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When Carmeggedon Hits Los Angeles, You Best Hunker Down in Your Hotel

Where: CA, United States
July 6, 2011 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Hotel Oceana Santa Barbara

You thought Armageddon was scary, but Carmeggedon will be hell on earth. The impending Carmeggedon is what will rain down on Los Angeles when the city closes its 405 freeway, one of the nation's busiest stretches, the weekend of July 15. Instead of trying to battle what's sure to be hellacious traffic, several hotels are offering Carmeggedon packages to get you off the roadways and safely trapped holed up in their rooms. How convenient!

The London West Hollywood will take in stranded L.A. motorists for a staycation with its Gordon Ramsay Dine + Stay package that weekend. You'll get to remain road-free in a suite and have a four-course dinner at loud-mouth Ramsay's eponymous restaurant along with free breakfast. The package starts at $465 a night, which includes tax and gratuity for the dinner.

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