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A (Design) Split-Personality Comes Together Nicely At Le Meridien Parkhotel

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  Site Where: Wies, 28 - 38, 60329 Frankfurt
May 31, 2015 at 9:15 PM | by | ()

On a recent stroll through the streets of cosmopolitan Frankfurt, we happened by Le Meridien Parkhotel and couldn’t help but notice its split (design) personality. Ah, the makings of a unique hotel, we thought. We had to have a closer look.

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Sofitel to Offer 'Five Star Plus' Luxury When It Opens in Frankfurt Next Year

March 11, 2015 at 5:20 PM | by | ()

After some delays in getting started, sleek, sexy and oh, so French Sofitel Hotels may be opening early next year in Frankfurt's Opernplatz, a city square facing the former Frankfurt Opera house.

The new Sofitel will offer “five-star-plus” service, an unofficial designation not unlike the seven star proclamations we’ve seen in recent years. Real world definitions aside, a night at the Sofitel, like a night at the opera, is proclaimed to be a “top performance.”

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Hilton Wants to Own the Airport Hotel Game in Europe

January 5, 2015 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

Europe’s busiest airports had a good year last year: citizenM arrived at Paris Roissy – Charles de Gaulle, the first European Element came to Frankfurt, and of course, the shirtless men of Moxy welcomed us at Milan Malpensa. With the last two of those openings courtesy of industry giants Starwood and Marriott, it seems appropriate that the latest news comes from Hilton Hotels, which is reflagging the former Kempinski hotel at Munich airport as the Hilton Munich Airport this month.

With that step, the almost proverbial “airport Hilton” is now available at each of the seven largest European airports (that’s London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris CDG, Munich, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Rome). There is more to the change in Munich than a different badge on the front door though, and construction in Amsterdam to replace its dated 1970s hotel is moving along too.

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Element Has Landed at Frankfurt Airport

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  Site Where: De-Saint-Exupery 6, Frankfurt, Germany, 60549
September 3, 2014 at 9:24 AM | by | ()

The European chapter of Starwood’s expansion for Element Hotels has officially commenced: Element Frankfurt Airport opened its doors this past weekend.

Part of a mixed-use development called Gateway Gardens, the hotel is just over 2 miles from the airport terminal. TripAdvisor reviews haven’t made it onto the site just yet, but a first few questions regarding airport shuttles (there is one 24 hours a day) are being answered by the hotel.

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Frankfurt Gets Funky: Inside the Goldman 25Hours Hotel

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  Site Where: Hanauer Landstraße 127, Frankfurt, Germany
January 18, 2013 at 4:13 PM | by | ()

Think about the adjectives typically associated with Frankfurt, Germany. They're not exactly the most pleasant, are they? Perhaps that's why the Goldman 25Hours Hotel shakes up the scene with confident use of colors and whimsical design touches. In any case, our stay (1 night, paying a standard prepaid rate of 92 Euros) blessedly brightened what had been a dreary, sleep-deprived week

Never heard of the 25Hours boutique chain? Well neither had we until last year, when we found their Hamburg HafenCity location and promptly fell head over heels. Their Goldman Frankfurt property is not as new or large as Hamburg, but the brand's bravery with design and affordable rates are very much in house at all locations.

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A 'Jogging Corner' and Freebie Fitness Extras at a Funky Frankfurt Hotel Find

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  Site Where: Hanauer Landstraße 127, Frankfurt, Germany, 60314
January 11, 2013 at 3:56 PM | by | ()

While more and more hotels realize that perhaps their guests prefer a fitness experience other than a musty gym, we see more and more yoga mats in closets and jogging maps on desks. Recently, during a stay at the Goldman 25Hours in Frankfurt, Germany, we checked in at reception next to this little "Jogging Corner" cart.

The Jogging Corner is all the basics you'd need to have an enjoyable run, while traveling light. That means they provide the water bottles, the small sweat towels, wristlet keychains or branded sweatbands, all complimentary to guests.

We went for the sweatbands, since we quickly figured out that these serve more than the function of storing the tiny specially made jogging map of the area; we wore the sweatband and stored our bus and tram coins in it. Perfect! No fumbling in a wallet while trying to board public transportation.

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Five On Instagram: The Best Hotel Photos from the Month of October

October 26, 2012 at 9:19 AM | by | ()

With all the design details in hotels, it's no wonder they're the perfect place to get creative with Instagram photos. We're kind of obsessed with browsing the #hotel tag, and every once in a while, we bring you 5 of our favorite shots that impart major wanderlust. And don't forget to follow our own shots on Instagram under "hotelchatter," "jaunted" and "vegaschatter."

· The above shot was taken by us during a visit inside the Coach Suite at Martha's Vineyard's Charlotte Inn. Not bad, eh?

· Photo via claudialesti — Boy, this looks fun: lounging by the Hotel Santa Tecla Palace's square pool, gazing out at the Ionian Sea.

