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VisitBritain Gives Some Seriously Straightforward Advice to Its Country's Hotels

January 7, 2014 at 10:02 AM | by | ()

For those who think they know someone who has no filter, wait until you hear the law that's being laid down by VisitBritain to hotels across the UK: The country's tourism board has issued a list of Dos and Don'ts when it comes to foreign travelers.

Many of the suggestions, as you might imagine, are either pretty funny (Don't: Ask superstitious people from Hong Kong to sleep in a historic property or a four-poster bed because they associate them with ghostly encounters), pretty stereotypical (Do: Deal promptly with any complaint from German or Austrian tourists, who can be straightforward and demanding to the point of seeming rude and aggressive), or both (Don't: Describe a visitor from Canada as American). If you like those, you can read more of them in this report from the Telegraph.

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Some Helpful Advice: What NOT To Do in a Hotel

February 27, 2013 at 2:58 PM | by | ()

We're gonna assume that if you've ended up here on our site, which is all about hotels, then you've stayed in one at least once before. Yet even frequent hotel guests can always use some helpful reminders of Things Not To Do When Staying in a Hotel.

Don't Expect an Early Check-In: Hotels have check-in times of 2 to 4 pm for a reason--they need time to get the room ready for the next guest. That said, hotels aren't always fully booked so if you arrive at 11am and want to check-in, staff could feasibly accommodate you. But...don't count on it in advance.

Don't Let The Hotel Walk You Unless...: They pay for your room and your transportation to the new hotel. If you aren't familiar with the term "walking", it essentially means the hotel doesn't have a room for you and must send you to a different property. This often happens when you book through third-party travel sites. But if you reserve directly through the hotel and they still don't have a room for you, then the hotel needs to pay for your stay elsewhere and any reasonable transportation (cab ride, car service) costs to get there.

Don't Use the Bedspread: We're just not going to apologize for our germaphobe stance on this. The stats are in and the covers have gotta go. Here's our suggestion: Take a hanger from the closet, use it to lift the top blanket off the bed and drop it on the floor. Thankfully, many hotels are taking a No-Comforter approach in the guestrooms, but a few are still insisting on those dreaded floral bedspreads that probably haven't been washed in a queen's age.

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A Travel Writer's Guide To Saving Ca$h On Your Next Hotel Stay

November 20, 2012 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

You get this gratis at the FS Beverly Hills, when you have a special occasion, so mention it!

Sure, there are a number of things you've probably done to save money at hotels. Maybe you signed up for a loyalty program for the free WiFi and room upgrade ("when available"). Perhaps you booked at the respective hotel's web site to secure the "best guaranteed rate".


You're probably thinking: Tell me something I don't already know. Well, as a travel writer for the past ten years (on a tight budget, for that matter), I'm divulging my best secrets. Some tips are common sense, some are things you might not have ever thought about.

Either way, the following advice is guaranteed to have you save $$$—without feeling ghetto about it!

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5 Hotel-Themed YouTube Videos You Should Know About

July 30, 2012 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Thanks to the Almighty miracle that is YouTube, we could spend all day just browsing clips of featherbrained folks doing weird things in hotel rooms (like watching Cuban rapper Pitbull get it on with a hot female plumber in Miami's Epic Hotel—not the kind of thing you see every day).

But to make things easier, we've whittled down the selection to just five videos, showing the best of what YouTube-broacast hotel shenanigans have to offer. Click below to see for yourself!

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Affinia Would Like To Teach You A Little Something About Burgers

July 12, 2011 at 9:22 PM | by | ()

Either business is slow, or some marketing executive ran away with himself. Or maybe Affinia is just really, really proud of their chefs. Either way, we're loving their newest food-centric promotion: a national BBQ hotline. Yes, you read that right.

Three Affinia hotels across the country (The Liaison Capitol Hill, C-House, and Affinia Shelburne) will help launch this interactive new feature which encourages people (not necessarily guests) to submit all their BBQ-related questions to this address, at which point your query will be forwarded to the appropriate hotel (DC handles all southern-inspired BBQ, while burger-specific queries go to NYC.) After 24-48 hours of agonizing suspense, you may then expect a reply. On Monday, we decided to test out the hotline for ourselves. Read on to see the response we got!

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