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Jennifer Lawrence Says She Would Be a 'Hotel Maid', if Not an Actress

December 20, 2013 at 10:34 AM | by | Comments (0)

We love Jennifer Lawrence. She's beautiful and she's talented but she's also funny and real. Girl totally speaks her mind, PR handlers be damned. Her post-Oscar win Q&A last year, where she admitted to taking a shot before the show and being a klutz in a fancy dress, won our hearts immediately. (Check out some of her other "real" moments here.)

So when she appeared on Conan O'Brien the other night she was just being her typical self, talking about how a hotel housekeeper found her stash of butt plugs once. NBD.

J-Law swears the butt plugs were a joke and she tried to shove them under the bed, but the housekeeper pulled them out and put them on display on the bedside table.

Funnily enough, the convo started when Conan asked her what she would be doing if she wasn't an actress and she said, "Hotel Maid" because she because "I love beds and bathroom and spraying and going through everybody's stuff," she said. Hmm…does she also like being forced to clean an entire hotel room in about 14 minutes? If so, then it might be the job for her! Here Jennifer, allow us to give you a quick tutorial on how to make a hotel bed, Ritz-Carlton style.

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Jennifer Lawrence Blows Off Oscar Steam (cough) At Hawaii Hotel

March 1, 2013 at 7:23 PM | by | Comments (0)

We try not to judge or debate legalities when it comes to weed use in the celebrity world, but damn if it hasn't seemed like a trend lately. You've got Justin Bieber photo'd puffing (but seemingly not passin'--duuuude), Rihanna being unapologetically blunted in various Instagram and Twitter feeds, and then there's Lil Wayne who doesn't GAF about anything except "Good Kush and alcohol". And these are just the new jacks. We won't even talk about Snoop Dogg Lion, Willie Nelson, and other celebs who celebrate Mary Jane like a Rick James track.

But what about this gal Jennifer Lawrence? The 22-year old gal who's been the darling of the screen lately, and especially the film awards circuit? She recently won an Academy Award, took a spill at the ceremony, and then days later, the picture above comes out of her drinking red wine and smoking a "hand-rolled cigarette" while relaxin' at a Hawaii hotel.

Naturally, everyone went batshit crazy with this info. HC? We just wanna know the hotel where this downtime took place. We stay in our proper gossipy lane! So, we got a bit nosey (that we don't apologize for) and went on the hunt for the location.

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