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Hotel Majestic BarriŤre in Cannes is Far From Majestic These Days

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May 14, 2014 at 1:49 PM | by | Comments (2)

It's time for another Hotel Rant! Today, a reader tells us about a horribly disappointing stay in Cannes. More like can't. Har har. Got a hotel rant you want to share? Let us know!

Today all eyes are on the opening of the 67th edition of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera. And where better to stay than right across the road at the five-star Cannes Majestic BarriŤre Hotel whose rooms have an unobstructed view of the red carpeted stairs so many have dreamed of ascending?

Thatís what we thought too, until we actually stayed at the hotel and witnessed how its low standards are making an utter mockery of the luxury hotel industry.

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A Sign of The Times: The Hotel Carter May Finally Get Cleaned Up

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April 10, 2014 at 5:42 PM | by | Comments (0)

As long as it's still operating under this name, The Hotel Carter in Times Square will never be able to shake its reputation as The Dirtiest Hotel in The World, a dishonor bestowed on the hotel in 2008 by TripAdvisor. Yet we had heard horror stories from the Hotel Carter for a few years before that.

Put it this way, a "good" review from 2005 went like this: "Didn't Get Killed Mugged or Infected."

But now, The Carter might get a new life. The WSJ says the building is on the market and several buyers have been interested. As soon as next week a new owner could be announced. Which has us wondering, what hotel brand could be put in? Well, the way the hospitality market has been going in NYC and especially near Times Square, the possibilities are probably endless.

That said, the Carter is going to need to be closed and renovated. An analyst told the WSJ that at least $125 million was needed to bring it up to a 3-star level. Yowza.

If you want to stay at one of the last shitholes semi-affordable hotels in Times Square, the Carter is currently going for $209 (#thatsnotok) for a double room on Sunday night.

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Surprise in Sochi: Journalists Find Their Hotel Rooms Still Under Construction, Take to Twitter

February 5, 2014 at 12:49 PM | by | Comments (0)

Well, while we certainly feel for them having had our fair share of bad experiences, this is definitely a case of "it's funny because it's not us."

Media covering the Winter Games landed in Sochi this week to find that their rooms weren't ready for check in. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with delayed room turnover. No -- the rooms really weren't ready, as in still under construction.

Social media is dangerous enough when it comes to the everyday person, let alone when a group of American media encounter a problem. Tweets from reporters, some hilarious and some sad, have been the talk of the town as they attempt to settle in before the opening ceremonies on Thursday. We've embedded a few of them below for your reading pleasure, and it won't take you long to find others from various news outlets via a quick Google search. And of course, Twitter itself.

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The Beverly Hilton Quickly Recovers from Golden Globes Red Carpet Disaster

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January 13, 2014 at 9:01 AM | by | Comments (0)

Just hours before the Golden Globes red carpet walk was to start at the Beverly Hilton, a sprinkler malfunctioned raining down not just water, but according to witnesses, some smelly black sewage as well. Billy Bush tweeted this about the incident:

The hotel was quick to call the fire department and clean up the mess. They also released an official statement about the leak on Facebook which stated that it was a sprinkler malfunction. There was no mention of sewage and the carpet received "one last wash before it opened" for all the celebs. Cue new tweet from Billy Bush:

Indeed, nothing seemed amassed when the red carpet walk started:

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Worst Hotel Hell: A Rat In The Room

December 30, 2013 at 12:02 PM | by | Comment (1)

It's that time of year again: the 2013 HotelChatter Awards! Today and tomorrow, we'll be showcasing the best (and worst) of hotels over the past year. But we couldn't do it without you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot us an email. And the Award goes to...

Really, if you've found any of the 13 things of this list in your hotel room this year, then they could be a contender for the Worst Hotel Hell award. Yet, we forgot to add "Vermin" to that list. More specifically, "Vermin who chew through your take-out box while you are sleeping." So when a reader submitted this story to us recently, we knew right away this was the winner.

Here's how it went down. The HC reader checked into a new hotel in NYC this past fall and went out to dinner. He took some food to-go, kept it on the dresser in his hotel room and awoke to this scene the next morning. In his own words, he wrote us:

Here is take out container from Cookshop the night before. Found it in the morning with a little hole in the container with shredded bits. Sadly no picture of the mouse. Saw this, packed up and left right away. Hoping that no rat poop in my open luggage set beside the table. Will have to check later.


