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We're Searching for Hot Hotel Chefs! Know Some? Give HotelChatter the Scoop!

October 4, 2013 at 4:04 PM | by | Comments (2)


As you may have heard from the editors at HotelChatter, we've once again come up with an exciting new contest quite similar to our "Hottest Hotel GM in the World" competition last winter.

This time, we're looking for "The Hottest Hotel Chef in the World"!

Here are our categories:

· West Coast chefs
· East Coast chefs
· Midwest& Other U.S. City chefs
· International chefs

Here's what you'll need to enter your contestant into the competition. Please send all information to Tips[at]HotelChatter[Dot]Com.
1. Name of chef, restaurant and hotel
2. One hi-res photo that is 450 pixels width for portraits or 600 pixels max for other shots.
3. A brief chef bio. No more than 75 words, please.

We'll take submissions until October 7th. The voting will begin on HotelChatter on October 14th. That's when you campaign for your favorite contestant!

Instructions on how to vote will be included when the competition begins.

We look forward to your submissions and may the best man (or woman!) win!

[Photo: PartyCity.com]

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Four Seasons Hotels Now Have Their Own Food Truck--The FS Taste Truck

September 17, 2013 at 11:17 AM | by | Comments (0)

The words Four Seasons Hotels and food trucks don't usually go together but feast your eyes on this--the first-ever Four Seasons Taste Truck, a tricked out food truck that is now traveling up and down the West Coast, giving passerbys a chance to taste the delicious dishes from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

The truck started yesterday in Palo Alto and will work its way down the California Coast stopping in San Fran, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, LA and Westlake Village before scooting over to Scottsdale, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico. The truck will be parked for one week in each location at the Four Seasons Hotel there, hosting a series of events and offering a special mobile menu inspired by the city the truck is visiting.

For example in LA , Chef Claudia Fossa from THE Blvd and Chef Hugo Bolanos from CUT by Wolfgang Puck, will have an “anticuchos” cookoff at The Beverly Wilshire. A Four Seasons Hotel. Guests will play judge and decide who's served up the best version of the South American street-food.

At the Biltmore in Santa Barbara, the truck will host an Oktoberfest event in the city's popular "Funk Zone" serving pork bratwurst, Polish saugage, chicken schnitzel and a German triple-chocolate cake, amongst other savory foods. Oh and we can't forget about beer. The truck will be parked at the Telegraph Brewing Company in the Funk Zone and the company's 1927 ale which is brewed exclusively for the hotel will be served in the tasting room. PROST!

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A Modernist Mecca: Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen Hotel

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  Site Where: Hammerichsgade 1, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1611
July 26, 2013 at 10:17 AM | by | Comments (0)

Jacobsen's Room 606

Few can deny that Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, creator of the Egg, the Swan and the Series 7 chairs, was one of the most iconic architects and designers of the modernist era. Could the Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen be his finest achievement? We went on an exploratory mission to check out what was said to be the “landmark of the jet age.”

The hotel opened in 1960 and was originally built by SAS to accommodate both its first airport terminal and its passengers who needed to stay overnight to catch a flight out of Copenhagen. After a night at the hotel, passengers would check in for their flight in the terminal building attached, and wait for the airline's shuttle bus to take them to the airport.

Today, the hotel still has the same clean lines and simple detail that it had back then. The famous Jacobsen Egg and Swan chairs, originally designed for the hotel, are still found throughout the very large black-and-white-marbled lobby and in the rooms. The elegantly curved white lobby staircase pushed the limits of technology in the late 50s and looks like it could be found in a loft from 2013. Other original details include the dark wenge wood found on the main floor of the hotel. Jacobsen designed everything from the cutlery and plates, bathroom fittings and door handles to the chairs and lighting fixtures.

(There are plenty of pics for you to see in the photo gallery!)

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What's Sprouting On The Roof At Westin NY Grand Central?

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  Site Where: 212 E 42nd St [map], New York, NY, United States
May 2, 2013 at 9:17 AM | by | Comments (0)

If your first thought is 'Mojito!' when you see this picture, then you're on the right track.

