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The Women-Only Floor at This Copenhagen Hotel Was Deemed to Be 'Unlawful'

April 29, 2014 at 11:15 AM | by | Comments (0)

Last year at this time, we wondered how long women-only hotel rooms and floors would last? Well, for the Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen, the end is already here.

The Eastern High Court has ruled the hotel's 20 women-only hotel rooms on the Bella Donna floor to be "unlawful" after two men and the Danish Board of Equal Treatment sued the hotel for discrimination. Apparently, these two men never even visited the hotel, nor did any male guests complain about the women-only rooms.

In a press release, the hotel's owner, Allan L. Agerholm expressed frustration at the ruling but said the hotel will comply with the order.

"We had of course hoped to win the case, since, in our opinion, we do not discriminate the opposite sex, since the same product in the same high quality is available for men in our remaining rooms. We were of the opinion that a hotel should be allowed to differentiate between guests and between the sexes, as long as we do not put them at a disadvantage."

Considering that this lawsuit has been going on for nearly three years, we don't blame the hotel for giving up the fight. That said, the hotel only offered 20 rooms out of 812 just for women. The women-only rooms did offer different amenities including high-end moisturizers and healthier food options but they also gave women a sense of security when traveling alone.

For now the Bella Donna floor is still up on the hotel's website (the URL calls it the Lady Floor) but we imagine that will come down soon. For posterity's sake, here's what the floor included:

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Women-Only Hotel Rooms and Floors Are Trendy, But For How Long?

April 30, 2013 at 4:32 PM | by | Comment (1)

Welp, it looks like we've officially got a new trend on our hands.

Hotels all over the world are offering women-only rooms and floors in an attempt to attract and cater to the growing number of female solo travelers, the majority of them of the business variety. Among others, the Dukes London, Bella Sky Comwell, Naumi Hotel in Singapore, Premier Hotel in New York, the Crowne Plaza in D.C., and the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver are all on board.

“This is an old concept once dismissed as sexist that’s having a resurgence primarily as a result of more women traveling solo on business,” Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at the marketing communications firm JWT, told the New York Times.

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