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Great Debate: Why Using Your Towel Only Once Kind of Makes Sense

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June 3, 2013 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

Whether you travel frequently or once a year, you've no doubt seen this sign in your hotel room. It was one of the first initiatives put forth by hotels in an attempt to save money conserve resources, giving guests a guilt trip when it comes to whether or not they reuse their towels.

Given the growing green movement and the passionate people behind it, this is typically a tough one to talk about over happy hour. But we have a confession: Sometimes, we like to use our towel just once, throw it on the ground, and ask for new towels in the morning.

Before you throw stones, hear us out - it's really not that absurd.

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Alec Baldwin Gets Creative With His Use Of Hotel Towels

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  Site Where: 540 Park Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States, 10065
June 20, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Hopefully for Alec, that towel didn't have linen tracking chips embedded inside it.

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin was strolling around lower Manhattan, high on life, fresh out of the NYC Marriage Bureau, where he retrieved a marriage license for his upcoming wedding to fiancee Hilaria Thomas. Sounds like a nice day to us. Until he got into an altercation with two Daily News photographers right outside the bureau, and ended up punching one smack in the chin.

Enter The Regency Hotel, which came to Alec's rescue later in the day, as he was making his way to yet another hotel to speak at an American Heart Association event—hopefully counseling them to act as he says, not as he does.

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Don't Worry, There's Still Time To Bid On A Used Towel From InterContinental Sydney

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  Site Where: Corner of Bridge and Phillip Streets , Sydney, Australia, 2000
April 30, 2012 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

Oh dear. It looks like the InterContinental Sydney is going to have to look into installing some of that linen tracking technology—though, in this particular scenario, it's not guests who are the culprits.

An individual who claims to work for the cleaning company that services the hotel has gotten his hands on a gym towel, used (he claims) by British boyband One Direction singer Zayn Malik. So he's done what any other self-respecting hotel cleaner would do after snagging something a teen idol has wiped his body with: put it up on eBay. And the best part? There's still another 8 days and 14 hours until this "once in a lifetime opportunity" comes to an end.

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Bad Guest, Whatcha Gonna Do When The Towel Tracker Comes For You?

April 13, 2011 at 12:47 PM | by | ()

Look at all those towels for the taking!

We freely admit to stealing hotel toiletries, stationery, pencils, pads and monogrammed slippers but we've yet to cop a towel or a pillowcase. Yet apparently, that's a big problem for hotels.

So big that there's a company, Linen Technology Tracking, hawking small, waterproof chips that can be implanted in hotels towels, bedsheets and robes to prevent guests from stealing them.

The New York Times reports that three hotels in Honolulu, Miami and Manhattan are using the chips. (But they wouldn't divulge their identities.) The Honolulu hotel has managed to reduce theft in their pool towels from 4,000 a month to just 750, which in turn saves the hotel cash in replacement costs.

But we aren't quite sure how these chips work.

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