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Whoa. This UFO Hotel May Land in the California Desert, If You Help Pay for It

Where: CA, United States
May 29, 2015 at 3:21 PM | by | ()

To the fans of all things extraterrestrial, this one's for you. We kick off this special edition of Funky Friday by saying this may be light years away (aka, not gonna happen,) but if your network of SciFi buddies pitches in, you may just see the opening of The UFO Hotel.

Is anyone surprised? We figured it was only a matter of time before there would be a close encounter of the hotel kind. Except that this kind involves some home grown alien crowd-funding.

The UFO Hotel is the brainchild of Luis Ramallo, UFO enthusiast and owner of popular road stop Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, California. Baker is small community in the Mojave Desert, conveniently situated along the Los Angeles – Las Vegas route, so there should be no shortage of guests, whether die-hard science fiction fans, or just plain curious.

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Exploring the Green Mountains of Oman at Alila Jabal Akhdar

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  Site Where: Nizwa, Oman
October 30, 2014 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

With the hotel overload in Dubai, and to a lesser extent in Doha (Qatar) and Abu Dhabi (UAE), Oman has had a slightly lower profile among the emirates, but that seems to be changing: Four Seasons is heading to the sultanate, and so is Aman, and looking at the photos of recently opened Alila Jabal Akhdar makes us want to book a ticket to capital Muscat as soon as possible.

A two and a half hour 4WD-only drive from Muscat into the Al Hajar mountains, the hotel is built to fit within the natural environment, perched on a cliff overlooking the gorge below (Jabal Akhdar means “The Green Mountain” in Arabic). There are just 78 suites and villas, all with outdoor space like above to soak in the surrounding landscape and dramatic sunsets – more photos below.

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Is The Mondrian Palm Springs Ever Going to Happen?

July 16, 2013 at 10:32 AM | by | ()

We won't lead you on any longer. The answer is a big fat NO. Here's what happened:

Five years ago, long before the economic collapse, Mondrian Hotels announced their plans to develop a hotel across from the Palm Springs Convention Center at Calle Alvarado and Amado. The hotel was shelved for obvious reasons after the markets tanked but yet was revived back in 2011. A Mondrian was still expected to rise with 200 hotels room and residences.

But somewhere along the road, that deal fell apart. (Perhaps because of Mondrian's parent company's internal woes.) And it was only just this past March, that developer CDI Ventures actuallyl got the official go ahead from the city of Palm Springs to purchase the land and develop a five-star luxury hotel. And guess who will be running it?

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Why Can't You Get a Room at Utah's Amangiri Resort?

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  Site Where: 1 Kayenta Road [map], Canyon Point, Utah, United States, 84741
October 24, 2012 at 4:31 PM | by | ()

Wish you were here. No really. Wishing is about as close as you can get to Amangiri.

Here's the thing about Amangiri: you need to book well in advance for a room here, and we mean way head like The Book of Mormon-style when that Broadway show was at its peak run.

This 34-suite, 600-acre hideaway in Canyon Point, Utah (basically, the middle of nowhere) has been at almost full-capacity for nearly two years now. Even getting in off-season (November-March) has been damn near impossible, thanks to Amangiri's "adventure and rejuvenation" package, where all meals are included in the nightly rate (the food here isn’t cheap, people), so the resort seems even more attractive when the regular season rates without meals begin at $1,100 per night for a desert view suite and climb to $3,600 for the Amangiri Suite.

Amangiri is a fave for celebs like Brangelina, all of whom (like every guest) will have to check in at the security gate miles from the actual resort. We’re talking serious security control.

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Brangelina Shacks Up at Utah's Amangiri Resort

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  Site Where: 1 Kayenta Road [map], Canyon Point, UT, United States, 84741
April 1, 2011 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt need a romantic getaway, they head to Utah. Yes, Utah. Hey, sometimes you have to go to someplace remote for peace and quiet when you live with six kids. The couple cleared their schedules and left the kids with a sitter for some nookie at the Amangiri resort.

There, the two embarked on a 27-hour romantic rendezvous in the desert. After checking into the hotel, the lovebirds had a late dinner and jetted off on their private plane over Lake Powell the next morning. Maybe Angelina has found her latest kinky sex hotel?

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Places to Get your Glamp On: The Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

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  Site Where: Dubai Conservation Reserve, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
February 10, 2011 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

All this week, we’ll be trekking across the globe with HotelChatter contributor Eric Rosen as he tells us about the most exciting new glamping experiences out there. From the savannahs of Africa to the shores of Western Australia to the peaks of Patagonia, this is a full-fledged, five-star adventure to the most thrilling and luxurious camping resorts in the world.

Today we’re upping the “glam” in glamping, and taking you to a tented desert resort in broad and barren sands of Dubai that has us dreaming of camel caravans and verdant oases. It’s called the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, and word has it that it’s one of LA-based fashion designer Catherine Malandrino’s favorite places on earth. That’s good enough for us.

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Michael Kors Says His Newest Collection is Inspired by The Amangiri Resort

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  Site Where: 1 Kayenta Road, Canyon Point [map], Big Water, UT, United States
November 16, 2010 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

Did you watch That Martha Stewart Show yesterday? If not, you missed all the usual hilarity of Martha inviting over a guest who isn't all that adept at cooking, and this time it was American fashion designer Michael Kors.

Kors and Stewart baked his grandmother's pineapple upside-down cake and chatted about various things, from horses to must-have items for fall. But perhaps the biggest revelation was Kors' influence for his Resort 2011 collection.

Michael Kors admitted to Martha that the fashions—which can be viewed online at Style.com—are directly influenced by a vacation he took to the luxury desert retreat of Amangiri, in Utah.

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The Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Turns a Desert Mirage Into a Proper Retreat

September 29, 2009 at 4:24 PM | by | ()

Not everyone heads to Dubai with mall shopping and indoor skiing on their minds, or if you do, you quickly get tired of it. For this reason, more and more retreats are being built outside of the city, either in lush green environments like the Westin Golf Resort near Abu Dhabi or flat out in the desert, like the soon-to-open Anantara Resort at Qasr Al Sarab.

Due to open on October 25, the Anantara is 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi and three hours from Dubai in the Liwa Desert, and boasts 206 rooms, although some are flat-out palatial villas with private pools and commanding views over the sand dunes. Face it: if you're coming all the way out here, you're coming to relax and just go between a hammam, a chaise lounge and your hookah all day (and night) long.

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Room With a Killer (Grand Canyon) View: We Want to Go to There

June 4, 2009 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

We are suckers for a room with a killer view.  We find that we are even more likely to forgive some minor hotel inconveniences if we can stare out the window at something pretty--yeah we are that shallow. Let's help out our fellow hotel mavens by uploading rooms with killer views to the HotelChatter/Flickr photo pool, or by sending the photo along to us. We will feature our favorites in this space from time to time. Remember to tell us the name of the hotel and the room number of the hot view.

Oh man. We don't really talk much about the Grand Canyon 'round these parts. Especially during the summer. It's hot over there right now — and our sights are usually turned to cool mountains or clear blue water and white sandy beaches. But this — well, this photo, in the words of Liz Lemon, makes us say we "want to go to there." Right?

This is a view from the Kachina Lodge, snapped by pfala. Yes, this is the Grand Canyon. And yes, it is gorge-ous.

The Kachina Lodge is one of those specialty lodges around the Canyon — on TripAdvisor, it falls around #8 of the 26 hotels in the region. Reviews are mixed — and the best reviews seem to rave about the view more than the room, but not all rooms have a view like this one. Make sure you ask for a room with a full view when you book. Rates go for around $170.

[Photo: pfala]