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At Sunset, Sip on Cocktails on The Helipad at qualia Great Barrier Reef

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  Site Where: Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia
May 15, 2014 at 10:04 AM | by | ()

Once you’ve made it past the gates at Hamilton Island’s qualia, there is lots to explore, but one of the first things we did was head down to the helipad. While we arrived at the hotel through more traditional means (i.e. a transfer from the island’s cute airport), you’ll find this more high-flying option at the water’s edge, also used for helicopter trips to nearby sights like stunning Whitehaven Beach.

Its vantage point means the grassy circle lends itself perfectly for sunset cocktails: chilled glass in hand, you can watch the sun paint the sky with color as it sinks rapidly into the horizon at the end of the afternoon (and sink rapidly it does, given the relative proximity to the Equator).

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You Can Now Get Married on Top of The Burj Al Arab

May 1, 2014 at 12:21 PM | by | ()

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the world's most luxurious luxury hotel where every hotel room is a two-story suite, every guest has its own butler, and every in-room iPad is plated in gold. And now, weddings at the Jumeirah Group hotel are sky-high. Literally.

The hotel's new Wedding in the Skies experience will allow couples to get married on the helipad of the hotel 212 meters above the Arabian Gulf. The very same helipad where Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played a game of tennis and where Formula One Champion David Coulthard performed donuts in a Red Bull Racing car.

For $55,000, guests will work with not a wedding planner but rather a "Wedding Architect" who will guide them through such pressing wedding day decisions as--should the couple arrive at the hotel by air in an Italian twin engine Augusta 109 or by road in a Rolls Royce Phantom? Which wedding cake from Executive Pastry Chef Johannes Bonin should they choose from? Which spa sessions from the Talise Spa should they indulge in? And perhaps, most importantly, what specially designed wedding scent developed by a leading perfumist should the couple spritz everywhere?

Other perks in the package include, accommodations (of course), private sessions with personal trainers, shopping and styling sessions with personal stylists, dance and etiquette lessons, floral consolations and access to Dubai's best jewelers and top haute couturiers.

Interestingly, there's no mention of photography services so we hope the Wedding Architect can at least recommend someone. And yes, we think you should get BOTH a photographer and a videographer for this big day.

[Photo: Burj Al Arab]

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The Loews Hollywood Has a Helipad and The Views From It Are Spectacular

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  Site Where: 1755 North Highland Ave [map], Hollywood, CA, United States, 90028
December 19, 2013 at 7:22 PM | by | ()

We've got a thing for hotel helipads (check out the one time we visited one in Hong Kong) so when we saw this photo of the helipad at the Loews Hollywood, our knees got a little weak. And not just because the helipad is so high up.

For starters, we didn't even know that the Loews had a helipad. So that's pretty baller (and obviously useful too in emergency situations.) Second, look. at. that. view. Spectacular.

The hotel, in the heart of Hollywood near the Dobly Theater, aka home of The Oscars, is currently undergoing a $31 million top-to-bottom renovation that's expected to be finished in March. Just in time for the red carpet to be rolled out.

We'll have more on the new Loews (it was formerly a Renaissance Hotel) in the new year so stay tuned!

[Photo: Loews Hollywood]

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Submit to The Heathman Hotel's “Fifty Shades of Grey” Package in Portland

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  Site Where: 1001 SW Broadway [map], Portland, Oregon, United States, 97205
July 3, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

Along with college girls, suburban grandmothers and soccer moms, we too were secretly titillated by E. L. James' erotic Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. We toted the books on planes, read by the pool in Sin City (with just about everyone else in Vegas) and sometimes, we sheepishly skimmed while waiting at the drive-thu for our coffee.

As we got deeper into Anastasia and Christian's complex relationship, it turns out that we were only doing our job. The Heathman Hotel in Portland as a prominent setting to the story made us wonder, 'Why doesn't the Heathman have a Fifty Shades of Grey package ?'

Well, it turns out they do.

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A Chinese New Year Resolution: Fly in a Hotel Helicopter

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
January 23, 2012 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

Happy Chinese New Year! As we turn from the tame Year of the Rabbit to the aggressive Year of the Dragon, we've got Asian hotels on the mind. To be more specific, Peninsula Hotels and their badass heliports. If you're in the habit of making resolutions for the New Year—which one—then "setting off from a Peninsula heliport" needs to be one of them.

To get you in the mood to drop some dough on a flight worthy of James Bond, we've now got three exclusive looks inside different Peninsula helilounges:

· China Clipper Helilounge at The Peninsula Hong Kong

· The Seven Seas Pacific Aviation Helilounge at The Peninsula Tokyo

· Paribatra Helilounge at The Peninsula Bangkok

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And This is the Problem With Hotel Helipads...

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  Site Where: 8555 Beverly Blvd [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90048
April 4, 2011 at 12:31 PM | by | ()

Usually, we get pissed at the noise in hotels that's made by other hotel guests but never have we encountered a situation where the noise was coming from a hotel helipad, at least two times a day.