Since last summer, the Westin New York Grand Central has quietly been working on a modest but respectable rooftop veggie garden way up on the hotel's 41st floor. Located smack in the middle of midtown (the Chrysler Building is so close you can touch it), it seems like an unlikely place to be growing…well, anything. But urban farming is trendy these days, and a hotel's gotta go what a hotel's gotta do, right?

383 feet above Manhattan, ten dirt-filled tubs with arugula, mesclun lettuce, rosemary, heirloom tomatoes, and "mojito mint" are being overseen by the hotel's Executive Chef, Brian Wieler (pictured), who tends to his green leafy sprout-lings like a proud dad. And not one to cut corners, Chef Wieler has also ensured the garden is 100% organic, with only organic plants, soil and fertilizer being used. And now, as spring gets going, he is starting to harvest some of the mini-crops.

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Copy Ritz-Carlton San Francisco's Parallel 37's Exotic Produce Dishes

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  Site Where: 600 Stockton Street at California Street [map], San Francisco, CA, United States, 94108
April 9, 2013 at 7:42 PM | by | Comments (0)

Here's the latest happening in the luxury hotel world as told by JustLuxe's own Lena Katz. Got a question about luxury hotels, the travel biz, and where to stay? Send it in and we'll have Lena answer it.

A recent dinner at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco’s swank Parallel 37 food-geeked us out, thanks to new chef Michael Rotondo’s tendency to incorporate the most exotic produce items in California into his tasting menu. Torpedo radish? Smoked sunchokes? Arugula blossoms? It’s all coming at ya…and it’s good.

Chef Rotondo, who recently arrived from Chicago where he cooked under Charlie Trotter for eight years, admitted when he wanders through the San Francisco area farmers markets, he often doesn't recognize some of the stranger fruits – and when that happens, he usually buys the questionable item, takes it back to the kitchen, and figures out a tasty use for it.

We asked him to identify seven awesome produce items he’s cooking with right now, and tell us what the heck to do with them

Fermented Black Garlic: Ferment whole bulbs of garlic at high temperature, and they’ll turn black and taste sweet and syrupy, with hints of licorice and balsamic. Black garlic isn’t the prettiest veggie in the drawer, but it adds a complexity to a dish that raw garlic can't match. Most Asian markets carry black garlic. We have it on the lunch menu currently - blended into a light aioli and used on our albacore tuna sandwich.

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Fantasy Friday: Diamonds For Dessert at the Four Seasons New York

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  Site Where: 57 East 57th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10022
December 14, 2012 at 6:05 PM | by | Comments (0)

This holiday season, we know there's going to be a good deal of marriage proposals. But not every gift has to begin with Kay. In fact, if you've got the dosh, and a few minutes for some Fantasy Friday dreaming, we've got a sweet little tidbit to share.

Salvatore Martone, the Executive Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons New York, has created a decadent “$20,000 dessert” that highlights a sparkling diamond from Leviev, one of the world's largest privately held diamond polishers and cutters.

So if you're thinking of asking for her hand in marriage, here's one way to do it!

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The James Royal Palm Will Serve Florida On a Plate

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  Site Where: 1545 Collins Ave [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139
August 3, 2012 at 10:35 AM | by | Comments (0)

We love the look of the lobby and, for the most part, the rooms, too. Now, let's take a sneak peek at the new restaurants that will open at The James Royal Palm.

These images from the James Hotels website don't specify which space is which, but we know that there'll be at least two restos to check out--the first being the signature one for the hotel, Florida Cookery.

Like the name suggests, it will serve up "hyper-regional Florida fare" and be helmed by local chef Kris Wessel. If his low-key cool Red Light Little River over on Biscayne Boulevard is any indication, this place is going to make quite a splash. (Red Light is one of the few amazing restaurants in Miami that doesn't give you sticker shock.)

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No Ticket For Burger Bash? It's Ritz-Carlton South Beach to the Rescue

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  Site Where: One Lincoln Road [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139
February 24, 2012 at 1:00 PM | by | Comments (0)

Miami hotels are sold out this weekend, thanks to the circus that is the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Most of the big events, like tonight's Amstel Light Burger Bash are sold out and not even your concierge is likely to get you into the tents.

One hotel, though, is coming to the rescue of hungry hotel guests and members of the public alike. The Ritz Carlton South Beach--whose front yard of beach is home to the Burger Bash tent--is serving its own Burger Bash contest entry at the DiLido Beach Club. Tonight.