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Now, This is Definitely a Hotel to Avoid

Where: Germany
December 9, 2013 at 12:45 PM | by | Comments (0)

Over the weekend, some new information came to light about a suspect in a case of cannibalism in Germany. Aside from being a police officer (a handwriting analyst, actually), he also engaged in online cannibalism fantasy forums and is supsected of murdering a victim who he met online. He then allegedly buried the body in his backyard and pieces of the body have yet to be found, leading police there to believe...well, you know what they're thinking.

But most frightening of all, he ran a bed and breakfast out of his home.

The website has been taken down but ABC News reports that Pension Gimmlitzal boasted of a "generous outside area, surrounded by woods, which is ideal for an evening of grilling." Oy. On the plus side, rooms were only 13 Euros a night and included breakfast. Eeeee.

[Photo via AP]

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This Is Kind Of Your Worst Nightmare: A Rat in Your Hotel Room

October 28, 2013 at 5:41 PM | by | Comments (0)

Earlier this month, we wrote about 13 Things You Wish Didn't Happen in Hotel Rooms and now just in time for Halloween, here comes another hotel gross-out: a rat found its way into a guest room and chewed a hole in a take-out box.

A terrified NYC hotel guest sent us this picture, saying:

Here is take out container from Cookshop the night before. Found it in the morning with a little hole in the container with shredded bits. Sadly no picture of the mouse. Saw this, packed up and left right away. Hoping that no rat poop in my open luggage set beside the table. Will have to check later.

The guest alternated between telling us it was a rat and a mouse. But given that NYC has a rat problem, we're gonna go with that.

We're working on confirming the authenticity of this story, just in case this isn't some creepy Halloween prank but until then, stay safe in your hotel rooms. Perhaps, don't leave any food out overnight.

[Photo: HC tipster]

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You May Want to Avoid This 'Hotel' in San Francisco

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  Site Where: 310 Columbus Ave [map], San Francisco, CA, United States
October 25, 2013 at 3:32 PM | by | Comments (0)

When folks ask us to recommend a hotel in San Francisco, there are so many options to give them as San Fran has a crazy diverse hotel scene--from fancy luxury (St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental) to cool boutique (Vitale), or just plain friendly and happy (any Kimpton or Joie de Vivre Hotel) but here's one hotel you should seriously avoid--The Europa Hotel.

SFist has combed through some of the online reviews from TripAdvisor and Yelp for the hotel where rooms are incredibly cheap (about $36 a night) but often come with baggies of drugs, bed bugs, cigarette butts, sheet stains and the smell of urine and feces. (That's the official picture above from the hotel. You should see the ones posted by travelers on TripAdvisor.)

We didn't have the stomach to read through all the reviews as the first two literally turned our stomach but we did enjoy this line from SFist:

Curiously, on Google Plus, we'd like to point out that the hotel has 3.5 stars, because why? No one uses Google Plus.

And other hotels to avoid in San Francisco? Let us know in comments below.

[Photo: Europa Hotel]

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13 Things You Wish Didnít Happen in Hotel Rooms (But They Do)

October 1, 2013 at 10:04 AM | by | Comments (3)

It's not always fresh towels, room service and chocolates on the pillows at hotels. No, there's a darker side of hotels you don't want to think about when you hand over your credit card at the front desk. But in the spirit of all things spooky this month, here's our list of 13 Things You Wish Didnít Happen in Hotel Rooms (But They Do) .

1. Sex: No surprise here. People have been trysting in hotel rooms since hotels were invented. Business men, business women, politicians, actors, athletes, marrieds, not marrieds, married but not to each other, prostitutes, gigolos, gay, straight, bondage enthusiasts, bronies, furries, plushies. Really, everyone is having sex in hotel rooms. Everyone. Oh and let's not forget about sex with yourself. That's what all those on-demand movies are for. The best you can hope for is that housekeeping manages to clean up anything, um, left behind.

2. Drugs: Not only are people taking booze from the minibar but they are also smoking, snorting and yes, even shooting drugs all over the hotel room. Heck, some people even use hotel rooms as meth labs. And it doesnít matter the class of hotel. We wouldnít be surprised to hear that more people do heroin in a luxury hotel where rooms cost $600 a night rather than a motel by the highway.

