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Josh Flagg's Killer View in Costa Rica at (Where Else?) The Four Seasons

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  Site Where: Papagayo Peninsula, Papagayo, Costa Rica
September 12, 2011 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

The other week, we dropped in some killer views from Las Vegas. This week, our own Eloise, Josh Flagg drops in one of his favorite killer views from, where else?, a Four Seasons hotel. This time he left the wilds of Beverly Hills and roughed it in Costa Rica. But you know, not too rough.

Now maybe I am overly fascinated by this, but at my recent stay in the Four Seasons Costa Rica, two things caught my attention. The first was that every floor had a washing and drying machine for hotel guests. Instead of waiting all day to have the hotel do your laundry for you (at $80 for a pair of underwear, mind you), you can walk to steps down the hall and just throw your things in the washing machine.

I have never seen this before in a luxury hotel and I must say, I loved being able to throw my socks and underwear in and have them clean before dinner.

The second thing I loved about this Four Seasons was that I could sleep on my terrace or shall I say, my outdoor room.

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What We Have All Been Wondering About Folks Stranded in Hotels Because of the Storm

December 29, 2010 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

The snow storm is continuing to wreak havoc on travelers' plans and while some folks were stuck for hours on an airplane, some were stuck in an airport and others were stuck on a subway, we can't forget about those who are stuck in hotels because their flights keep getting cancelled. Why, in fact, one of our own is still stuck in Vegas!

Of course, we'd prefer to be stuck in a hotel versus a plane but there are some downsides to hotel stranding too. For starters, you're paying money to stay somewhere each night when you'd rather be at home in your own bed. You're also incurring more costs for meals and services like WiFi. And lastly, you're stuck with the same set of clothes day-in and day-out. Specifically, we're talking about your underwear supply.

@AskMrMickey, editorial director of Paper Magazine, is one such traveler who ponders what should be done about this:

Biggest problem about being stranded in ATL. No enough clean underpants! Hotel laundry or Macy's? Hmmmmm. Maybe both.

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