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Is Mr. Hotel the Hotel Fixer Soon to Be Featured on a Reality Show?

November 14, 2011 at 12:42 PM | by | ()

Is this the mysterious Hotel Fixer who will be at the center of a new hotel improvement reality show from Travel Channel?

We found a Twitter feed for one Mr. Hotel who wrote "Travel Channel bound!" on his bio. Alas, the last tweet Mr. Hotel sent to his followers happened nearly a year ago so unless he's been too busy traveling the country fixing up hotels, we doubt this is the man going head-to-head with Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell. Darnit, we thought we had something here!

Got any inside scoop on either the Hotel Fixer or Hotel Hell? Let us know!

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"First Class All the Way" Leaves Us With Nothing Nice to Say

November 4, 2008 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

Just when we thought that the cancellation of Do Not Disturb freed us from all hotel-related TV shows for the year, Bravo -- the network that brought us the memorably unmemorable Welcome to the Parker -- is taking a stab at a reality show about luxury travel and the obnoxious people on both sides of the front desk with the new series "First Class All the Way."

From what we can understand, this is another one of those "follow someone with an interesting life around with a camera" type of reality shows, complete with likely-scripted dramatic situations and unnecessarily strong personalities a la Flipping Out, Work Out and, yes, Welcome to the Parker. This time, the cameras and the drama follow Sara Duffy, founder of SRD International, a Los-Angeles based upscale travel concierge business.

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Marcia Brady, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson Team Up to Run "Outsider's Inn"

Where: TN, United States
August 11, 2008 at 11:40 AM | by | ()

We will attempt to present this with very little commentary, because really, what can we possibly say...

Carnie Wilson (She of the Weight Struggles and Wilson Phillips), Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) and Bobby Brown (of Whitney and Bobby) are teaming up to run a bed and breakfast together for a CMT show called "Outsider's Inn."

On the show, the characters "lease" a Tennessee hotel called Pigeon Manor. In the real-life-world, the property is actually called the Christopher Place Resort -- which Newsday tells us is not (and never was) for sale. The whole celebs-running-an-inn thing is kind of, you know, just for kicks and entertainment purposes... but we do not expect to be particularly entertained. Also, it's been scientifically proven that reality shows about hotels do not work.

The show premieres this Friday at 9:00 on CMT, and until then, CMT execs: we think you probably have enough time to squeeze in a quickie Tori and Dean: Inn Love marathon. Perhaps you will reconsider this whole thing.

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UK's "Hotel Inspector" Might Just Be a Reality TV Show About Hotels That's Actually Good

July 11, 2008 at 2:23 PM | by | ()

Why, oh why, do American networks rip off countless British reality TV shows like American Idol and The Baby Borrowers, but not what may just be the best British TV show since The Office?

Last night, Hotel Inspector kicked off its third season on U.K.'s Channel Five, and the Guardian's review of the premiere is enough to make us want to pony up for satellite TV.

The show is similar in format to Kitchen Nightmares, where Gordon Ramsay comes in and cleans up the shoddiness of various restaurateurs. Except instead of restaurants it's hotels and instead of Ramsay's screaming, we have Alex Polizzi, (niece of Sir Rocco Forte, of Rocco Forte Collection fame), who has "the manner of a 1940s head mistress," the Guardian says.

We don't know what's more disturbing: The fact that we can't find a clip of the show online or that the hotel Polizzi was assigned to fix up, The Castle of Brecon in Wales, had the same pubic hair in one room's soap dish a full month after her initial inspection.

Honestly, both facts make us writhe with ickiness.

[Photo: Five TV]

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Memo To Reality TV Producers: Shows About Hotels Just Don't Work

April 23, 2008 at 5:23 PM | by | ()

The just-ended first (and final, we hope) season of The Real Housewives of New York City was the latest reality TV show to feature a hotelier and/or a behind-the-scenes look at a hotel.

But if you look at some of the other reality shows about hotels and how they work or who's running them you will see a not-so-startling pattern: reality shows featuring hoteliers and hotels suck.

That may be a harsh statement but let us now present the evidence: Casino, Party @ the Palms With Jenny McCarthy, Inn Love, Welcome to the Parker and Real Housewives of New York City.

Keep on reading for more of the hard evidence.

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The Block: Expectations, Meet Reality

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  Site Where: 4143 Cedar Ave. [map], Lake Tahoe, CA, United States, 96150
February 8, 2007 at 3:02 PM | by | ()

As could be expected, we're heavy into The Block, the reality show/30-minute ad for the Tahoe snowboarder hotel on the G4 cable network. Now that we're a couple episodes deep, we feel like we've got a pretty good handle on how things work at the hotel.

After holding our breath for the first episode, we got pretty much what we expected. It looks like hiring a bunch of snowboarders who smoke pot on camera doesn't lead to the most efficient operation. However, The Block is a serious operation, so management bought these kids army jackets and tried to kick these kids into shape? Is it working? Well, the hotel is sold out almost every winter weekend. Furthermore the property has scored with its nicer, sponsored rooms, like the DVS room, Napster room and Vivid room--yep, that Vivid--these rooms are much nicer than some of the run-of-the-mill barracks-style hotel units. But what's it like to actually stay at this place?

A recent guest may have summed it up best:

There are the people who stayed here expecting the usual comforts of a hotel and were sadly disappointed, and then the people who were looking for a place to drink and party (regardless of age) after a day of snowboarding who loved it.

With guys like Petey working there (hmm, wonder if he even works there any longer...somehow we doubt it), this doesn't really surprise us. Rooms start at $79, but much nicer rooms start at $139.

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G4's The Block Hotel Reality Show Debuts

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  Site Where: 4143 Cedar Ave [map], South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States, 96150
January 16, 2007 at 12:35 PM | by | ()

Remember The Block Hotel? The hotel the snowboarding hotel where the staff was adverse to "ho's who talk to much", well they got their own reality show--shocker right? Thing is, we Tivo'd the series premiere and surprisingly, the Block is not only watchable, but it may well be the greatest show modern day television has ever seen.

Ok, that is over the top Trumpian hyperbole, however, The Block is, at the very least, a promising hotel version of The Restaurant, and we have been waiting for this very show since Brunett's fake-reality show The Casino bombed a couple years back.  Eventually, someone had to nail the made for reality tv drama of day to day hotel management, and it looks like G4 did it with The Block. How? The cast is a perfect mix of combustible personalities who run a snowboarding hotel in South Lake Tahoe.

From hotelier Liko S. Smith, an x-military man of some sort who actually said "what is your major malfunction" in the premiere, to green hotelie Michael, to the cute, barely coherent girl staffers these folks are totally worth watching.

Premiere episode highlights included:

·Maintenance man Jorge looking thoroughly disgusted with his new crop of workers.

·Petey comparing smoking weed to drinking coffee and explaining to a girl who told him to put his seat belt on "I can't cause I am holding a bong".

·Petey, a self proclaimed "born salesman", walks into a store that had just been burglarized the previous night, and right as the store owner is explaining what happened, Petey, always the salesman, says "anyway, we are having a party over at The Block". Michael K. Scott he is not.

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