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A Time When The Carlyle Offered 'Transient and Residential Accommodations'

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January 3, 2012 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

The Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan is one of our favorite "old luxury" hotels and today we stumbled upon something from its heyday--a postcard. You know, the kind that hotels used to stash in the desks so that you could send your friends smarmy "Wish You Were Here" notes?

Sure, lots of hotels are still doing the postcard and stationary thing--probably even the Carlyle still--but in these green days where hotels are eliminating paper waste at every turn (even check-in and check-out!), hotel postcards are a dying breed.

And we're pretty sure that today's modern postcards don't say things like, "Transient and Residential Accommodations" and "Telex" numbers. (For the record, the Carlyle still takes transients, aka hotel guests, and very well-to-do folks still live there.)

Also missing? A website address. These days, that's how you know something is retro.

Click "MORE" to see the back of the Carlyle's old-timey postcard!

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