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Boston's Seaport Hotel Now Rolls Out New Look

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  Site Where: 1 Seaport Lane [map], Boston, MA, United States, 02210
April 29, 2014 at 7:12 PM | by | ()

An improved Seaport needs a prettier Seaport Hotel. Here it is.

Last week, we gave props to the virtues of the Seaport Hotel in Boston for their no tipping policy. Now we're giving them a (virtual) high-five for their new look, coming online soon.

The Seaport District sure has come a long way since the four-diamond Seaport Hotel opened as the neighborhood’s first hotel in 1998. Back then, the area was sort of a no-man’s-land: just tumbleweeds, grizzled fisher-folk unloading their traps of lobsters, and on occasion, lanyard-wearing convention attendees meandering through empty streets, like zombies in a post-apocalyptic science-fiction movie. (Okay, we’re being dramatic. But seriously, there was really nothing much to see.)

But now the Seaport is hot, filled with restaurants, bars, restaurants, and option for arts- and culture-based outings. (Did we mention restaurants?) To keep up, the Seaport Hotel has just completed a major modernizing renovation of its 428 guest rooms and newly expanded TAMO Restaurant & Bar. Above is what the new guest rooms look like.

Pretty! (Also, look how perfectly that flag is positioned. Photoshop magic, anyone?)

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