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Who Really Started This Kinky Madness in Hotel Rooms? Here's Who

February 16, 2015 at 5:15 PM | by | Comment (1)

It's time for a (romantic) walk down memory lane with a HotelChatter flashback!

Last week, we were embarrassed by certain hotels who had released eye-rolling, groan-inducing (not the good kind) 50 Shades of Grey-themed packages. To be clear, we weren't embarrassed because we're prudish people, but rather, the grab (again, not the good kind) for guests was obvious, uninspired, unsexy and just silly.

But a longtime reader reminded us that hotels were not always pushing serious sexytime in their packages or in their minibars. (Henry Blodget, this sexy history lesson is for you!)

Remember how daring it was when the Bryant Park Hotel in NYC partnered up with The Pleasure Chest in mid-2007? Guests could order their toys from The Pleasure Chest directly through the hotel by dialing zero on the room phone. Later, a discreet grey box would arrive in their room with the item or items the guests purchased. (Coincidentally, the Bryant Park Hotel first opened its doors on Valentine's Day in 2001.)

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