· Photo via tonyhawk — @tonyhawk says it best in his caption: "sunset from Sunset"...Boulevard, that is. Absolutely killer view from the Mondrian Los Angeles.

· Photo via o_omaab — We like to make fun of the spooky minimalist vibe at the Armani Hotel, but this shot does a great job of capturing the rooms' stark elegance.

· Photo via HotelChatter — Remember how much we liked the art at 25hours Hamburg Hafencity? Here's a shot we took from its sister hotel, the Goldman 25hours Frankfurt.

[Photo above: HotelChatter]

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Europe's First Element Hotel Will Open In Germany

September 21, 2012 at 9:14 AM | by | ()

Is Europe ready to balance itself out?

This week it was announced that Element, the brand that once gave out free rooms to guests who showed up with recyclable plastic bottles, is finally making the move across the pond. Starting with...Frankfurt, Germany. Though from the sound of it, Starwood is just scratching the surface, as it plans to embark on a full-blown European expansion of the eco-conscious brand.

Hope those Germans have a soft spot for smoothie stations and healthy breakfast wraps!

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Hotels for Plane Spotting: The Hilton Garden Inn at Frankfurt International

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  Site Where: THE SQUAIRE am Flughafen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
September 13, 2012 at 4:41 PM | by | ()

Airport hotels get a pretty bad rap. Sure, there are the greasy, grimy ones, but we like to think that for every one of those, there's a perfectly clean business-friendly one—or, even better, an airport hotel with the luxury of an airport view. All this week we'll be taking a look at a few of our favorite hotels for plane spotting.

Today: The Hilton Garden Inn at Frankfurt International Airport.

Not only is this hotel brand-spanking-new, but it has something others don't at FRA: affordable rooms with a view of the runways. You see, the Hilton Garden Inn sits within a shiny new building called THE SQUAIRE, full of offices, shops and even an international railway station. There's also a Hilton in the same complex, dead next to the Garden Inn, but having been to both we say go with the Garden Inn.

Anyway, let's get to the plane spotting.

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Is Big Brother Watching at the Jumeirah Frankfurt or Just Making You Comfy?

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  Site Where: Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2 , 60313 Frankfurt am Main , Germany
July 6, 2012 at 3:51 PM | by | ()

We love technology. Especially in the context of making our stays more comfortable. At the 218-room Jumeirah Frankfurt, for business and pleasure travelers, technology plays an important role in the guest experience.

While you are checking-in, your room is being acclimated to your preferences so that upon arriving at your door the in-room climate will be set at what Jumeirah refers to as "optimal heating or cooling." Before you get in the elevator, you must use the key touch pad to press in your room floor. The system will then direct you to a particular elevator to catch based on the "matched grouping" of other guests desiring the same floor or nearby floors.

Jumeirah says the elevator also limits the number of guests so the number of "stop-overs" is reduced. We didn't try it, but what about that kid who presses the buttons for all of the floors? If you try it, let us know how this works.

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Inside the Club Lounge at the New Hilton Frankfurt Airport

Where: Frankfurt Airport - The Squaire, Frankfurt, Germany
June 4, 2012 at 5:42 PM | by | ()

Over on Jaunted, you can get our inside looks at some of the world’s best airline lounges, so we thought we’d do something similar here and start talking about some of the hotel lounges we’ve frequented lately for our series on Hotel Club Lounges. Today, we're having a look inside the Executive Lounge at the very new Hilton within The Squaire complex at Frankfurt International Airport.

When you're an executive lounge at an airport hotel, it's probably a good idea to mirror the upscale airline lounges found next door, right? Right. So when the Hilton Frankfurt Airport finally opened last December, they kept that jet set appeal all the way up through the executive lounge.

We popped into the lounge only a few days ago, thanks to one of our buddies at Australian Business Traveller and his Hilton status. Upstairs in the shiny, zeppelin-like SQUAIRE complex, the Hilton's lounge overlooks the atrium lobby and—if you're lucky—the glass roof will give you brief glimpses of airplanes taking off right overhead.

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Now Arriving at Frankfurt Airport: Two Fresh Hilton Hotels

Where: Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
December 22, 2011 at 5:41 PM | by | ()

Finally finally Frankfurt Airport has more hotels to offer than the Sheraton with the horrible internet situation. Both the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport debuted yesterday, though this December opening date is a long delay from March, when they originally planned on polishing the door handles.

Whatever. We're just happy we don't have to stay in that Sheraton again.

So, what does the duo of Hiltons have to offer? First off, they're in a striking new building with an odd name— the "Squaire." It's connected to the airport via walkways, but it's got far more going for it than that; this is a mega center with restaurants, shops, landscaped atriums and—the real clincher—a major transit hub on its ground level. Zipping below your hotel rooms are 185 daily high-speed rail links across Europe.

That's our most favorite feature—its convenient location to both the airport and the German ICE trains—but our second favorite is the promise of Free WiFi at the Garden Inn, and more:

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