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Florence's Newest Hotel is for Renaissance Men and Women

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  Site Where: Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2, Florence, Italy, 50123
April 8, 2015 at 8:53 AM | by | ()

Florence is so hot right now with its recent openings, and just in time for the heady summer season, here’s a new hotel right on the Arno river: Leone Blu.

Cast aside all mental images of Radisson Blus and chain hotels – this is a delicate 9-room, family-owned place in a 16th century palazzo. Palazzo Ricasoli (built by one of the main Florentine families) has been a hotel before – in the 19th century it was the oddly named Grand Hotel de New York. Now, it’s equally grand but a lot more Italian, with the rooms curated by local designer Piero Brarda.

This isn’t your average hotel – the palazzo is still owned by the family who built it, and your host is Baroness Maria Teresa Ricasoli Firidolfi who, amazingly, promises to treat you as if you’re at a friend’s house. There’s a butler and a concierge, who’ll do everything from unpacking your luggage to booking your Uffizi tickets.

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The Ups and Downs of a Quick Fling with the Grand Amore in Florence

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  Site Where: Via dei Servi 38/A, Florence, Italy, 50122
March 18, 2015 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

Last week, we told you about the best hotel gift ever – the individualized presents that the Grand Amore Hotel & Spa in Florence gives to every guest upon departure. For us, it was a set of stamps featuring our favorite Italian author; for you, it could be… well, it depends on what you tell them your hobbies are on the pre-arrival questionnaire.

Compared to that, the rooms themselves are going to pale in comparison, right?

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Tell Us: Is This the Most Thoughtful Hotel Gift Ever?

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  Site Where: Via dei Servi 38/A, Florence, Italy, 50122
March 11, 2015 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Cast aside all thoughts of Nicolas Cage photos by your bedside. Here is a concierge story to end all concierge stories.

Yesterday we told you about the pre-stay questionnaires for guests of the Grand Amore Hotel & Spa in Florence, asking everything from your breakfast choices to your favorite hobbies and passions.

The questions translated fairly clearly into action, and it soon became clear just why they’d asked so many questions – because this is a hotel that showers you with gifts from the moment you check in.

Things I received over a two-night stay:

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Why Does This Hotel in Florence Want to Know Your Favorite Hobbies?

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  Site Where: Via dei Servi 38/A, Florence, Italy, 50122
March 10, 2015 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Pre-stay questionnaires: yay or nay? Yay because it implies some kind of effort on the part of the hotel; nay because it’s a hassle to fill them in. Right?

At least, that was our thinking as we filled in the two (yes, two!) forms before our stay at the newly opened Grand Amore Hotel & Spa in Florence this week.

One form was for breakfast – what flavor jam did we prefer? How do we like our eggs? Cheese, cold cuts? Cappuccino with whole milk or skimmed? Would you prefer it served on “Old England”, “modern” or “fashion” crockery? Argh! #toomuchchoice.

The other questionnaire was a general one. Preferred hardness of mattress. Pillow type. Beverage preference. Preferred fruits. Bread or Tuscan schiacciata. Favorite flowers. Favorite essential oils. Favorite “hobbies and passions”… Wait, what?

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Poor Florence Is the Latest City to Get a Hotel Designed for Millennials

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  Site Where: Piazza Santa Maria Novella 21, Florence, Italy, 50123
December 11, 2014 at 8:25 AM | by | ()

A “globe-trotting, design-loving clientele”. A fashion theme. Lots of communal spaces. Uh oh - this can only mean one thing. A hotel tailored to millennials.

Where is the latest city to suffer the indignity? Why, it’s poor, beautiful Florence. The Hotel Garibaldi Blu, which opened last week on Piazza Santa Maria Novella is themed around jeans – yes, jeans – which, actually, originated in Genoa. What that means, basically, is that the palette is blue.

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Hostel or Hotel? Meininger is Bringing Both to Italy

Where: Italy
December 4, 2014 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

Next stop: Italy

While the rest of the world is courting millennials, Italy, apparently, is going after the budget market. According to a new report, budget accommodation is predicted to be the fastest growing sector globally for 2014-2018; and Italy – land of ridiculously lavish palace hotels – is playing catch up.

Swift on the heels of the Moxy launch in Milan, the Meininger group from Germany is planning an Italian invasion: from next year, they’ll be opening in Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome.

You may not have heard of Meininger before, but they bill themselves as a hotel-hostel fusion, have been in operation for 15 years, and currently have 16 hotels in 10 European cities: mostly in Germany and Austria, plus one each in Brussels, London and Amsterdam.

