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CheckMate Wants to Check You In Faster and Better

November 20, 2013 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

The hotel check-in process can vary wildly from hotel to hotel and day to day. But now, CheckMate is hoping to streamline the process every single time.

Here's how it works: guests download the (free) CheckMate app to their phones. They need to set up a CheckMate profile with their name and email and if they want, a profile photo. Next they can sync up their hotel reservations through Gmail or by forwarding to CheckMate@CheckMate.io.

Then when they are ready to head to their hotel, the CheckMate app will communicate with the hotel to see if the room is ready. The app will also allow guests to or hotels to request room preferences from the hotel, receive last-minute upgrade offers, enter in their loyalty numbers and most importantly, receive alerts as to whether or not their room is ready. Most importantly, if all systems are a go, the guest can bypass long check-in lines at the front desk, get their room key and head up to hotel room sweet hotel room.

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Aloft's Smart Check-In Program Is Gaining Serious Momentum. Here's How It Works:

June 6, 2013 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

The back of a sample Aloft Smart Check-In keycard

It turns out that the number of people who check-out of hotels the old-fashioned way is shrinking at an alarming rate. But what about checking in? Are people in such a hurry these days that they can't bear the thought of waiting in line to get their keycard and be told which room is theirs?

In a word, yes. Judging from the popularity of Aloft's smart check-in program, people seriously value convenience over a face-to-face welcome. And the numbers speak for themselves: last month, the program reached 10,000 users, even though only a limited number of Aloft hotels are equipped to use it.

This year, Smart Check-In is set to expand to even more properties all over the world. In case you're considering signing up, here are some fast facts on how the whole thing works.

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Now You Actually Have A Reason To Check In Early At the Plaza Athenee

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  Site Where: 37 E 64th St [map], New York, NY, United States, 10065
May 16, 2013 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Nothing is worse than showing up bleary-eyed to your hotel and being told your room isn't ready yet. Worse still if your bones ache from sitting on a plane all day and you've been dragging around your suitcase for so many hours that your hand has become permanently locked in claw grip position.

Thankfully, the Plaza Athenee in New York has come up with a solution to the whole early check-in conundrum: the "Rest and Refresh" package. By reserving ahead of time, guests can kill time in their own private Spa Suite, which comes with a marble bathroom and private steam shower. In addition, they can request a facial or massage, and even sneak in a quick breakfast or lunch at the hotel's Arabelle Restaurant.

With pampering like this, who needs the guest room?

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Check In Via Skype At The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire

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  Site Where: 9500 Wilshire Boulevard [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90212
October 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

What's your least favorite part about staying in a hotel? If you're anything like us, check-in is a particularly tedious process—that awful time when we're worn out and cranky, and don't feel like answering to anyone or making small talk: we just want to get straight to our room and close the door.

Luckily, some hotels are willing to speed guests right along and close the gap between first arrival and bed-flopping. Here's a new program being launched by the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire that ought to satisfy the digital nomad contingent who've got little time to spare, but plenty of devices at the ready: guests that are en route to the hotel, can now Skype the Front Desk and check in with them face to face.

(Sure, you still have to actually interact with a person, but hey, you're just sitting in a car, so what else have you got to do?

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