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All That Glitters is Not Gold, But Crystal at Baccarat New York

July 17, 2015 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

Things we were expecting to see when we attended The Baccarat Hotel New York's opening party the other night (on Bastille Day, no less)--opulence, thousands of Baccarat crystal pieces, oversized bouquets of red roses, smartly-dressed staffers and Barry Sternlicht, the man who envisioned a hotel experience based on a 251-year-old French crystal brand and subsequently brought it to life.

Things we were not expecting to see--Martha Stewart and Rosario Dawson amidst nearly 500 party-goers, an endless parade of colored Baccarat glasses filled with Ruinart champagne, the most stunning front desk ever, the sky high vaulted ceiling of Le Bar, and this gorgeous indoor pool adjacent to the hotel's Spa de La Mer (the first of its kind for the French skincare brand.)

All of it incredibly gorgeous, if a bit over the top. But unnecessary opulence aside, this editor joined fellow HotelChatter contributor DesignMinder in being completely under the Baccarat spell for a few hours. That may have been a side effect of all the bubbles, yet even looking at these pictures a few days later, I'm still mesmerized.

And it's all because of the crystal.

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Upstairs Downstairs at The New York Edition

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  Site Where: 5 Madison Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States, 10010
May 14, 2015 at 4:37 PM | by | ()

Are you ready to enter the Naughty Zone?

Revelers from the fashion, art, design, acting and even hospitality world were some of the first to experience the social scene at the New York Edition during the hotel's opening party on Tuesday night. While earlier in the evening W Magazine took over the three dining rooms that comprise the Clocktower Restaurant from chef Jason Atherton, by the time the clock struck 10pm, invited partygoers were free to roam between the restaurant, the billiards room, the upstairs bar and the lobby and lobby bar downstairs.

Despite the crowds (the upstairs bar was a shoulder to shoulder situation) and the celebrities (Rosario Dawson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Chrissy Teigen, Alexa Chung and Q-Tip as the DJ, to name a few), the party was simple, good-old fashioned fun. There were even reports of people were dancing on the purple-felted billiards table. #NotUs #Promise

The day after the party, which wrapped up sometime around 4am, Edition hotelier Ian Schrager arrived to "inspect the damage" which to a guest's eyes seemed nonexistent, but Schrager had some concerns about the lobby furniture. He also turned a lobby lamp around to face in his preferred direction.

Yet overall, Schrager was extremely happy with the turnout calling it a quintessential New York party, with a type of party electricity he hasn't felt with other Edition hotels. "I can't define it. I just know when it's there," Schrager said. "There was excitement and that's the part I enjoy." From the man who created Studio 54, one of the most iconic nightclubs in history, we'd take his word for it.

So now, let's take a look at what had people so excited about the Edition the other night.

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Delano Las Vegas Put on a Magic! Show for Its Grand Opening

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September 19, 2014 at 10:21 PM | by | ()

South Beach meets the desert...Delano style.

The Delano Las Vegas may have technically opened to guests over Labor Day Weekend but the desert outpost of the Delano South Beach made it official last night with a grand opening party that was hosted by model/actress Jaime King and included South Beach-inspired cocktails and appetizers, a Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show from designer Charlotte Ronson, and a small acoustic set from the Toronto-based reggae band, Magic!

You've probably never heard of this band before but you haven't gone anywhere without hearing their hit song, "Rude." (Come on, sing it--"Why ya gotta be so ruuuude? Don't you know I'm human too?")

The opening party was actually a trial event of sorts for the Delano as the hotel hopes to put on more exclusive shindigs and events like this in the future. While the hotel's bars and restaurants--Franklin, Della's, Mix and 3940 Coffee +Tea--are open to the public, folks who book the all-suite rooms at the hotel will have priority access to these events. Rates for the rooms start at $599 on the weekends and around $150 during the week.

Stay tuned next week for more from inside The Delano! In the meantime, peep a room below and head on over to VegasChatter for more info!

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So Long Sahara: The SLS Las Vegas Grand Opening Is Here

August 22, 2014 at 1:24 PM | by | ()

Something lovely starts today.

SLS Las Vegas has officially completed its $400 million renovation of the iconic Sahara casino and will be opening their doors at midnight tonight to excited and skeptical guests alike.

Currently, we're in the "excited" group because it's been a hell of a ride to watch SLS grow from one boutique hotel in Los Angeles to a full-fledged casino resort in Las Vegas, with a property in South Beach opening along the way, and several more to come.

We toured the SLS back in May and even though the rooms were not ready and the casino floor was just beginning to get its finishing touches, we could envision the sort of fun playground it will be, with big names and brands installed at the restaurants, nightclubs and retail that surround the casino floor.

Yet aside from a few touches that honor the old Sahara resort, made famous by the Rat Pack, the SLS has done away with anything old and replaced it with everything new. Folks still clinging onto memories of the Sahara may enter SLS with skepticism (or perhaps, it's bitterness) but we'll go in excited--you know how we love new things--and hopefully, we'll come out excited too.

Below are our on-the-scene observations. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for some other live coverage. For even more dedicated coverage on the SLS Las Vegas, head on over to VegasChatter's own live blog.

