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Gran Meliá Puerto Rico Offers Star Tours Without Leaving the Beach

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  Site Where: 1000 Coco Beach Boulevard, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
September 21, 2009 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

Clear skies above the Gran Meliá resort offer ideal conditions for stargazing

You say Ursa Major, I say Ursa Minor; let's call the whole thing off. Actually, don't, especially not if you're stargazing in Puerto Rico. The country's Gran Meliá resort is capitalizing on its remote location to push a vacation activity that Copernicus would have approved of: star spotting (and we're not talking the Hollywood variety) and astronomy lessons on the beach with an expert to point out everything from Cassiopeia to Orion, and everything in between.

Gran Meliá is a decidedly anti-urban resort that has largely built its reputation on being "green." Located a short drive away from San Juan, the hotel has banned motorized water sports, has trained staff to keep the beach pristine, and they have instituted a conservation program for said beaches. Without towering skyscrapers, apartment complexes, and city smog polluting (pun intended) sky views, spotting constellations is markedly easier than in San Juan proper.

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Free Stuff For Guests Who Check-In Wearing a Bikini at The Clarendon Hotel

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  Site Where: 401 West Clarendon Avenue [map], Phoenix, AZ, United States, 85013
July 18, 2008 at 11:44 AM | by | ()

We don't know about you, but the only time you'll catch us in a bathing suit is when there is a large body of water around. Otherwise, it's cover-up city. Matthew McConaughey we are not.

Evilly, the Clarendon Hotel and Suites Phoenix seems to be playing on this weakness with another of our weaknesses: free stuff. Through the end of the summer, the hotel is offering Bikini Check-In, where guests who check in wearing a bikini, swim trunks or a Speedo receive a $20 credit for poolside service, room service or use at the hotel's Mexican restaurant.

One look at The Oasis, the Clarendon's swimming pool with underwater speakers, massaging water jets, 50-person Jacuzzi, sun beds and free poolside Wi-Fi and suddenly we don't feel so shy. Excuse us while we slip into something a little more revealing, head to the pool and finish the workday with our laptop and a mai tai by our side.

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Viva Las Vegas Hotel Map Contest: It's the Perfect Christmas Gift

December 15, 2006 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Go Straight to the Viva Las Vegas Hotel Map

Way back when we first introduced the Viva Las Vegas Hotel Map, we promised to unroll the second and third installments in a timely manner. See, we started off with the High Rollers like the Wynn, Caesars and The Venetian. Next we were going to bring forth the Breaking Even places like the Hard Rock and Paris. Then we would point you to the hotels that seem to be Crapping Out. Excalibur anyone?

We also wanted you to send us your wild Vegas stories and we would pick the lucky winner with the wildest story to win Rough Guides Las Vegas guide book pack.

Then life got in the way. Britney Spears showing off her lady friend, Thanksgiving, Honduras, Pam and Kid Rock divorcing, Amsterdam, Mexico hotel reviews, Art Basel, etc.

We extended the contest by a few weeks but in reality, that wasn't fair, especially since we still have like 20 hotels to add to our map.

So we're striking a deal. We promise to unveil our complete Viva Las Vegas Hotel Map featuring all three tiers--High Rollers, Breaking Even and Crapping Out--in the next couple of weeks and in exchange we give you until Jan. 12, 2007 to send us your Vegas hotel stories. Remember, these stories have to at least involve one of the Vegas hotels but doesn't have to be restricted to the ones that are on our map. Who knows? Maybe your story at Terrible's Casino is so damn good that we had to add that crappy hotel to our map...on the Crapping Out tier of course.

A couple examples of the good and bad Vegas hotel stories we have received thus far post jump.

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What Happens In Vegas Can Be Set Free On The Internet

December 1, 2006 at 4:36 PM | by | ()

We will go ahead and extend this thing until December 15.  Why?  Well with the barrage of Britney upskirts hitting the web this week we figure we figure an extension is in order. Submit your most incredible tales of Vegas hotel debauchery and get free stuff--submitting with photos helps your chances.

Entries for our Viva Las Vegas Hotel Map Contest, where the person with the most amazingly true but shocking story (or the most amazingly cheesy or the most amazingly drunk but functioning story--we're open to all types) will receive a Rough Guides Las Vegas guide book pack. No not a travel back pack. A travel guide book pack about Las Vegas for both the seasoned and the infrequent visitor.

Even better, if you have the winning story, we will put it up in lights on the site for all of the travel world to see--and you may just become a pixel based Google maps map point. See dreams can come true, if you just tell us what happens in Vegas.

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Entry Deadline is Friday December 15, 2006 at 6pm EST.  
Regular SFO*MEDIA contest rules apply.