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Funky Friday: Nothing Butt Cheeky Poolside Art at Hotel Enfrente Arte

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  Site Where: Calle Real 40, 29400 Ronda,Malaga
August 29, 2014 at 2:04 PM | by | Comments (0)

These artsy his and hers lounge chairs are sure to be the butt of many a poolside joke at Enfrente Arte

Welcome to Funky Friday, a new segment we’re trying out which features one photo that we think singularly expresses a hotel’s inner psyche. We look for, and often find, a lot of wacky, wild and wondrous designs that seem to have one thing in common: a Type A personality. So why not have a bit of fun as we all wrap up our week by taking a quick look at some hotels that quite frankly, want our attention.

Hotel Enfrente Arte in Ronda, Spain, offers its own unique take on hotel art-- as in "take a seat," which is its mantra and basis of its eclectic design. They happily do not take themselves too seriously, describing their accommodation as "bohemian, alternative, funky…." We find this subject fitting, so to speak, for this week’s unofficial, end-of-summer, poolside Funky Friday edition.

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Funky Friday: The 3D Art Ceiling At Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom

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  Site Where: Praterstrabe 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria
August 15, 2014 at 5:03 PM | by | Comments (0)

Consider a neck massage after an evening stroll or during a stay at Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, whose ceilings come alive like we've never seen before but would like to

Welcome to Funky Friday, a new segment we’re trying out which features one photo that we think singularly expresses a hotel’s inner psyche. We look for, and often find, a lot of wacky, wild and wondrous designs that seem to have one thing in common: a Type A personality. So why not have a bit of fun as we all wrap up our week by taking a quick look at some hotels that quite frankly, want our attention.

We’ve been looking for— and think we have found—a worthy Funky Friday subject that is especially eye catching from the outside. It would be almost impossible not to be drawn to this extravaganza of color, light, and imagery that is free to guests and passersby of Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom. Things are definitely looking up at this hotel, as these expressive ceilings clearly dominate the lobby lounge, Le Loft Restaurant on the 18th floor, even the drive-up entrance court.

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Shepard Fairey Has Brought Some 'Peace' To The Line Hotel

August 15, 2014 at 2:34 PM | by | Comments (0)

There are already so many cool things to see at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles from the ruched t-shirts that adorn the ceiling above the check-out desk to the crazy, geometric-shaped lobby seating to the "donuts" on the pillows and the Roy Choi restaurant, POT. But now, there's something else to admire at The Line Hotel.

Contemporary street artist, Shepard Fairey, the man behind the Obama "Hope" poster, has created a 10-story mural on the facade of the property called, "Peace Tree. Notice Fairey's trademark Obey Giant face in the center.

While the finished product is pretty sweet to look at, the time-lapse video is way better, especially the shot from inside one of the guest rooms.

The hotel says the Peace Tree is the first in a series of revolving art that will be featured on the hotel's wall. We just hope it's not too quickly revolving, we'd like to look at this Peace Tree for a while.

[Photos and video: The Line Hotel]

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Whiteout Is Art at Palace Hotel Tokyo

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  Site Where: Tokyo, Japan
July 31, 2014 at 10:31 AM | by | Comments (0)

A casual glance at the above photo of the lobby at Palace Hotel Tokyo shows a number of things: gleaming grey marble, moss-green carpet and bench, painting, flower arrangement, chandeliers.

The painting isn’t the only piece of art in the photo though, with the white wall behind reception revealing its secret as you get closer: it isn’t just a white wall, it’s a whiteout wall. More specifically, it is a mixture of artificial marble, crystal powder, and whiteout correction fluid (!) brought together to depict endangered species of Japanese flowers. Talk about symbolism – a close up just below.

