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Hyatt48Lex is Not Gonna Open This Month, Sending Guests to the Grand Hyatt Instead

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July 6, 2011 at 10:42 AM | by | ()

Perhaps the forthcoming Hyatt 48Lex was a little too eager with its opening date. After first announcing that it would open in August, the hotel decided to one-up itself and take reservations for July 18 instead.

We got all excited thinking we could stay inside a hotel room with its very own dishwasher in the middle of Manhattan then but we've gotten word today that the hotel ain't gonna make it on time.

A reservation-holding tipster just forwarded us the letter that Hyatt is sending to guests, telling them the hotel will not be open during their stay and instead they will be shuffled off to the Grand Hyatt New York.

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Are Mondays 'Cancellation Days' at Hotels?

March 14, 2011 at 8:38 AM | by | ()

Are your chances of getting a room at a booked-up hotel better if you call in on a Monday? HotelChatter investigates....

Recently some family members were shacking up at a hotel in Santa Monica, Calif. when, mid-stay, they asked the front desk about adding a few more days to their reservation. Thinking it wouldn't be an issue, they were bummed to hear that the hotel was sold-out for the next several days.

But there was a glimmer of hope as the front desk told them to check back on Monday (they requested the additional days on a Saturday and were set to check out on Wednesday.) The reason being, according to the front desk was that Monday was when all the cancellations were called in, particularly from travel agents.

We've never heard of this sort of "cancellation day" before. At first, we were skeptical. Why did travel agents wait until Monday to do this? Wouldn't they just be calling the cancellations as they came in? Then a part of us got excited--did we just stumble upon a new trick for getting a room at a supposedly sold-out hotel?

Not quite.

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Have You Canceled Your Hotel Stay in Arizona Because of New Immigration Law?

Where: AZ, United States
April 27, 2010 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

Poolside at the Hotel Valley Ho.

Last week, the state of Arizona enacted a severe new immigration law that aims to "identify, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants." Anyone caught without their immigration papers could be detained by law enforcement and anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant can be questioned and detained by law enforcement.

So what does this have to do with hotels? Well, it turns out several people feel so strongly about how awful this law is that they are canceling their trips to Arizona and subsequently, their hotel reservations. A luxury travel agent told us that two of their clients canceled their hotel stays specifically because they refused to pay revenue to state that would pass such a harsh law.

This could be just one example of hundreds of other cancellations going on at Arizona hotels. Indeed, USA Today has found a bunch of other businesses calling for a boycott of the law.

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Hurricane Flossie Bears Down on Big Island, Hotels Hunker Down

Where: HI, United States
August 14, 2007 at 11:38 AM | by | ()

Anyone with plans to fly to Hawaii this week has been anxiously watching the development of Hurricane Flossie, which formed in the Central Pacific and made a beeline for the Big Island. The latest National Weather Service forecast has Flossie, a Category 3 'cane with sustained winds of 125 mph, buzzing just past the South Shore of the Big Island.

Winds from Flossie are already starting to show up over there and they should go into the scary 50-100 mph range with buckets of rain expected to land primarily on the Windward Coast. I'd expect the whole island will get a heavy does of rains and high winds, even on the relatively sheltered Kohala Coast, as Flossie floats by. Expect massive air travel disruptions and, potentially, hotel evacuation if things get really bad. Hotels in Hilo and elsewhere on the Big Island have not altered cancellation policies, which require 21-days notice in many cases. That could change as the air travel situation shakes out.

As of yesterday afternoon, reservations for 11 rooms had been canceled at Castle Resorts, a 286-room Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, according to hotel spokesperson Alan Mattson.

Dealing with hotel drama on the Big Island? Let us know.

Alex Salkever is the editor/founder of Hawaii travel blog Hawaiirama.com.

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