Hollywood douche honcho, Ryan Kavanaugh, the movie producer who heads Relativity Media had been commuting from his home in Malibu to his office in LA by helicopter (because he's far too important to commute with the plebes on the 10 we guess.)

That helicopter of his was landing at the Sofitel Los Angeles in West Hollywood, pissing off neighbors with the incessant noise (and we imagine it pissed off some hotel guests too.)

The neighbors eventually discovered that the hotel's landing pad was for emergency use only and reported it to the city. Kavanaugh has since stopped his helicopter commutes but the hotel is still keen on making use of their helipad.

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Up on The Peninsula Hong Kong's Heliport, and More

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  Site Where: Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
December 21, 2010 at 5:51 PM | by | ()

You may have already virtually stepped into the rooms and suites of The Peninsula Hong Kong, but just wait—we've got pics of the heliport, the legendary historical lobby, Chesa (the Swiss Restaurant), and even the special kitchen table of Gaddi's Restaurant.

In effect, these are the extras from our tour of the Peninsula HK, the rest of the hotel through most of its public spaces, and not-so-public spaces, as you'll see with the China Clipper helicopter departures lounge....

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W Atlanta Downtown To Open With Its Own Helipad and "Whirlybird"

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  Site Where: 45 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard [map], Atlanta, GA, United States, 30308
January 19, 2009 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

For some odd reason that we have yet to figure out, Atlanta is quickly becoming the W Hotel capital of America. Next week on January 27th, Atlanta's fourth W Hotel, The W Atlanta Downtown, will open within Allen Plaza. Economy be damned!

This newest hotel will join W Atlanta Perimeter, W Atlanta Buckhead and W Atlanta Midtown, but this one promises to be totally "W" inside out, since it's the only W in Atlanta that was built from the ground up instead of a conversion from another hotel brand like the others were.

In addition to having 74 residences, the W Atlanta Downtown will have a Bliss Spa, BLT Steak restaurant and an outdoor WET pool located half way up the building on a terrace similar to the W Dallas.

But we think the ultimate W offering this hotel has is its own Whirlybird aka a helicopter. Yes, this is the first W Hotel that we know of that has it's own helicopter and helipad, complete with WH registration designation. No word yet if it's available for residents or hotel guests only.

There are plenty of rooms available for opening night, with rates starting at $285 at the internet only pre-pay rate. If you can wait two days though, discounted rates are already available, starting at $129.50 for Friday and Saturday night - non-discounted rates start at a shockingly low $185. Now who ever said W was expensive?!

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2007 Festival Hotels: Shirts Off Breakfast at Hotel Glória

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  Site Where: Praia Do Russel 632, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
February 19, 2007 at 12:02 PM | by | ()

Carnival (Feb 17 - 20) is in full swing, and according to The Guardian, plenty of American soldiers on leave are turning the sensual Brazilian celebration into a sexual conquest game.

Companies like Tours Gone Wild make a mint packing soldiers and other tourists into Rio de Janeiro hotels this time of year, and it takes a toll on the hotels.

One such Carnival party hotel is Hotel Gloria. On the Saturday of Carnaval the Gloria hosts an insane costume contest early in the evening, which is considered one of the best Carnaval parties by many long time attendees.

Heaven for doughboys, no doubt, however, guests of the hotel see the post party fallout year round:

Our room was a huge disappointment. Paint off the walls, tv entertainment system not working.
Lots of loud Brazilian guests with getto blasters at the pool. Staff did nothing. People with bare upper bodies at breakfast.

Where we are from, we call these places topless donutshops, in Brazil sounds like they call 'em "luxury hotels".

We are sure Hotel Gloria cleans up nice at some point after Carnaval. After all, they have a helipad on the roof, and guests who check-in via helicopter tend to like a clean room.

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New Hotel Next to London Helipad

February 14, 2007 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

If you usually travel by private helicopter on your holidays, then the news that the London Heliport site at Battersea is to be redeveloped will be particularly important for you. The heliport site that has seen people like Tiger Woods and Jackie Onassis land there has just been bought by the Von Essen group who plan a boutique hotel there with a Gordon Ramsay restaurant (you might know Gordon from Hell's Kitchen).

The heliport site next to the Thames will soon be home to a 70-room luxury hotel including a subterranean spa and a roof-top restaurant seating 200, run--probably--by British superstar chef Gordon Ramsay, which would add up to his tenth restaurant in London.

Being the only heliport in London, locals have already long been complaining about the noise from helicopters and are whinging again that the new development will make things worse. But the Von Essen group is planning to build its own office headquarters next to their 7-storey boutique hotel, so it doesn't seem like they'll be changing their mind any time soon.

[Photo: lunaticg]

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Helipad Tennis At The Burj

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  Site Where: Jumeirah Beach Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 31, 2005 at 10:15 AM | by | ()

Tennis on a helipad anyone? High above Dubai, at the Burj Al Arab, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi hit the ball around.

Since these photos show up on the official Burj site, we are assuming they are not computer generated.

Another photo after the jump.

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