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What’s Out, What’s In: Liquid Diets

Where: Various Hotels , United States
March 14, 2013 at 7:53 PM | by | ()

SMAK Bar's Bloody Mary at Hotel Madeline

We've started a series of what’s trending in hotels these days: What’s Out, What’s In. Do we like what we see? Think it's a dud? You be the judge!

What’s Out: Drinks Then Dinner

What’s In: Dinner in Your Drinks

These days hotel bars are getting all fancy with their cocktails. Prize mixologists are like rock stars in the bevvie world. It’s a given now that the best hotel bars make their own syrups and infuse their own spirits, so what’s next? Well, some bartenders are thinking that it may be time to bring back the liquid lunch, although some of these drinks aren’t only liquid...

Lantern’s Keep (love the name!) at the Iroquois Hotel New York is an intimate cocktail salon located inside the historic Theater District hotel. Here's the kicker--you can only enter the dimly-lit watering hole if the lantern outside the bar is glowing. If you’re there at night and have one-too-many of the Stay Up Late cocktails, you might just want to show up the next day for the Golden Breakfast, made up of gin, lime, cucumber slices, Worcester sauce, hot sauce and the final ingredient--an egg yolk.

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What’s Out, What’s In: Scent of a Hotel

February 28, 2013 at 3:12 PM | by | ()

Today we start a new weekly series of what’s trending in hotels these days: What’s Out, What’s In. Do we like what we see? Think it's a dud? You be the judge!

What’s Out: Generic flower aromas

What’s In: Bespoke signature scents

Hotels are getting personal with their smelly goods. More and more they’re looking to give you a local scent experience as soon as you walk in the door or when you’re executing your nightly ablutions. Capitalizing on the strength of olfactory memories, they’re partnering with local scent companies to choose unique aromas that embody the spirit of the hotel and give it a sense of place.

Here are just a few examples:

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Fancy A Night In A Hotel With Marilyn Monroe? Head To Florence

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  Site Where: Vicolo dell' Oro 5, Florence, Italy, 50123
July 24, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

OK, interactive holograms of deceased celebrities haven't quite made it into the repertoire of common hotel amenities. But how does this sound instead: a hotel lobby filled with original black-and-white pictures spanning the entire career of Hollywood's most photographed star?

That's what Florence's Gallery Hotel Art has planned for the rest of the summer, and they're throwing in a few extras to celebrate the exhibit, on display now. Like breakfast, a three-course dinner, room upgrade, and free entry to the Ferragamo museum.

Giving credence to the oft-quoted Marilyn Monroe maxim: "There's so much to smile about."

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Florence Is Having A Renaissance, As Far As Hotel Social Media Goes

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  Site Where: Florence, Italy
May 16, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Eventually, it's going to get pretty boring writing (and reading!) about every single hotel that launches a partnership with LobbyFriend, the newest hotel social media and city guide app to set the hotel world on fire. But for now (we hope), the excitement is still there...

If for no other reason than that LobbyFriend is so darn secretive about which hotels they've partnered with!

The Lungarno Collection, a boutique family-owned consortium boasting four hotels in Florence, Italy, will be the first European hotel brand (and only the second worldwide, that we know of) to offer the technology. Giving guests that much more of an opportunity to practice their shaky Italian.

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Cookies and a Lullaby: Is This The Perfect Turndown?

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  Site Where: Piazza Strozzi, Florence, Italy
November 16, 2011 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

Chocolates at turndown are all well and good. Port, even better. But, if we lay aside our greedy tendencies for a moment, we’d say that this sincere wish for us to have a good sleep is probably better than both of them.

We found this on our pillow at bedtime during our stay at the Golden Tower Hotel in Florence: a copy of the Brahms Lullaby, which sounds like this and reads like this:

Lullaby and good night, with roses bedight
With lilies bedecked is baby's wee bed,
Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed
Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed

Lullaby and good night, thy mother's delight
Bright angels beside my darling shall stand;
They will guard thee from harms, thou shalt wake in my arms
They will guard thee from harms, thou shalt wake in my arms

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On Your Next Grand Tour, Check Out the New St. Regis Florence

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  Site Where: Piazza Ognissanti 1, Florence, Italy, 50123
October 11, 2011 at 4:36 PM | by | ()

If you were hopping a plane to Italy today, where would you go? Would you wait patiently outside the still-under-construction Armani Hotel Milan? Or suffer the annoying cash-only hotel taxes in Rome?

Maybe instead you could make a beeline for Florence, and scope out the new St. Regis Florence, which opened last Thursday. Starwood, parent company of the international luxury brand, is currently pumping $100 million into its most prized properties in Europe, Africa and the Middle East—and this historic 1432 Florence landmark building—which was previously known as the Grand Hotel Florence—seems to have been high on the list.

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