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What Would a Merged Fairmont and Four Seasons Look Like?

April 8, 2014 at 5:43 PM | by | ()

It's taken us about a week but we're slowly getting used to the idea of Four Seasons Hotels merging with Fairmont Hotels (and Raffles and Swissotels.)

Given that both companies share a common investor--Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal--a merger isn't that surprising. Indeed, whispers on the inside of one of the tony hotel brands is that the merger is likely, although still nothing's been confirmed.

But when it does happen, we're extremely curious about how it will happen. Our source says the two companies will operate separately but does that ever really go as planned in a merger?

And what about the guest experience? We're guessing that stays separate too since Fairmont and Four Seasons have some wildly different properties (and not so wildly different ones.) But will Four Seasons guests have access to the Fairmont loyalty program and vice versa? (FS doesn't have a loyalty program per se but they do have an "By Invitation" program that gives regular, loyal guests some perks.)

So many questions and so little answers. If you've heard some "chatter" on this possible luxury union,let us know!

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Could Fairmont and Four Seasons Hotels Be Joining Forces? (Magic 8 Ball Answer Says: Most Likely)

April 1, 2014 at 5:08 PM | by | ()

No, this is not a joke but the rumors of a merger are definitely not confirmed. Yet a source tells us the process is in the works and the merger could be revealed later this year with both companies operating independently of each other.

Two of the top names in luxury (three if you count Raffles) merging together? Why, we're just going to need a moment here.

There is a big part of us that is still hoping this is just an April Fool's Day joke but the reality is that the possibility of Four Seasons Hotels and Fairmont Raffles Hotels International (which also includes Swissotels) merging together is more likely than we thought.

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JT Hospitality Has a Website (So We're Guessing The Name Sticks)

January 4, 2012 at 3:35 PM | by | ()

UPDATE, 1.5.12: We just heard that the JT Hospitality name is still a "provisional" name. Yippee! The official name is going to be revealed sometime in Q1. We'll let you know as soon as we hear!

We were utterly surprised by the out-of-left-field merger back in October between sleek boutique brand, Thompson Hotels and the fun, Golden State-loving hotels of Joie de Vivre.

It seemed like such an odd-pairing but when you broke down the dynamics (Thompson has the style; JDV has the money), it made sense.

Yet while we were hoping for a sophisticated name change, we stumbled across the website for JTHospitality.com, leading us to believe that the JT Hospitality name is sticking around.

There's not much to the website--just a few shots of glam hotel rooftop spaces, info about the merger and who to contact for development opportunities (that would be Mr. Brandman.)

We also found a Facebook page for JT Hospitality although there's not much there. Ditto for the Twitter feed. But we are loving that earthy profile pic on Facebook.

We're guessing more information will be forthcoming when the hotels do their official rebranding/merger announcement, which should be any day now.

Know of any cool things happening with JT Hospitality? Send it to us!