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When a Novotel Costs More than The Peninsula, Something's Up

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  Site Where: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
July 1, 2014 at 8:26 AM | by | ()

It’s no secret Thailand’s tourism industry is suffering from the events of the past few months, with one of our last visits showing hotels noticeably quieter than we’re used to. One hotel seems to be doing fine though, thank you very much: the Novotel Bangkok Airport.

While we’ve appreciated its 24-hour flexi policy (meaning no matter the time you check in, you have your room for 24 hours), and have overlooked somewhat high rates for Bangkok in the past for both this and its convenience being next to Suvarnabhumi’s terminal, the hotel’s rates now really seem from a completely different city.

We recently paid around 7,000THB ($225) for a night in the hotel, booking well in advance, and saw rates creeping towards $250 and up later on – more than a room in town at hotels like the The Peninsula, the St. Regis, or Sofitel So.

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How We Found a Brand New Hotel Room In Manhattan for Under $200 a Night

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  Site Where: 538 W. 48th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10036
May 23, 2013 at 5:49 PM | by | ()

Read all about our stay right here

If you're looking to visit to Manhattan this summer, you're probably in disbelief over the room rates. We mentioned the truly outrageous ones last week ($700+ for a Sheraton) but we're also seeing some non-spectacular, chain hotels going for at least $300 a night. If you want to stay two or more nights, that's going to be at least $600, not including taxes or WiFi charges. And thanks to a recent court ruling, you can't even use AirBnB.com anymore to try and score a cheap room in the Big Apple.

While our 5 fave hotel booking sites can help us get the best deal, they can't lower the rates to the price point we like/need--which is about $200 a night, before taxes. But after some digging and throwing some caution to the wind, we found a room for just under $200 a night in mid-June at the just-opened Holiday Inn Express, Manhattan West Side.

Located at 48th and 10th Avenue, the hotel is firmly in the old Hell's Kitchen nabe but it's ideal for folks who have business or leisure plans in and around Times Square which is about four big blocks away. We've stayed in the area before, at Ink48 (which is sold out the nights we are visiting), and it's not the most exciting neighborhood in Manhattan but we're hardly going to be in our room at all. And besides, we didn't pick the hotel because of the neighborhood.

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Would You Pay $700 a Night (and Up) To Stay At These NYC Hotels?

May 14, 2013 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Summer is almost upon us, and along with all the regular seasonal delights (rooftop cocktails, long weekends in Cape Cod, ice creeeaaam), one thing we hate, hate, hate about summer in the city is the exorbitant hotel rates.

We've seen numbers climbing to $600, $650, and even $700/night for a standard room, and we feel someone needs to take a stand against such preposterousness. So that someone may as well be us.

At a glance, we found several hotels overstepping the line with $700+ rates on a weeknight in June. Sheraton Times Square must be really raking it in, as they claim their "lowest available rate" is $749/night. Meanwhile, less than three miles away, the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor is offering a room on the same night for $289. For the difference in price, we could treat ourselves to a steak dinner at Peter Luger's and still wind up saving money.

Our question is: considering that hotels can justify these kinds of rates because it's the summer season, would you pay $700/night to stay at a Sheraton? Or would you look elsewhere? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Rates For The Newly-Opened Delano Marrakech Are A Catch

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  Site Where: Angle Av. Echouhada et Rue des Temples , Marrakech, Morocco, 40000
September 24, 2012 at 9:21 AM | by | ()

Some very lucky people got to enjoy never-before-slept-in rooms at the Delano Marrakech this weekend, as the brand new 71-room hotel—and its four dining spaces, including Bon R, by Michelin-starred chef Michel Rostang—celebrated its official opening on Friday. As we reported last month, this was quite a quick turnaround for Morgans, who only announced the hotel as recently as June.

But then again, with openings in Vegas and Moscow to worry about, we kind of get why they kept things moving along at such a steady clip.

What we don't get—but are very, very happy about—is the new "special offer" Delano Marrakech is advertising on its website: for a limited time, guests can book a room at the swank hotel for just $197/night. That's a good chunk of savings right there that can go directly toward your plane ticket to Morocco (which will cost significantly more, in case you had any doubts).

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Finding A Cheap, One-Night Summer Stay In The Hamptons Isn't The Easiest Thing To Do

Where: Bridgehampton [map], Long Island, NY, United States
May 16, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()


Long Island is a big place. It's a place Manhattanites love to trash talk in the winter but can't wait to visit come summer. It's an endless stretch of land that sprouts from Queens, and its tip runs all the way out to eastern Connecticut. None of which should necessarily imply that finding a decent, cheap hotel there during the summer would be difficult. Except, it is.

For starters, most places require a two- or three-night minimum for any stay from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day, making a one-night getaway that much more difficult.

Plus, for whatever reason, most of the major hotel brands have completely overlooked Long Island as a viable place to establish a hotel. Add to that the fact that New Yorkers are planning freaks, so most have already booked their Hamptons hotel months (if not years) in advance, rendering the few decent hotels all sold out.

