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An Abandoned Sanatorium is Totes Turning into a Haunted Hotel

March 9, 2015 at 5:07 PM | by | ()

Jail Hotels? Lock us in. Train Station Hotels? We're all aboard. Post Office Hotels? Send us to them. Sanatorium Hotels? Um...can we think about it?

That's what is supposedly happening in Kentucky with the former Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a favorite ghost hunters spot, which was opened from 1924 and 1961 before turning into a nursing home that eventually closed in 1981. Now, a development plan has been put forth to turn the haunted building into 120-room hotel with a 3,050-square-foot restaurant, an 8,500-square-foot conference center and a museum about the sanatorium's gruesome history (apparently 6,000 people died there from tuberculosis.)

We're guessing the hotel won't keep the sanatorium's infamous "body chute", an underground tunnel where bodies were sent to be collected and taken away (to be cremated nearby) out of sight from the rest of the patients. Then again, this might make for a great room service system. Eeeep.

[Photo via The Real Waverly Hills/Facebook]

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'American Horror Story's' Next Season Will Take Place in a Hotel with Lady Gaga

March 4, 2015 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

If hotel occupancy begins to plummet next fall, we might know who's to blame---the Fox TV show, American Horror Story. The creepy show has announced its "theme" for its next terrifying season, which will be "Hotel." (Last year's was "Freak Show.") And no, we don't think it will be about some fancy luxury hotel. It will be a straight-up haunted spot. Also, Lady Gaga plans on joining the cast.

Huffington Post reports that the show could be based on the famed Garden of Allah, a legendary hotel on Sunset Boulevard, which opened in 1927 and was pretty much the Chateau Marmont of Hollywood's Golden Age, where famous people went to get into trouble. (Coincidentally, Chateau is across the street.)

Today it's home to a bank, a McDonald's and a Subway but nearly a hundred years ago, it was just starting out as a hideaway for many actors and creative types like Marlene Dietrich, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Humphrey Bogart and Orson Welles.

The hotel was demolished in the late 1950s but you can still see a replica of its ground at Universal Studios in Orlando. That's where we snapped this shot.

No word on what type of character Lady Gaga will play but we don't think playing an eccentric, possibly possessed, hotel guest would be a stretch.

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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Because It's Not Creepy Enough Already, The Stanley Hotel Wants a Shining-Style Maze

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  Site Where: 333 Wonderview Ave [map], Estes Park, CO, United States, 80517
January 21, 2015 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

What to do for some January fun when you’re known as the most haunted hotel in America, so spooky that Stephen King penned The Shining after one terrifying night at yours?

Why, in addition to the ghost tours and looping the film on your entertainment system, you realize the one thing missing that would really cement your reputation is a Shining-style maze. So you build it.

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10 Of The Scariest Things We've Found In Hotel Rooms

October 16, 2014 at 8:59 AM | by | ()

The Stanley Hotel, AKA The Shining Hotel

It’s Halloween in hotel land, but rather than tell you about any package with the adjective ‘spooktacular’, we thought we’d discuss scary things found in hotel rooms. Some are ghostly, and some are simply gross. Here are the scariest moments of the HotelChatter crew – do chime in with yours in the comments…

· Being warned, “Ladies, you may not want to go into this next room, since the gentleman ghost has a habit of, um, touching women," on a hotel ghost tour (at The Stanley Hotel, CO);
· Becoming aware of your hotel’s haunted rumors while getting ready to go to sleep (at the Inn at Jim Thorpe, PA);
· Getting a weird neck-tingling sensation walking down a corridor (at Claridge’s)
· Having the room key not work, getting it fixed, having it break again, having the lock replaced, and having it break again – and then having a very weird feeling about the room (at The Benson, OR)
· Checking into a hotel we knew had a haunted reputation, trying our best to ignore that fact overnight, reading in the morning that the ghosts are mainly concentrated in one room, asking at reception for a joke if we could see that ghost room, and being told “but it’s the one you slept in last night” (at the Cosmopolitan San Diego).

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The Most Terrifying Overnight Imaginable: Great Horror Campout

June 27, 2014 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

While your spouse cowers during the scary movie “The Shining,” are you most horrified by watching Jack Nicholson chop apart such a charming country inn? Does your idea of the perfect overnight have less to do with “heavenly beds” and more in common with “A Nightmare on Elm Street”?

Well, you’re weird. But we love you anyway. And we get it.

