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The Only Way Is Essex For England's Latest Hotel Venture

November 23, 2011 at 1:41 PM | by | ()

Mick looking Grand

Ladies and gentlemen, forget Ian Schrager and Andre Balazs and even the Donald: there’s a new hotel baron in town. He’s a silver fox, he has a charming twinkle of the eye, and he definitely has a way with the ladies, by the looks of the people he’s pulled. His name? Mick Norcross.

Now, you may not have heard of him if you’re in the States. You may even not know the name if you’re in the UK; but you’ll definitely be au fait with what’s made him famous: The Only Way Is Essex.

For those who need to come up to speed: TOWIE is kind of like the UK equivalent of Jersey Shore (only way, way better), set in Essex, which is kind of a cross between New Jersey and Vegas, with a little bit of Reno thrown in. Kirk Norcross is one of the main characters, kind of a hybrid of Pauly D (though he owns a club, rather than DJs) and the Situation (pulls lots of ladies but appears to despise womankind). His dad, who’s the money behind the scenes, is Mick. Mick likes hanging out with Kirk’s friends and coming onto ladies a couple of decades younger than himself.

Caught up? Anyways, according to the fount of all knowledge, the Daily Mail, Mick has bought the dilapidated (or, as the FailMail writes, “debilitated”) Grand Hotel in Leigh-On-Sea (a former grand dame, built 1896, that’s since fallen into gross disrepair), and plans to magic it into a boutique hotel, complete with restaurant and spa.

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