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Another Ugly Truth About Hotels Exposed: The Remote Control is Filthy

November 19, 2014 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

Look. We're not stupid. We know that several, many, maybe hundreds of people have stayed in a hotel room before we got there. We know this.

Which is why we always throw the comforter or top blanket on the bed to the floor and why we avoid touching the remote control and never drink out of the bathroom glasses. But just when we think we had mastered the germs in hotel rooms, here's come another new report just reminding us how filthy hotel rooms can be, even after housekeeping has come by.

A new study from The Rossen Reports team went into hotel rooms at five major hotel chains after housekeepers finished cleaning the rooms and began conducting bacteria tests. They also waved the trusty old backlight over the room. Bacteria was found in the in-room telephones (Ew) and suspicious stains were found throughout the room (Ew but also, eh). However, the remote control proved once again to be the filthiest object in the room.

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NanoSeptic Pads Indulge Our Hotel Paranoia and Pacify It, Too

January 15, 2013 at 8:24 PM | by | ()

We’ll be beat you to the punch—many of us at HC are germaphobes. Yet, we absolutely adore spending time in hotel rooms where hundreds upon thousands of people have stayed in. It is what it is. But as the saying goes “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” and we try to live by that, until folks throw tidbits, factoids, and all sorts in our faces, causing our paranoia meter to run rampant.

That happened today.

Our “WTF?” meter was raised courtesy of an invention called the NanoSeptic, which apparently has been used at the Craddock Terry Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia. When we started reading this ditty, we stopped and made ourselves a Lynchburg Lemonade (no relation) and tried to figure out what this “portable, removable, and self-cleaning” product was all about. Apparently it kills “bacteria, viruses, and fungi” that may get in contact with your items while you’re in a hotel.

We took a sip and read more, eyebrow raised like The Rock. We knew there was something here. But what?

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Gordon Ramsay Gets Graphic When Talking About The Honeymoon Suite

July 24, 2012 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

We're now just weeks away from the premiere of chef Gordon Ramsay's hotel fix-it show, Hotel Hell and Ramsay is doing his best to stir up interest by talking about--what else?--sex. Specifically, honeymoon suite sex. More specifically, honeymoon suite sex stains. (Look away now if you are eating lunch.)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that at the Television Critics Association fall TV previews yesterday, Ramsay told the audience to avoid booking the honeymoon suite saying, "I just didn't think it could shoot that far. I'm talking about if you shake a can of Coke and open it." Vommm.

Yet stains like these are largely what Ramsay's new show is about.

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Overheard at the Hospitality Technology Show in Baltimore

June 29, 2012 at 4:40 PM | by | ()

This week the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals put on their annual HITEC conference in Baltimore and while we couldn't attend ourselves, we did hear back from an attendee who shared these two bits of "chatter" with us.

1. In-room iPads Might Be Dirtier Than the Remotes: Our attendee spy overheard folks talking about how housekeepers often find in-room iPads in the bathroom, next to the toilet after a guest has checked out. Vom. Now we need to add the iPad to the list of things covered in poop in hotel rooms.

2. Women Don't Touch the Remotes Because Men Have: Apparently, there's a high percentage of women who aren't using the hotel room TV remote control because they are skeeved out by what men who stayed in the room before them may have done with that remote while watching pay-per-view movies. Um, and do you blame them? Just another reason to download the LodgeNet Mobile App. Or else make good use of the hotel room shower cap.

Got any more observations--good, bad and gross--to share from HITEC? Send it along!

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Your Worst Fears Confirmed: There's Poop All Over Your Hotel Room

June 18, 2012 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

We've long known that hotel rooms, even the most expensive ones, can't always be completely germ, stain or hole-free but a new report from ABC News's "Medical Unit" has us thisclose to buying our own personal germ zapping blacklight wand.

Researchers from the University of Houston swabbed 19 hotel room hideouts, from door handles to headboards, and found the fecal bacterium E. coli hiding on 81 percent of the surfaces, including the remote control, the telephone and the bedside lamp.