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Andaz Liverpool Street's Room With A View Will Give You An Arty Andazm

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  Site Where: 40 Liverpool Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2M 7QN
July 22, 2014 at 8:30 AM | by | Comments (0)

One of the reasons we’ve always liked London’s Andaz Liverpool Street is that, despite it being a largely business hotel in the City of London, it’s always pushed the envelope with art projects, fashion things, Readers in Residence and so on. Another reason we’ve always liked Andaz Liverpool street is that, despite its business-ness, it’s always given a shout out to its East London roots.

So now we love it even more with the launch of Room With A View: a year-long series of “East London street art rooms” – basically, four rooms hand-painted by East London street artists.

The project starts with The Pearly Room by Chris Price: a black and white riot of pearly kings and queens amongst the spires of Shoreditch.

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The Beaumont London Shows Off Its 'ROOM' and First Renderings

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  Site Where: Brown Hart Gardens, London, United Kingdom, W1K 6TF
June 17, 2014 at 9:02 AM | by | Comments (0)

When we walked by Corbin and King’s upcoming The Beaumont hotel earlier this year, the white 1920s Art Deco former parking garage was gleaming in the pale February sun, except for one part of the hotel’s southern façade still obscured by scaffolding.

No more today, as you can see above: this is “ROOM”, a three-story sculpture of a crouching man by Antony Gormley, commissioned for the hotel. But “ROOM” is not “just” a piece of art; it's doing double duty as the bedroom – lined with fumed oak – of one of the hotel’s suites. There will be a total of 50 rooms, 13 studios, and 10 suites inside The Beaumont, and along with the unveiling of “ROOM”, we have a first few renderings of what the interiors will look like.

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Artist Who Did McDonald's World Cup French Fry Box Also Left His Mark at This Hotel

Where: Aldama 53, Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
June 13, 2014 at 10:16 AM | by | Comment (1)

If you caught the first World Cup game yesterday like we did, you may have noticed a strange advertisement on the board surrounding the pitch. The ad simply said #fryfutbol. No, not #tryfutbol. #fryfutbol. What.the.heck?

It turns out it's actually an ad for, who else?, McDonalds. The fast food chain has gotten in on the World Cup fever by redoing their french fry boxes with 12 different designs. This is the first time the boxes have ever been sold with a different design. And the Brazilian street artist who did the The World United By Soccer design, Eduardo Kobra, recently painted a mural for The Hotel Matilda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Kobra painted the hotel's exterior in a "blazing rainbow of colors" during the San Miguel Art Festival and it completely fits the contemporary design vibe of the Matilda. Sadly, the artwork will only remain up on the hotel until the end of the tournament. Here's hoping someone can convince the hotel to leave it up a little longer.

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Harry Benson's Photos of The Beatles to (Briefly) Return to The George V Hotel in Paris

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  Site Where: 31 Avenue George V, Paris, France, 75008
June 3, 2014 at 9:09 AM | by | Comments (0)

We've long known that the Four Seasons, George V Hotel in Paris has hosted many distinguished celebrities over the years (and some reality stars too) but did you know about their Beatles connection?

It turns out, The Beatles made the George V their home base when they were in Paris in 1964. A piano was actually installed in one of the suites and this is where John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote, "I Feel Fine." (This story we knew, the hotel we did not.) That moment was captured by photographer Harry Benson.

Benson also encouraged the lads to have a pillow fight in the room and his pictures of the Fab Four in 1964 are now iconic shots of the boys in their Beatlemania days. Another fun fact? The negatives of these photos were developed in the hotel's bathtub.

Now, the George V is planning to host a brief exhibit of Benson's Beatles photos in their lobby and in front of Le Bar from June 15-June 30. The exhibit will be run by hotel's in-house artistic director, Jeff Leatham.

And (very) lucky for us, Harry Benson himself has answered a few of our questions about his time at the hotel with The Beatles. (Excuse us, while we scream like a teenage girl again and again and again.)

