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Still Not Happening: Istanbul's Fantastical Underwater Hotel

Where: Underwater, Istanbul, Turkey
January 7, 2010 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

You know the feeling you get when you look at fantastical hotel models? You think: "wow wouldn't that be great! Too bad it'll never actually get built." Well, that's how we feel about the rumored Underwater Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, which—believe it or not—is due to open later this year.

YEAH RIGHT. Nevermind that we don't have a name for the hotel (the rumor is it's called "Poseidon"--snore!) and nevermind that the information about the place is the same stuff being circulated since early 2008; we would really like to sleep in a 7-star hotel underwater, so we want it to work out, damnit.

Yes, you heard that right—this baby is aiming to be a 7-star hotel, like Dubai's Burj Al-Arab, except that the Al-Arab is above the water's surface and this one won't be. It's being developed by Tanriverdi Holding, and the budget is a cool $500 million.

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