3. Guns: You often hear of passengers getting stopped at TSA for attempting to bring guns on board but there arenít any metal detectors in hotels (that we know of anyways) so guests and their visitors are free to roam the lobby and the hallways carrying their firearms, unbeknownst to the rest of us. And as we learned from Walter White in season 4 of Breaking Bad, black market gun dealers sometimes make their transactions in hotel rooms. For ďdefenseĒ purpose. Right.

4. Smoking: We understand that some folks need to light up and donít want to have to go all the way downstairs to do it. But please, keep the smoking to a smoking room. Thereís nothing worse than walking into a supposedly non-smoking room that smells as if someone has been chain-smoking in there for a month.

5. Murder: Itís bad enough when someone kicks the bucket in a hotel room due to natural causes, but itís way worse when someone is stabbed, shot or suffocated in a hotel room. Sadly, this happens regularly at hotels. We just hope whichever unfortunate hotel employee who found the body got some extra vacation time and a nice bonus.

Still brave enough to plow through the rest of the list? Keep reading after the jump. It gets better. Ok, not really.

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Forget Hotel Hell, Welcome to Hotel Nightmares

August 30, 2013 at 11:34 AM | by | Comment (1)

We've seen our share of hotel hell in the past decade here at HotelChatter. Through our own hotel stays, and from reader-submitted hells, we've seen hairs in the tub, poop in the sink, condoms under the bed, and far too many suspicious stains on the bedspreads.

But in general, we like to focus on the positive side of hotel stays--killer views, pillow menus, room service treats, cool hotel tech and other thrilling amenities. After all, if we just chronicled the underbelly of hotels, we wouldn't have lasted this long. We'd be writing about vacation rentals instead.

Enter HotelNightmares.com, a new site that chronicles the filth and foulness found in hotel rooms such as "treats" under the bed, floor puke, seat plasma and curtain blood.

But the site is not just chronicling stains on the furniture. It's also posting photos of "free crack", odd modeling conferences and lobby debris.

So who are these people traveling around and then posting photos of the worst part of their hotel stay? Flight attendants, actually.

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Happy Monday. Here Are 8 Things That Annoy Us About Hotels

July 29, 2013 at 5:43 PM | by | Comments (4)

It's Monday, a perfect day to get our latest batch of hotel rants out of our system. While we talk regularly of things in hotels that annoy us like resort fees, WiFi charges, fugly carpeting, anti-views and dirty rooms, here are some random odds and ends in hotels that have us exasperated. We know, we know, this is #firstworldproblems all the way. But we suspect you have a few of your own to contribute. So get ranting in comments below!

1. When the shampoo and conditioner toiletries are placed on the sink, instead of in the shower. So we have to step out of the shower, soaking wet and slipping on the floor, grab the bottles and hop back in the shower (or tub.)

2. Phones with short cords. We're not even sure why a hotel room has a phone with cords anymore these days but even worse is when the cord is super short so that the entire thing falls to the ground if you pick up the phone while standing up. Ouch!

3. No full-length mirrors. If college kids can buy $10 mirrors to put on the back of their dorm room doors, hotels can find a way to work in a full-length mirror somewhere.

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Oh No They Didn't...Leave the Room Like That

July 18, 2013 at 2:30 PM | by | Comments (2)

This is the scene that greeted a recent guest at Harrah's in Las Vegas. Yes, a remote control casually thrown onto the bed and pillows slightly askew. You can read about the rest of the drama for this one unlucky guest over at VegasChatter but this isn't the first time we've encountered a sloppily made guestroom.

There's nothing worse than checking into your hotel--especially late at night and after a long flight--only to find your room looks a little, well, lived in. Eee. We had this happen recently at the Holiday Inn Express Manhattan West Side. Here's how the bed looked when we entered the room.

Not what we want to see after a cross-country flight. Not at all. We've heard other stories of guests to walk into their rooms and find dirty bathrooms, open pizza boxes on the beds, condom wrappers on the floor and other horrors. We ultimately switched to an entirely new hotel. We managed to overlook the bed but not the dirty shower and the loud construction noise.

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