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The Surprise Guest in Your Hotel Room: How The Heck Did This Happen?

September 10, 2014 at 1:40 PM | by | Comments (2)

At least he's wearing underwear.

Our former front desk guy, Aditya Rajaram, has given valuable tips on effectively complaining to the front desk when something goes wrong. He's also shared what really happens behind the front desk. Now, he's giving us the lowdown on the most horrible offense a front desk can commit--assigning two different guests to the same room.

Hotel guests often think that the hotel's computer system are without error, but the truth is, not only can these systems malfunction, they can also fall victim to human error, typically by the front desk associate.

Hotel staff are trained to be very careful with the check-in process. This means checking the entire reservation screen to make sure we have the name/address and payment information right (and to write down the room number for the guest, not say it out loud.) Alas, mistakes are inevitably made and serious guest issues can arise.

The most serious offense made by a front desk associate is when two guests are checked into the same room. Below, I'll explain how this miscommunication could have happened and what the guest and the hotel should do when it does.

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Calling The Hotel Might Be 'Old School' But Better Deals Can Be Found

July 14, 2009 at 5:45 PM | by | Comments (0)

The other week we mentioned that in booking a stay at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, we found that the hotel's reservations line gave us a way better deal than both the hotel website and Expedia.

Over at VegasChatter, the same thing happened when they searched for last minute hotel rooms at The Bellagio. The hotel's reservations line was a bit cheaper than the hotel site and Expedia. And now, we're reading about a Twitterer who got a great deal the old school way.

Just called the hotel and got a pimp ass room for way cheaper than any of those deal websites were offering. Old school win!

It's not just random Twitterers that are finding deals this way. We've actually been hearing this a lot lately and it we're pretty sure every hotel reservation we make from here on out will be cross-checked with the hotel's own reservations line. Sure, it might be more work but a deal is a deal. What do you think? Let us know in comments here.

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Does Calling the Hotel Get You a Better Deal?

Go To The Hotel's Web 
  Site Where: 49-499 Eisenhower Drive [map], La Quinta, CA, United States, 92253
July 6, 2009 at 4:38 PM | by | Comments (0)

There's a very good chance that in the future, we may not be making our next hotel reservation online. Why's that? Because recently we were quoted a rate by a human reservations agent that was more than 50 percent off the hotel's online rate and a rate found on a third-party booking site. And there was no begging, pleading or threatening involved at all.

Let us walk you through a recent booking experience at the La Quinta Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, Calif. We decided we wanted to get out of LA for a while and spend our Fourth of July weekend at the desert resort. We also didn't want to just shack up in any old room at the place. You see, we got spoiled last year when we stayed in a Spa Villa suite which had a full kitchen, a couple of balconies and access to a semi-private pool.

The only problem was that when we checked online, the suite was going for about $475 a night, not including the daily $27 resort fee.

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