite, all decorated in a mod fashion (white beds, red accent furniture) with a industrial undertones (the hotel is located in a 100-year-old brownstone.)

But what the hotel lacks in size, it makes up for with some serious technology and necessary amenities like a virtual check-in via keyless entry system, complimentary wired and wireless internet, flat-screen TVs, complimentary phone calls within the U.S., fully-equipped kitchenettes, coffee-maker, walk-in shower and a hair dryer.

Check in for the Chandler Studios actually happens at the Chandler Inn Hotel where guests are given entry codes to the Chandler Studios building and their guest room. There are no staffers on-site but the Chandler Inn Hotel staffers are available 24 hours a day. Also, the rooms include daily maid service. Essentially, it's like staying in an apartment building but it's operated by a hotel nearby.

Best of all, this ultra private stay won't cost you more. We found a studio room with a queen bed for just $259 a night. Want a king bed? The rate bumps up to $319.

[Photo: Chandler Studios]

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Stockholm's Clarion Hotel is Now Testing Keyless Hotel Rooms

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  Site Where: Ringvaegen 98, Stockholm, Sweden, 118 60
November 2, 2010 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

It seems as if Holiday Inn isn't the only hotel to begin testing keyless hotel rooms.

The Clarion Hotel in Stockholm has also started to replace hotel room keys with guests' mobile phones. But while Holiday Inn uses Open Ways technology, whose software guests download to their phones, the Clarion is using Near Field Communication technology so that guests can simply hold up their phone to the room door to open it.

The technology also lets guests check-in before arriving at the hotel and to check-out remotely. And the hotel hopes the keyless technology will actually help with guest saftey.

If a mobile phone is lost, the access credentials can be revoked remotely and then reissued. This makes it impossible for unauthorized people to use a lost or stolen NFC mobile phone.

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IHG's New Smartphone Check-In Eliminates the Need for a Keycard

May 24, 2010 at 3:17 PM | by | ()

Way back in 2006, before the advent of the iPhone, the Droid and whatever the latest model of the Blackberry is, Marriott Hotels announced they would be testing a smartphone check-in in which guests could not-so-simply check into a Marriott hotel provided they had the right type of smartphone and had already downloaded the Marriott hotel's software.

Well, in the year 2010, Intercontinental Hotel Group is now testing a smartphone check-in that will allow you to actually open your hotel room, thus eliminating the need for a keycard completely.

According to USA Today, IHG will test the high-tech check-in next month at two Holiday Inns--one in Chicago and one in Houston. You will still have to download the technology's software from Open Ways and will also have to register to be one of the testers. But once you have that down, the next time you check into your hotel simply hold your smartphone up to a sensor on the door and voila! You're in the room.

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