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Are Televisions in the Bathroom Mirror a Worthwhile Luxury Amenity?

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  Site Where: Königsallee 11 , Dusseldorf, Germany, 40212
July 11, 2013 at 10:18 AM | by | ()

The Breidenbacher Hof is the closest luxury hotel to the Old Town of Dusseldorf, literally a two block walk to what is commonly referred to as "the longest bar in the world," a series of pubs and restaurants that pour out onto the pedestrian promenade (our sister site Jaunted gave us the scoop on it). Dusseldorf is a beer-drinkers paradise, specializing in a unique style called Altbier, and it's one of those towns where you go out for one drink and end up coming back at sunrise (which this contributor experienced firsthand a few day ago).

But the town is not all beer drinking and belching. It's also home to Germany's largest Japanese population and well known for its luxury shopping, including the Königsallee, which is regarded as the most exclusive kilometer in Germany due to its top designers and exclusive jewelry, perfume, porcelain and antiques shops.

The 95-room Breidenbacher definitely fits in with the latter luxe crowd, having hosted celebrity guests that include Pink and AC/DC. It didn't take us long to notice the flair as we were escorted to the room during check-in by an associate from the front desk, who showed us how all the gadgets work. The room was gorgeous, but what made us crack a smile was when we entered the bathroom and saw the television embedded in the mirror. Upscale hotel, or man's dream bathroom?

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Oh, JLo! Singer Allegedly Gets Melia Hotel Staff Fired

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  Site Where: Inselstrasse 2, Dusseldorf, North Rhein-Westphalia, Germany, 40479
November 8, 2012 at 9:54 AM | by | ()

Maybe it's in the name, but allegedly JLo has been a similar hotel guest as Ms. Aniston. Just like J-An, J-Lo has been accused of getting an employee fired at a hotel she was staying.

According to TMZ, the story goes a little something like this. A German tabloid —YAWN— reports a maid from the Meliá Düsseldorf claims to have been fired for politely knocking on the room door and asking the pop-star for an autograph.

"Jenny From the Block" struck back against the news by taking to Twitter —as pop-stars do— defending her reputation and crying foul. "C'mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful". Yet, Lopez' camp confirms an 'incident' involving a maid. So here we go, another somebody done somebody wrong song.

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The Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf Has a Sexy Porsche Outside

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  Site Where: Speditionstrasse 19, Dusseldorf, Germany, 40221
May 13, 2011 at 3:36 PM | by | ()

Checking out hotel cars is one of our favorite internet trolling past times so we've become rather immune to luxury hotels that offer Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, Maybachs, BMWs and Mercedes for their guests to ride in. But this car option at the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf is kinda different.

The new hotel has a black four-door, chauffeur-driven Porsche Panamera on hand to ferry guests around town. A sexy Porsche is not quite what we'd associate with Hyatt--maybe for their sister brand Andaz but either we're digging it. However, this porsche just for cruising only. For airport pickups, guests can choose between a Mercedes Benz S-Class or a BMW 7 series for up to three people or a VW van for up to seven people.

Up in the rooms, the sexiness continues with vibrant artwork, high-tech amenities like plasma screens and heated floors, rain showers and separate spa tubs. Rates start around 200 euros a night.

[Photo: TripAdvisor

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From Touchpanels to Free WiFi: This Luxury Hotel Loves Its Tech

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  Site Where: Königsallee 11, Dusseldorf, Germany, 40212
May 28, 2010 at 1:41 PM | by | ()

Picture this: you've just arrived to your room in a luxury European hotel. You're tired, a little sweaty, and your phone is out of battery life. Because of the time difference, you've also got to start working on your computer right away, but you can't locate the electrical outlets. A quick, feverish look around the room don't reveal any and then—like a lightbulb going on over your head—you have the sudden idea to check the desk drawer, and there they are. A pair of polished-up glimmering outlets, an ethernet port and A/V cable ports are right there at easy reach and out of sight. It's brilliant.

It's what we found in the rooms at the 5-star Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany, and we've never seen a plug panel so advanced.

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