And that’s why we’re pumped to share one of the most frighteningly fantastic overnights we’ve encountered: the Great Horror Campout, an immersive experience that puts the guests in the middle of a “Friday the 13th” flick. The Campout’s “Summer Tour,” which runs from July 11-August 2, will bring it to wooded areas of San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle and Portland, where gluttons for goose bumps will pitch a tent and be subjected to a 12-hour evening of interrupted sleep, creepy noises, and masked psychos crashing your marshmallow-roasting party. You know, all the stuff that would normally cause you to complain to the front desk in the morning, but is, when you sign up for it — really freaking (freaky) fun.

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Why The Mysterious Death at The Cecil Hotel Continues to Haunt Us

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  Site Where: 640 S. Main Street, [map], Los Angeles, CAlifornia , United States, 90014
October 31, 2013 at 9:27 AM | by | ()

Most of the hotel ghosts that we hear about here are pretty harmless. They are more poltergeisty rather than in-your-face frightening. But at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, there's clearly something that is at best, haunting and at worst, downright evil at play.

You may remember this hotel from earlier in the year when a young woman was found dead in the hotel's water tank. As if that wasn't tragic enough, her body had been in there for two weeks. It was only until guests and residents at the Skid Row hotel noticed the water had a black color and a foul odor. You're already creeped out. But now VigilantCitizen.com has found something even more disturbing--a video surveilance tape that shows the young woman, Elisa Lam, in the elevator shortly before she lost her life.

If you watch the video, you will see that Lam was not in her right mind. She entered the elevator and pushed all the buttons. Then when the doors wouldn't close, she peeked around the corner to see if someone was coming but yet she also hid herself and acted afraid that someone might see her.

Things get weirder still. She steps out of the elevator and begins waving her hands in a strange fashion and they appear to be a little warped. Finally, she walks away from the elevator and out of the camera's sight. The elevator then closes its doors and takes off.

Later, she somehow found a way into the gated water tank area, that's also protected by an alarm system and into the water tank where she drowned. Her death was ruled by the coroner's office as an accidental drowning but no drugs or alcohol were found in her system.

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Want a Spooky Ghost Story With Your Turndown Service? Check Out These Hotel Deals

October 8, 2013 at 3:33 PM | by | ()

Deals: you want 'em, and surprisingly, everyone has 'em. Take a look at some of the latest hotel deals going around the internet today from booking sites, social media sites, flash sale sites and more. Don't forget to scroll down to see the HotelChatter-approved deal either. Who knows? You might just find what you're looking for. (But don't forget to tell us about your stay!)


· HOTEL GALVEZ, GALVESTON ISLAND, TEX. : This National Trust Historic Hotel of America (which also happens to be a Wyndham Grand), is offering its annual Ghosts of Galvez tour where guests can even use ghost hunting tools and even ghost smartphone apps to tract paranormal activity in the beachfront hotel. Afterwards, everyone can compare notes at dinner at the Galvez Bar & Grill, which is also a bit haunted. The package is offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and starts at $229 per night, based on double occupancy. That includes includes the ghost tour, dinner and valet parking. Go here to book and use rate code PKGGHO.

· THE MUSE HOTEL, NYC: Kimpton's Times Square hotel, The Muse, has a light-hearted take on Halloween this year with their Spook & Shiver package. That includes two Halloween "Spookly Lych-Eye" martinis and a "spooky" appetizer at the NIOS restaurant, as well as a special candy turndown. Oh, and two tickets to the crazy freaky scary Black Out Haunted House at The Vortex Theater on 23rd Street and 11th Avenue. (You have to be 18 and older to attend.) Rates start at $499 a night. Go here to book and use promo code RIP.

· HERMOSA INN, PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZ.: This desert retreat is offering its own guided Hermosa Hauntings ghost tour where guests can brave a ghostly cowboy reflection in the mirror, glimpse a mystery lady in pink who walks by the pool and the ghost Lon, who likes closing all the doors to the casitas (a maid supposedly quit because of him). THe Hermosa Hauntings package includes two welcome creepy cocktails, a guided ghost tour and 10%off our best available rate. We found rates for $291. 60 a night for a Rancho room the weekend before Halloween. A larger Casita (which may be inhabited by Lon) starts at $345.60 for the same weekend. Go here to book and use promo code haunting to book.

· DOWNTOWN DISNEY RESORTS, DISNEY WORLD: Disney World is usually the most magical place on earth but it also gets a little spooky for Halloween too thanks to "Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party". Six Downtown Disney Resorts are offering their Fall Value Rates which start as low as $72 a night from now through November 30th. Participating hotels include the Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel (from $69 a night), the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton ($99 a night) and the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown ($99 a night.) Go here to book.

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Just in Time for Halloween, The Stanley Hotel is Digging Up a Pet Cemetery

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  Site Where: 333 E Wonderview Ave [map], Estes Park, CO, United States, 80517
September 27, 2013 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, sealed its fate as a spooky hotel when it served as the site of the creepy movie, "The Shining", based on Stephen King's novel. But now it may be a ghoulish place to go for another reason..