So, we ask, with good reason: where to turn?

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Guests Won't Be Bobbing Their Heads To The Sounds Of Hotel BPM 'Til August

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  Site Where: 139 33rd St [map], Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11232
May 15, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Bad news for anyone planning to complement their summer music festival-hopping NYC stay in July with a night or two at Brooklyn's much-hyped music-themed hotel, Hotel BPM: the place won't be opening until August 1.

We got the news via an e-blast from the hotel, who, amidst all the excitement about opening rates of just $139/night (the number corresponds to the hotel's less-hyped address at 139 33rd St, which, for anyone not familiar with Brooklyn, is pretty much as far from any "action" as August 1 is from the original projected opening date of July 2011, but we digress...) only casually mentions that guests won't actually be able to book stays for another two and a half months.

Simultaneously, they also manage to tease us with a new music-themed amenity offered to guests.

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Supposedly, Hotel Rooms In Dubai Aren't Getting Any Cheaper

May 7, 2012 at 10:14 AM | by | ()

We don't really like being the bearer of bad news, we'd much prefer turning hotel lemons into lemonade. So when we heard room rates in Dubai were skyrocketing, we thought to ourselves, 'Really? With all those hotels, there must be at least some deals to be found.'

At the start of 2012, rising room rates had reportedly placed Dubai on top of Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo and Paris in terms of occupancy levels. AMEinfo reported that the hotel room count actually increased by almost 20,000 rooms between 2008 and 2012.

But we thought we'd take a quick look at what rooms are happening right now, and how much they're happening for.

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Hotel Rates In NYC That Are Making Us Smile Right Now

February 14, 2012 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

On Friday, we shared a deal we found for a hotel room in NYC going for the very reasonable rate of $115/night on Quikbook. Now, we get that this is still winter and all—aka the slow period for hotels—but that post made us stop and think to ourselves, 'Surely there are other ways to enjoy NYC without breaking the bank on a hotel room?'

And indeed, when you're willing to get a little creative, there are.

Start with Manhattan's flophouse-turned-chic-hotel, the Bowery House. Rates here start as low as $49/night for bunks and $59/night for cabins, though honestly, you may as well bite the bullet and go for one of the cabins. You'll forget all about that $10 difference once you end up with one of those cute cubbyhole rooms all to yourself!

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Omni Dallas: It's Definitely Opening, And It's Definitely Got An Infinity Pool

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  Site Where: 555 S. Lamar Dallas, Texas [map], Dallas, TX, United States, 75202
October 21, 2011 at 6:31 PM | by | ()

Omni Dallas, which is set to open on 11/11/11, will include an infinity pool

Whoever said 11/11/11 would mark a pivotal world-changing event must have been cc'd on development memos issued from Omni Hotels' corporate office. That is to say, Omni's latest creation, Omni Dallas, a 1,001-room convention hotel on South Lamar St, will be opening on the portentous date—and with $111 rates, no less.

As part of the "Definitely Dallas" package (this name is putting dirty thoughts into our head), guests who book rooms through December 30, 2011 will receive $111 deluxe guest rooms. Inside the rooms, you'll find a 111-inch flat-screen TV; and on top of the beds, you'll rest your head on 111 pillows. And in the bathroom....OK, we're just kidding. In fact, the bathrooms do come with mirror TVs (which we remain undecided over), and the rooms all feature pieces by local artists.

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Start Planning That Staycation: European Hotel Rates 'Soar' to Ridiculous Highs

September 22, 2011 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

A hotel room high in the sky with a price to match too!

As if the weak dollar to euro/dollar to pound exchange rate wasn't enough to deter you from booking that trip to Europe, a recent surge in hotel prices provides yet another reason to plan a staycation this year.

According to a report in the U.K.'s The Independent, European hotel rates are reaching ridiculous highs, jumping "19 percent since last month," with popular destinations seeing the biggest increases of all. Per a survey by Trivago:

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Rates Get Low at These 5 Brooklyn Hotels

June 10, 2011 at 1:14 PM | by | ()

There's been a lot of action on the Brooklyn hotel opening front as of late, but right now, only one of those new properties is actually open (see below).

Here's a look at the options for independent budget hotels in the Brooklyn area that you can book right this instant. All of them, except for Nu Hotel, have availability for the July 4th weekend, which, lest we forget, rapidly approaches.

Selecting one random one-night date, July 21, we plugged it in for all the properties to see what they had to offer.

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London Room Rates Are Up, But Good News For the Weekend

April 26, 2010 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Now that the volcanic ash incident is nearly over, things are getting back to normal in the UK. Perhaps, too normal for our liking.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a stonking deal for a London hotel, and now it’s just been announced that the first quarter of 2010 has seen room rates rise by nearly 5 percent. Damn the end of the recession!

The average room in the capital will now set you back £123 (£188). RevPAR (revenue per available room) has more than doubled in the past three months, and occupancy rates are up by 5.4 percent. Good for hotels, bad for us.

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