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Fast-Growing Chinese Hotel Brand Makes Free WiFi a Priority

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July 13, 2012 at 11:50 AM | by | ()

CNN has a story out today about the budget Hanting Inn brand in China that is expanding so fast, it's opening a new hotel every two days. Man, we knew there was room for growth in China but we had no idea it was this much.

Hanting Inns are pretty much no-frills budget spots that are just a step above hostels, capsule hotels and shared digs. Rooms are teeny tiny and they start as low as $15 a night. They also seem to be the knock-off Holiday Inn with similar logo colors except the rooms are way more modern and stylish.

However, billionaire founder Ji Qi made these three things a priority in his offerings to hotel guests: "a soft bed, free internet access and a good hot shower after a long, tiring day."

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