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Funky Friday: The Hospitality Design Expo Edition

May 16, 2014 at 2:58 PM | by | ()

Welcome to Funky Friday, a new segment we’re trying out which features one photo that we think singularly expresses a hotel’s inner psyche. We look for, and often find, a lot of wacky, wild and wondrous designs that seem to have one thing in common: a Type A personality. So why not have a bit of fun as we all wrap up our week by taking a quick look at some hotels that quite frankly, want our attention.

As the Hospitality Design Expo wraps up this week, we thought it might be fun to wing it and look for a Funky Friday subject as an individual product, straight from the exhibit hall floor. While we can’t say we saw every booth at the show, we found one that stood out to us and seemed like an ideal candidate. The more we looked at this functional and fashionable accessory, the more we saw it as a creative design solution worthy of a Funky Friday highlight.

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Mosaic's Pop-Up Design Wins 'Radical Innovation' Award at the HD Expo

May 20, 2010 at 7:03 PM | by | ()

A luxe-looking pop-up hotel.

When people talk about the "hotel room of the future," the conversation often involves outlandish designs, impossible architecture and unthinkable locations (space, undersea, atop a waterfall, etc.) So it's super-refreshing to hear that this year's Radical Innovation in Hospitality was awarded yesterday at the Hospitality Design Expo to an affordable, pop-up hotel room design called Mosaic from prolific design firm WATG.

Here's a description of Mosaic

An outgrowth of temporary relief shelter, the global Mosaic brand defines and delivers affordable, pop-up hospitality—prefabricated and portable to virtually anywhere. WATG invented Mosaic as entirely flexible, comprised of individually configured, modular Prisms, outfitted as needed as spas, salons, guestrooms, mini-homes (multiple Prisms such as kitchenette and bedrooms), or tented villas (an addition to a luxury resort at peak season).

Grouped together, Mosaic Prisms are attached organically to Mosaic Hubs that comprise and contain lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges, and other amenities.

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