Apparently, a pet cemetery is located on the property and the hotel wants to move the pet graves elsewhere to make way for a wedding and corporate retreat pavilion. Right. Because everyone wants to say "I Do" and "Go Team!" over a bunch of former animal graves.

The hotel has said they will hire a local cemetery to "appropriately" move the graves but the news is pretty unsettling. One psychic weighed in on the matter, telling the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

Construction accidents, delays and burst pipes could plague the project if spirits stuck "between this world and the other world" are disturbed, said Rosemary McArthur, known as "The Celtic Lady," who lives in Estes Park and was featured as a dog psychic on Animal Planet's "Pit Boss."

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The Stoneleigh In Dallas Has Morphed Into a Le Meridien

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  Site Where: 2927 Maple Avenue [map], Dallas, Texas, United States, 75201
May 6, 2013 at 9:51 AM | by | ()

The most historic hotel in Dallas has officially changed hands, but all of the historic flair of The Stoneleigh Hotel will remain untouched just under the Le Meridien name.

The hotel, originally built in 1923, has seen plenty of stars through out the years; it was where Hollywood's movers and shakers stayed while visiting the Texas city. It has seen everyone from Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and Katharine Hepburn in its glory days, to Jessica Simpson and Lebron James more recently after a 2008 refurb.

The new owners, HEI Hotels, plan to update the lobby-bar with modern furniture and take advantage of the unique courtyard to attract Dallas' social-set to the Uptown area hotel. Already, the landmark Beaux-Arts building has changed the restaurant name to T/X, and serving up revamped Latin-American cuisine. We do appreciate when hotels give their properties a little love and spruce things up a bit, even when they're historical legends.

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Freaky Friday: Morgue Hotel Opening In Tasmania

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  Site Where: 15 George Street , New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia, 7140
November 2, 2012 at 12:10 PM | by | ()

Halloween got upstaged by Mother Nature who spooked the hell out of us in the form of Hurricane Sandy. We’ve been rattled so much that we'd like to circle back to what we wanted to show you--one of the freakiest "hotel" ideas we've ever heard--not counting the Japanese toilet one (that's just strange, and we've seen a few).

I doubt it’s by accident that Australian businessman Hadyn Pearce coordinated his most recent announcement with the end of October: He is hoping to convert a former mortuary in southern Tasmania into a hotel, concrete deathbeds and all. The original surgical equipment and a stainless steel bathtub once used to wash bodies would also highlight the dark décor.

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Historic Ohio Hotel Anxious For a “Mitt Romney Room”

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  Site Where: 27 S. Broadway [map], Lebanon, Ohio, United States, 45036
October 24, 2012 at 6:36 PM | by | ()

Republican Senator Rob Portman, whose family owns Lebanon, Ohio's 200-year old Golden Lamb Inn, recently gave a tour of the state's oldest (and some say haunted due to three deaths) hotel to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during a stop along his campaign trail.

According to a local news source, there was a bit of gentle teasing on the Inn's rates.

“He calls it The Golden Lamb. But I think when you look at the prices, you'll determine it's the golden fleece,” Romney quipped. “Careful,” Portman responded, with a smile. Romney clarified, “Actually it's modest, it's a modest price point. I mean this is like $130 a night... for history!”

While walking around the Inn, which 12 presidents (including George W. Bush and John Quincy Adams) have visited, Sen. Portman's wife said “This is great. We can't wait to have a Mitt Romney room.”

There's a funny about a binder full of presidents, right? Right?


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Are You Brave Enough to Stay at Sydney's Harbour Rocks Hotel?

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  Site Where: 34 Harrington Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000
October 18, 2012 at 10:20 AM | by | ()

New hotels abound in Australia's largest city. Sydney has seen an influx of new hotels, spruced-up stand-bys and complete rebrandings. M Gallery has officially thrown their Akubra hat in the ring with their newest property, the Harbour Rocks Hotel.

Sitting on the grounds of the city's very first hospital, the complete renovation has kept a good portion of the past while still creating a comfortable modern living space. Melding old and new by using the original sandstone facade and the adjacent workers cottages to keep with the look and feel of the neighborhood that's dripping with historical relevance. With plenty of vintage buildings housing boutiques, restaurants and cafes, the new hotel is a perfect fit.

All 59 guestrooms offer a contemporary and comfortable style, yet still incorporate the history of the building with exposed brick and vintage-style windows. Because the hotel is in one of the hottest tourist spots in Sydney, it's just a hop, skip or jump away to the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. Location is key for this place.

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