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SLS Las Vegas Will Be Getting 'Fancy' for Their Grand Opening Party on Friday

Where: 2535 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], Las Vegas, NV, United States, 89109
August 20, 2014 at 4:31 PM | by | ()


We've been counting down the days until the opening of the SLS Las Vegas since, well, the last opening party that SLS had in South Beach nearly two years ago.

Yet the humble bell-ringing ceremony that we witnessed at the opening of the very first SLS Hotel in Los Angeles, at the start of a recession, has given way to a bacchanal celebration fit only for a town like Vegas.

SLS has cultivated "a guest list of over 3,000 VIPs, celebs, political figures, media and influencers" who will experience the jaw-dropping $400 million overhaul of the former Sahara casino this Friday night. The invited will sample gourmet cuisine, sip on specialty libations and scope out the guest rooms. Some folks may even decide to gamble!

Capping it all off will be a performance from Iggy Azalea, the hit maker of the summer, thanks to her song, "Fancy." Iggy Igz will perform at The Foxtail Pool stage with a special featured guest. Please dear God/Sam Nazarian, we hope it's Rita Ora.

The special grand opening concert is being put on in partnership with Pepsi. SBE, SLS Hotels parent company, hinted at future headliner events such as this, saying:

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The SLS Opening Bell Gets Rung in South Beach

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June 27, 2012 at 10:27 AM | by | ()

A few years ago when the very first SLS Hotel opened in Los Angeles, we were on hand to witness the opening festivities which included speeches from hotelier Sam Nazarian and the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, and the ringing of an SLS bell.

Well, yesterday, the bell traveled down to Miami where it was rung during the SLS South Beach's opening party.

A tipster sent us this up close and personal shot of the bell but you can see some more photos from the ribbon cutting ceremony (Chef Jose Andres stepped up to the mic!) on the hotel's Facebook page.

Interested in seeing the hotel in person for yourself? As we rounded up in our Hotel Deals yesterday, there's a going rate of about $235 a night on Jetsetter ($299 on the weekends in July.) Or you can peruse through our plentiful SLS photos if you'd rather explore the hotel virtually.

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A Look at The 100 Performances Last Night Inside The Yotel Times Square

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June 15, 2011 at 12:59 PM | by | ()

If Yotel Times Square is setting the tone for a new culture of hospitality entertainment, then we're very excited to see what else it's got up its yo-sleeves. Last night, the purple giant hosted a series of one hundred performances that all took place inside one hundred different rooms of the hotel's top four floors. Kind of like a cross between a haunted house and a peep show (this is Times Square after all!), everyone was encouraged to step inside the rooms and explore, but no one ever quite knew what to expect.

Here's how it worked: guests were issued a "mission card" upon arrival and assigned a "festival captain" who, at the scheduled time, would lead the groups of 10-15 lucky souls to the ongoing carnival taking place upstairs. The plan was for each group to be shepherded along as a consolidated unit, but the reality was much more difficult to control. Once unleashed into the madness, all sense of order truly vanished.

Have you ever walked down the hallway of a hotel whose rooms have all been left completely open? Probably not, which is why things got a little exciting last night. Each of the one hundred marked doors continually led into some new configuration of half-clothed, keyboard-wielding, tarot-card-shuffling, beat-boxing, and—yes—pillow-fighting, umm....creative types.

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Lovely Celebrity Lady Lumps Were On Display at Waikiki Edition This Weekend

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October 18, 2010 at 8:25 AM | by | ()

Here's a big sign that the new Waikiki Edition Hotel which officially opened on Friday is going to be different from its sister Marriott Hotel brands--celebrities! And sexy lady ones too.

On hand for the opening weekend were newly single Christina Aguilera, The City's Whitney Port, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 90210 and Vanessa Hudgens who was snapped doing all sorts of things at the hotel from lounging on daybeds by the pool to strolling around the hotel and even, placing a food order. Whitney Port also made very good use of the hotel's pool daybeds with her boyfriend and a couple of friends. Later, Whit and her man took a stroll near along the beach.

If all these pics of young PYTs in bikinis has you a little concerned about your own physique, the hotel actually offers a Surf and Bikini Boot Camp where specialized trainers "provide fitness programs and surfing exercises to get you to your best bikini or surfer body."

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Guess the Hotel's Opening Day Revelry

January 11, 2010 at 1:27 PM | by | ()

You'll never guess where we are right now. Okay—maybe you will, if you've got sharp eyes and maybe have been longing for this place to open for a hot second, like we have. Also, if you follow us on Twitter this should be an easy one for you.

We are enjoying this new hotel so much that we just couldn't continue without slipping you a little preview. Now see if you can guess the hot hotel:

· It opens TODAY! But rooms really aren't available to the general public until Jan. 18th.
· The hotel is a new brand for New York City; who woulda thought anything could be new to this city anymore?
· The interior design is very sexy, very swank, and very downtown. It's money, if you know what we mean.
· Expect free WiFi, a show kitchen in the hotel restaurant like this one above, and very unique guestroom closets.

Was that easy enough for you? Drop your guesses into the comments and stay tuned for the full reveal first thing tomorrow.