We've long avoided touching the remote control by either placing a shower cap over it or wiping it down (and thanks to the Lodgenet iPhone app we can avoid the remote entirely) but we never thought about the telephone, where we make our room service calls, or the bedside lamp. Gag.

As it turns out, the folks responsible for flinging the poo are not just the guests who stayed in the room before you but also the housekeepers. Apparently, bacteria was found on the mops and sponges they use to clean the hotel rooms. Oh dear lord.

So what's a traveler to do? Well, you could avoid hotels completely but that's no fun. Here are HotelChatter's Tips for a Cleaner Hotel Stay:

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A Germ-Free Remote Control Coming Soon to Your Hotel Room

June 21, 2011 at 10:43 AM | by | ()

Is it Christmas? It sure feels like it with yesterday's news that the Satellite TV company DirecTV is working on a germ-free remote control just for hotels. Oh yeah, and they will also be supplying hotels with more than 100 HD channels. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

DirecTV has already offered TV service to hotels, but the clear branding, the germ-free remote, the expanded HD offer and programming and interactive programming guide are new. The new service puts a small receiver into hotel guest rooms rather than putting - as has been the case so far - a range of receivers into the hotel utility room with each tuned to a specific channel. That used to limit the number of available channels.

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The Germ-Zapper for Hotel Rooms

June 25, 2008 at 11:17 AM | by | ()

Here at HotelChatter, we are not only hotel geeks but germ freaks as well. And it's especially hard for us not to let our germ-phobia get the best of us at hotels.

We often have to resist the urge to immediately pull back the bed covers to inspect the sheets, check the minibar glasses for lipstick and peek behind the shower curtain for any unsightly stains, all for fear of what we might find.

What you don't know can't hurt you, right?  

Of course, we could just pick up Germ Guardian's UV-C Light Wand--the ultimate germ-o-phobe's indulgence--and never have to worry about such things again.

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Hotel Germs Crisis: It's Not Just the Bedspreads Anymore

October 2, 2006 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

Cold season is around the corner and thanks to a new study done by Lysol and a team of doctors, we got more places to fear aside from airplanes and offices. Yup, hotels are harboring cold germs too.

Obviously, this is bad news for hotel guests. Although we already knew that bedspreads are probably contaminated with semen and blood, now we learn that desk pen might get us sick.

If a guest checks into a hotel with a cold, chances are their cold germs are going to linger around on everything they touch from pens to the remote controls to lamp switches.

Hotel guests leave behind more than just socks and old paperbacks: A study found viruses on TV remotes, light switches and hotel pens after cold sufferers left...it does show the potential hazards if a hotel's turnaround amounts to little more than changing the sheets and wiping out the tub.

The study had cold sufferers touch about 10 items in a hotel room. Upon later inspection it was concluded that about one third of the items remained contaminated.

Of course what Lysol probably wants you to do is bring your own travel-size can with you when you stay at hotels. We say just bring some rubber gloves and a fresh pack of pens.

Image via Jodigreen/Flickr

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Dirty Laundry

May 26, 2005 at 10:43 AM | by | ()

Kick 'em when their up, kick 'em when their down.

T&L's Andrea Bennett brings us a little good news bad news story on the current state of hotel bedding.

The good news: Hotel bedding is getting washed more often

The bad news: Not everywhere

White duvets are replacing those hideous stain hiding busy floral pattern bedspreads at many hotels worldwide, however, going white doesn't necessarily mean you are getting a "pure" bedspread at check-in.

Starwood says their duvet covers are "carefully inspected every day and changed if necessary." While Wyndham seems to have adopted a Jet Blue-esque policy,   "deep cleaning [only] once per quarter."

If you don't want the question of your bedspread cleanliness to be a hotel judgment call, Bennett suggests you head to a Marriott, which is the only large-scale hotel company that now guarantees duvet covers are washed between guests--at least at the higher end Marriott's.

Our policy? We go old school--taking the bed spread all the way down shortly after we enter the room.

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