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8 Of The World's Sexiest Hotel Desks

October 23, 2014 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Not exactly a desk, but totally sexy – the map of Singapore on the coffee table at Sofitel So Singapore

One thing we’ve noticed over recent coverage of millennial hotel brands and trendifying revamps – hotels think the way to pull in punters is to focus on design. And to focus on design, plenty of hotels are considering doing away with what most people take for granted in a hotel room: the steadfast hotel desk.

There’s just one problem: people like desks. They need them, too, if they’re grownups. First case in point: our room at Moxy Milan a couple of weeks back. Instead of a desk, there was a shallow glass plate poking out of the wall, just big enough to balance a laptop on. Instead of a chair, there was a stool – as in a footstool – under the glass shelf. It was an impossible set up, if you were planning to work – uncomfortable on the back, and with no space for anything like papers. (There was also a giant, sexy swivel armchair by the bed – great for Instagram, but impossible, again, for work.)

Second case in point: the current Le Méridien refresh program with slimmer, stand-up desks.

Third and final case in point: the Westin redesign, which has shrunk desks. Westin says its research shows that people are abandoning desks. If our comments this time, and last time we discussed this, are anything to go by, there’s a sizeable group of us that isn’t. So while hotels are rushing to court millennials, they risk alienating their already loyal customers.

Problem is, other than the general downsizing of rooms, this move seems to be based on the premise that hotel desks are ugly. But they don’t have to be! Hotel designers, here are some ideas for how to have trendy rooms, but keep the desks. We present:

The Ultimate HotelChatter Compendium Of Sexy Desks

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The Ultimate Hotel Desk Amenity: Antique Custom Embossers

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  Site Where: 180 Tenth Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States, 10011
May 29, 2013 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

Here's something you're not likely to find at too many other hotels in New York City (or anywhere, for that matter): an old-fashioned embosser, bolted to a desk at the brand new High Line Hotel.

We think the embosser perfectly sums up the historic, literary vibe of the guest rooms, which all have custom-built furniture, classic novels, and hand-picked antique rugs. As writers, we could happily see ourselves holing up in here, typing away at our antique wooden desk as the light streams in from the east-facing window.

Despite the plethora of old-school amenities here, the embosser is hands-down our favorite feature of the hotel, and one can be found in every single guest room.

If you're wondering just what you'll be embossing, each device contains a brass plate imprinted with one of the hotel's five logos. Yes, that's right—five logos. Overkill? Maybe. But then again, when you can boast about having a custom desk embosser in every room, why not five? Heck, why not twenty?

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Are Desk-less Hotel Rooms The Way of the Future?

November 2, 2012 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

Question: when was the last time you sat down and did work at the hotel desk? Like, really used it? Not as a shelf for your suitcase, not as a makeshift dining room table for room service, not as a receptacle for loose change and iPhone apparatus. But a proper desk, where you sit down with your laptop, tablet, or good old-fashioned blotter, and get work done?

We only ask because, after a recent conversation with a high-up executive at a major global hotel company, he informed us the company is considering doing away altogether with traditional wooden desks, saying they're clumsy, archaic, and worst of all, nobody uses them.

Now, we always find ourselves engrossed in some project or other (the life of a freelancer is, at best, a kaleidoscope of busywork), so call us outdated, but we can actually remember quite a few recent instances of being in a hotel room, pulling up a chair at the desk, and spending a few solid hours banging out an assignment or answering emails.

No, it's not the most glamorous way to be a productive 21st century digital nomad (that's part of the idea, too—everyone does work in lobbies and public spaces anyway these days, so why bother with the desk?), but it still provides a quiet, orderly place to sit and think.

What about you? Does the hotel desk still offer any value? Should it continue being a staple of future hotel rooms? Or would you rather have more space in your room to walk around/spread out/dance? Let us know your thoughts below!

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What's Inside the Desks at Las Alcobas?

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  Site Where: Presidente Masaryk 390, Mexico City, Mexico, 11560
June 8, 2010 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

We've been geeking out over some high-tech amenities found in hotels such as 3DTVs, Mac minis and iPads but travel writer Peter Frank encountered some lo-fi amenities during a recent hotel stay in Mexico City that are just as geeky--desk supplies!

He writes of the amenities at the Las Alcobas, a new luxury hotel:

Open the desk drawer and, lo and behold, you'll find a small collection of useful office supplies: paper clips, rubber bands, tape, a glue stick, even a tiny stapler. The other drawer contained a cute little puzzle map of Mexico.

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