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Andaz Fifth Ave Keeps It In the Family With New Executive Chef Muraco

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  Site Where: 485 5th Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States, 10017
February 20, 2012 at 1:05 PM | by | Comments (0)

The Andaz food scene has pretty much always been a source of pleasure for us. Whether we were plotting how to sneak those North Fork potato chips into our bag without anyone noticing, or salivating over cinnamon donuts at the Andaz Wall Street farmer's market—we generally know we're going to get well-fed.

When Andaz 5th Ave told us they were appointing a new Executive Chef, we were curious to learn a little more about the guy. So we asked Chef Vincent Muraco, who started in 1993 as Chef Tournant at Park Hyatt San Francisco, all the relevant questions, starting with:

HC: What is it that you love about cooking in hotels?

Chef Muraco: Hotels are really exciting for me because every day is different. There is so much going on in all the different outlets, it never gets boring or repetitive. I love to travel, and the travel benefits with Hyatt are great!

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An Iron Chef Signs On To Revel In Atlantic City

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  Site Where: 500 Boardwalk, Revel Beach [map], Atlantic City, NJ, United States, 08401
December 19, 2011 at 9:15 AM | by | Comments (2)

Still planning for a May 2012 opening, Atlantic City's newest hotel, Revel, will be recruiting the services of Iron Chef winner Jose Garces for several of its dining options. Having successfully launched three restaurants inside the recently-opened JDV's The Saguaro (including a coffee take-out counter), Garces is introducing another trilogy into the 47-floor, ocean-facing tower.

A tapas bar (Amada), a whiskey bar (Village Whiskey), and a margarita bar with Mexican street food (Distrito Cantina) will help jazz up the AC scene this spring, along with the hotel's dozen other restaurants, three nightclubs, shopping mall, spa, two theaters and (of course) casino.

Garces, who has been selected as the hotel's "gastronomic cornerstone," lives on a 40-acre Pennsylvania farm with his wife and kids in Bucks County—just a quick two-hour drive from the hotel. Maybe if we're lucky, he'll be trucking over some home-grown cabbage and tomatoes for those Distrito Cantina tacos!

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Somewhere Between Japan and California, You'll Find Amasia

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  Site Where: 3850 Wailea Alanui Dr [map], Wailea, HI, United States, 96753
November 9, 2011 at 9:15 AM | by | Comments (0)

Japanese-born chef Alan Wong has spent years building a legacy as one of the most talented and innovative chefs in Hawaii. His Oahu restaurant, Alan Wong's, was ranked twice by Gourmet magazine as one of the top ten best restaurants in America. Now, the master will be turning his attention to the Grand Wailea Resort for a new "Asian street food"-inspired upscale restaurant—to be named, awesomely, Amasia.

The name refers to the possible future merging of the Asian and North American continents. Which is actually fitting for Wong's style, which likes to borrow a little from both cultures. Wong recently entered into an agreement with Grand Wailea to take over their Japanese kaiseki restaurant Kincha, which closed in 2009. Currently undergoing a $2 million renovation, and with Wong's team set to arrive in January to start experimenting in the kitchen, the restaurant will re-open as Amasia in February.

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It's Hard Work Being An Omni Executive Chef

October 21, 2011 at 9:23 AM | by | Comment (1)

It was hardly punishment for the 45 executive chefs who got to enjoy a ten-day tour last month throughout French vineyards, farms and restaurants. Their parent company, Omni Hotels had been so pleased with the success of 2008's similar "Flavors of France" campaign—which followed a separate voyage to Spain in 2006—that they wanted to give their chefs a refresher on the basics. You know: champagne making, grape harvests in Bordeaux, mustard preparation, and Palais des Thés tea training.

The usual stuff.

But it is the guests of Omni who will be the ones benefitting from the chefs' newfound inspiration. For the seventh installment of 'Flavors of France,' new menus are already being rolled out at the various hotels, featuring French cuisine and fine wines—so you can reap the rewards of their culinary escapade (and not have to worry about trekking through caves or trudging through vineyards). Ready for some Poêlées de Saint-Jacques à la Provencale? We thought so.

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