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10 New Year's Resolutions We Wish Hotels Would Stick to in 2012

December 28, 2011 at 11:42 AM | by | ()

The New Year is practically upon us and once again, we are looking for ways to fix ourselves up in 2012 by making a lengthy list of New Year's resolutions. (#1. Attempt to stay in more hotels than last year, #2. Try not to purchase any more Selena Gomez songs, no matter how catchy they are).

But why should we be the only ones working on some self-improvements? Therefore, we thought we'd lend a helping hand to hotels by drafting a set of New Year's Hotel Resolutions. We know, we're too kind!

1. Working WiFi: That WiFi should be free is a given (see who has it free on our 2011 Hotel WiFi Chart) but this year, we've had numerous experiences with WiFi--sometimes free, sometimes pay-for--that just did not work very well, if at all. We know that many hotels will claim that maintaining a WiFi network is expensive, we get that, but no hotel would let their TV reception stay scrambled or let their minibar refrigerators stay broken, would they? To us, WiFi is just as important of an amenity as TVs and minibars. Probably more important.

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10 New Year's Resolutions We'd Like Hotels to Stick To in 2011

December 27, 2010 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

The New Year is practically upon us and while we are furiously scribbling our own list of New Year's Resolutions (#1. Take down the Justin Bieber poster, #2. Learn to interact with people IRL, not just on Twitter) we thought we'd lend a helping hand to hotels with their own list of New Year's Resolutions. We know, we're too kind!

10 Resolutions We'd Like Hotels To Stick To in 2011

Free hotel WiFi on our iPad (#hotelgeekwetdream)

1. Free WiFi: You know how we feel about free WiFi--it should be free in all hotels, not just the budget motels, and it should be working. There's nothing we hate more than booking a hotel because it has free WiFi, only to find out it doesn't work. (Ugh and don't even get us started on pay-for WiFi that doesn't work.)

2. Reasonable Rates: There's been a lot of talk lately about hotel rates creeping back up after the economic crash down of 2008/2009 but we're hoping that hotels can restrain themselves from overeager price-gouging. After all, we've been having so much fun staying in hotels the past two years because rates were so doable. Please don't take that away from us!

3. Clean Rooms: Because we're getting tired of finding dark hairs in the bathtub. Really.

Keep reading for more New Year's Resolutions for Hotels!

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