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Some More Groovy Art on Display at Chicago's Hotel Palomar

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  Site Where: 505 North State [map], Chicago, IL, United States, 60654
May 23, 2014 at 11:07 AM | by | Comments (0)

Chicago hotels are really upping their art game. We told you about Radisson Blu Aqua's special photography gallery and now The Hotel Palomar bringing back their popular "Sleeping with the Artist" exhibit.

The series is a partnership with the city's Revolving Collection Gallery, showcasing emerging artists on three floors of the River North hotel. Each of the artist's suites will feature an installation art piece that looks more like cool street art than museum classics.

Each floor is also transformed into its own gallery so a simple walk to the elevator might take a few more minutes as you stop and soak up the creativity. And if you're a guest of the hotel on a frequent basis, you won't get bored since the installations will rotate throughout the year.

Starting rates for a standard queen room hover around $329 and if you just need to "sleep with the artist", a night in the artist suit in June will set you back $609

[Photo: Hotel Palomar Chicago Facebook]

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Chicago's Radisson Blu Now Hanging Vivian Maier Photos in The Lobby

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  Site Where: 221 N. Columbus Drive [map], Chicago, IL, United States, 60601
May 20, 2014 at 9:51 AM | by | Comments (0)

The Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago changed the city's skyline when it first opened four years ago, the first Radisson Blu on U.S. shores. Now the hotel has made some changes to its lobby, marrying an industrial-style with a modern twist.

Don't worry, they've kept the flashy gold disc wall. But now, the walls opposite this eye-catching feature black and white photography from local artist, Vivian Maier.

Maier, transplanted from the East Coast via Paris, lived on the North Shore of Chicago for 40 years prior to her death and captured the lively street scenes of the Second City in ghostly black and white. Radisson Blu's new lobby features the 11 best pieces from her portfolio, all of which are photos of Chicago's streets and avenues.

The framed images are a perfect addition to the brick walls in the lobby and offer up a little something to look at while enjoying a cocktail (or two) in the cool bar. If your visiting the city and want to see more of the acclaimed artist, head west a few blocks to Harold Washington Library where a full exhibition is on display until September.

Rates at the Radisson Blu start around $340 a night for a weekend in early June.

[Photos: Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago]

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More Hotel Street Art: Xenz Murals at the Renovated Malmaison London

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  Site Where: 18-21 Charterhouse Square, London, United Kingdom, EC1M 6AH
May 16, 2014 at 4:52 AM | by | Comments (0)

We’ve seen street art as a temporary exhibit at London hotels, but Malmaison is taking things further by making it a permanent feature: working with street artist Xenz, Malmaison London not only has completely new interiors, but a series of intricate murals by his hand throughout the hotel, from the lobby to the guestrooms.

We stopped by this week to have a look ourselves, heading over to sun-splashed Charterhouse Square, which the pretty red-brick building – a former nurses’ home – faces. It’s a quiet corner just north of Smithfield Market / the Barbican and east of Farringdon that’s easy to miss, but a short walk takes you into the City or to Holborn and St. Paul’s.

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Browse & Buy Banksy Street Art at ME London

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  Site Where: 336-337 The Strand, London, United Kingdom, WC2R 1HA
April 24, 2014 at 6:28 PM | by | Comments (0)

You’ve already had a chance to browse street art at ME London last year, but while at the time you were able to make some yourself, this month you can browse and buy: from today, an exhibition entitled “Stealing Banksy?” will display over $8 million of Banksy artworks in the hotel’s Norman Foster-designed space-age pyramid atrium.

The exhibition, “exploring the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art”, includes pieces like ‘No Ball Games, ‘Liverpool Rat’, and ‘Balloon Girl’ (check them out here), which will all be auctioned off on April 27, with profits going to local charities.

Tickets are still available through this website and cost £17.50 ($25), which includes a charitable donation and a copy of ‘The Banksy Bulge’, a one-off Banksy newspaper created for the occasion.

We found a Vibe Room for just over $500 this coming Saturday, but special offers should be available if you are going to the exhibit by contacting the hotel directly.

[Image: Stealing Banksy]